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“I love Publix. Shelves always stocked. Always enough staff to help and checkout. Deli, great. Bakery, great. The only thing i don't like is the limited number of brands they stock. But I'm willing to endure this to help keep prices down. Bonus: the pharmacy is top notch also.”

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“Izzy in the seafood area is off the chain. She went out her way to find me what I need and had excellent customer service. That girl their needs a raise or needs to move up.”

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“This is a great great place for shopping. Always open through hurricanes, quality is there even if it feels from time to time a little bit pricey. The team is friendly helpful and professional.”

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“The ladies restroom is dirty. There is mold growing on the sink faucets. You have to touch the paper towel holder with your clean hands to get one if it is not hanging out. The handicap toilet will not even flush the paper. The middle toilet has black mold growing in the bowl. We have shopped here since it has opened 30 years ago. Please clean the restroom!!!!!”

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“I don’t know why I put up with such poor customer service and rude behavior from CVS. Focus Meds is awesome. Everyone is so nice and they go out of their way to help. The best.”

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“I'm really not one to review places. My general philosophy is a business shouldn't need recognition for being good at whatever industry it is that they are in. After reading a negative review here, I realized however that a small business can receive a couple nasty reviews and have a very poor rating. I am a customer of Dottie's. literally I was blown away by the amazing service I received on the very first day, and it has remained this way. With the constant explosion of these corporate-pharmacy giants out there, I honestly cannot adequately describe how good it feels to go to Dotties. They are personable, Fast, efficient, and I think likely what many older people remember, and miss, from the mom & pop businesses of the past. My only reason really for writing this is because of the 1star comment with regards to the COVID test the reviewer complained about. what she experienced sounds very frustrating. I had similar experiences a several accounts at the large Chain- pharmacies. I just want to point out the fact that this was indeed during the craziness that was occurring during the COVID Emergency. The employees in the van, risking their health, I imagine are counting tye very seconds until they can get out of it snd be done. Brcause I know how incredible this pharmacy is, and the large lack of relevance when complaining about the COVID testing from the van, as well as it being after 4:00..... I think anyone reading these reviews need not judge or consider that said complaint.”

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“I visit this location quite often. I would say majority of the staff are quite helpful, but there is one person in the deli/bread area that is quite rude and consistently gives bad service.”

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“I had the most convenient and most "home town" experience possible while miles away at the most touristy city in the world. These people are wonderful and they made a potential trip ending medical challenge so easy. I'm not surprised they have such a great rating. Thank you to the staff at Delta on East Bay for saving my weekend trip!”

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“It's a nice grocery near at the Folly Beach but the price is a lil bit high. It is clean and very organized though I can't find all what I'm looking for but it's still good that it's just few mins from the Beach when you needed any grocery.”

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“The Asian prepped food section is better than local Chinese take out restaurants. The veggies are so fresh and flavorful. The orange friend chicken is to die for. I’m so happy I found this grocery store.”

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“Love our Harris Teeter! Parking is less than ideal just with crowds but once you're in the store, usually don't have issue. The produce is super fresh and we've never had issues with anything we picked out. The store on the whole is very well stocked and staff are friendly. Their curbside pick up is usually quick and easy.”

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“The pharmacy has the best prices in town if using GoodRx etc., membership fees are not that ideal. Has bulk selection items but it's going to cost more than other options.”

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“I have been coming here for years,I absolutly love these ladies!! They reconize my voice over the phone,some of my meds require quaterly doctor visits, they actually remind me when a new script is do!!I just called to get my refills....THEY already had them READY!! Just via calender dates!! I love them soo much,no wait,no fuss. 100 stars!!!”

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“I never leave reviews and I’ve never loved a pharmacy. I stumbled on this gem during the excruciating monthly hunt for my medication. First off, they’ve had my medication in stock, but regardless, they were willing to check and didn’t act annoyed like the 200 other places I called. Secondly, you don’t have to sit through bs ads/music and push 40 buttons to get to a person. Thirdly, someone answers quickly and it sounds like you’re speaking to a normal human with a likable, easygoing personality. And lastly people actually look at you and greet you when you arrive… After a decade of being accustomed to the cold blank stares of pharmacists and their minions I didn’t know this was a thing. The store itself welcoming, decorated with antiques and I purchased a cute little sloth for my 2 year old, now his favorite toy. ? It’s on the opposite end of town from me, but I’m now willing to travel the 40 mins for this pharmaceutical breath of fresh air.”

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“What a wonderful locally owned pharmacy. I love this place. The people are really sweet. The atmosphere is homey feeling. And they take care of me better than CVS pharmacy workers do. The workers at Herold's Pharmacy actually care about their customers and it shows. Mary is the main pharmacist here. She's really sweet. Her and her husband own Herold's Pharmacy, this one in west ashley and the one in North Charleston. Robby is another pharmacist here. He's also nice. All the workers here are really nice. Just the fact that I know their names shows you how much more personal this pharmacy is with their customers. I come in about twice a month to get my prescriptions. Once a month, I get a shot administered here. It's nice that I get to come to a local pharmacy for this shot because they can usually take me right away. I just call ahead and tell them I'm coming. Other big name pharmacies won't even administer my shot. I'm so lucky to have a place like Herold's to go and get my shot administered with no extra fee. They have all the basics that you might want to buy at a pharmacy. They a can fill just about any prescription for you. There are nice people working there. It's a cute local pharmacy. Try them out. I know you won't be disappointed.”

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“Was having constant issues at Harris Teeter pharmacy. Had my Dr. start sending my refills here- no issues or problems since. Staff is friendly and helpful at this store!”

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“Awesome!!! This one word completely describes my experience with Shea and Holy City Pharmacy. Having tried other options on James Island and around downtown, I am a HUGE fan of this tremendous establishment!”

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“This is my home pharmacy & I love them. Publix has exceptional customer service & this includes the pharmacy. Life can be hard… going to the pharmacy shouldn’t be & never is as long as I’m with Publix!”

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“I end up at this store about 3 times a day due to poor planning on my part and what not. Anyhow, i don’t mind visiting that much because everyone is so pleasant and helpful even when i know they probably think I’m in the store too much lol. Great store and great folks!”

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“Visited the relatively new Publix on Folly Road (James Island, SC). The store is well-stocked, clean, and inviting. Staff was pleasant at every turn. Deli, aisles, and checkout. Couldn't have asked for a bette experience.”

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“The store hours previously listed were for the warehouse (South Carolina does not allow liquor sales after 7 p.m.). As this is an entry for Costco LIQUOR (the ABC part of the store), I submitted updated hours.Because they actually close at 6 p.m. on Saturdays, probably since the warehouse closes earlier.”

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“The docs and staff are great. My problem is they are always late. 40 minutes waiting for a scheduled appt. now here for infusion at 845am and its now 9:18am and still in waiting room. Understanding cancer care that people have a lot of questions. Book accordingly pls.”

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“I’ve really appreciated the customer service at this pharmacy. Matt has been so wonderful and kind, and answered all my questions very patiently! Thanks, Matt!”

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“Its better stocked than any of the Walmarts or Food Lions. prices are competitive. It has employees to ask for help and check you out. Traffic is a pain in the parking lot. Big Plus for this store is using prescription discount cards to get your meds at their pharmacy? GO HERE!!! Nobody beats their Good RX prices!”

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“This is a wonderful Walgreens in the heart of Charleston's historic district. They have a little bit of everything here and more! I read one prior reviewer note they allowed her to bring her dog in the store - a perk for dog lovers. What will you find at this larger than usual store: *Pharmacy *A small, yet nice, selection of domestic red, white, rose wines and champagne. *Beer-domestic and craft *Plenty of Charleston memorabilia - calendars, tervis cups, koozies, *Grocery section to include refrigeratedFreezer items such as milk, juices, eggs, ice cream and more. *Seasonal gift items and gift wrap. *Toys *Magazines *Pet supplies *Electronics. *Umbrellas *Make up, beauty, skin care”

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“**UPDATE**I updated my experience from three stars to four. I received a call after posting this review. Apparently there had been an error on my contact information in their system. They said they corrected it. I really appreciate them reaching out and looking into it for me and being dedicated to providing great service to their customers. I'll update this to five stars if I don't have a repeat experience the next time I go to fill a prescription. Thank you!Very friendly, but have a bad habit of consistently not letting me know that they aren't going to fill a prescription that was sent to them or if one is ready. I have to call them too frequently to ask what is going on with a prescription. And I yes, I'm signed up for text, email, and their online portal.”

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“CVS Pharmacy in Target on Sam Rittenburg Boulevard in West Ashley is a convenient pharmacy location when you are shopping and want to get everything in one place. The professionals here are very knowledgeable and efficient at what they do and are able to assist you quickly when you are on the move. I have had a good experience every time here.”

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“Visited the relatively new Publix on Folly Road (James Island, SC). The store is well-stocked, clean, and inviting. Staff was pleasant at every turn. Deli, aisles, and checkout. Couldn't have asked for a bette experience.”

3.9Good17 Reviews

“When I had to stay at musc I would make frequent trips daily to this Walgreens to buy gifts for a patient and hands down was the best customer interactions I've had at any Walgreens which helped especially during trying times”

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“Stoked to have find Roots Hummus here! wow their new package is amazing and super tasty and delicious plant based Hummus way of doing it roots and thank you Harry’s Teeter for having it here”

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