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“There have been several owners/managers at this store. None of them compare to brother and sister team Nick and Nicki!! This is one of the cleanest well-stocked stores I have ever seen in this particular location. They are very nice people to deal with and they will help you find what you’re looking for, and if it’s not there they will do whatever they can to find it.They really have fit well into the community. Everybody knows them, and everybody loves them. They really work very hard to make the store the best it can be. They have done a phenomenal job managing I can’t even give them four-point I have to give them five stars on every single thing. Myself included, we sure hope they stick around for a while.”

4.4Superb48 Reviews

“Love Krogers fuel stations.. everything from their convenient locations, friendly staff, affordable prices my family can afford....& a great rewards program! Only fill up at a Kroger's gas station!”

4.3Superb54 Reviews

“Great new gas station. Owners are friendly and helpful. The chicken is great and the store is spotless and clean. Selection is great, very happy with this modern gas station. Highly recommended”

4.2Good26 Reviews

“Good place for fuel. Not very busy even even the store is full. They offer 90 octane ethanol free gas. They have no problem ordering what their customers want within reason, a good store to give business too.”

4Good43 Reviews

“The staff here is always remarkably friendly. Amber, is probably one of the hardest working people that I have engaged with in this entire county. Fuel is always fairly competitive price. And they're sandwich. Shop is second to none.”

4.2Good20 Reviews

“Nick and Nicki are brother and sister. They work there. The place is always clean and customer service are very nice. The parking space is big and handicap places are painted clearly and there is a ramp for the handicaps . I especially like that not that I use it because I am not handicap but for those who do.They have an employee there . He is very nice and have pleasant smile. The ladies bathroom is always clean when I am there and use it. Thank you Nick and Nicki for making my visits pleasant. Nicki smile is beautiful and Nick is funny and the employee is quite and professional. Give him a raise Nick.”

4.1Good20 Reviews

“Please make rob a manager… he deserves it… he is the reason this store makes it…. He is so personable..he is amazing .. the kids are ok. But rob takes care of everyone”

4Good21 Reviews

“Pumps "usually" work. It's in a convenient location. Prices are usually a few cents higher than other suppliers ( other than price gouging Shell and BP) ,but that's to be expected being by the highway and closer to Nashville.I can't wait to buy an EV, charge at home, never stop for gas ever again, and never give another penny to Iran or Saudi Arabia.”

3.8Good30 Reviews

“Excellent place the guy is so nice behind the counter he's so polite she definitely go here in the bathrooms are even open imagine that great prices just around the block from the terrible Mapco use this place for sure”

3.8Good13 Reviews

“Just stopped there an hour ago to break a bill so i could pay my help. Got $20 in gas to break the $100 and my dimb a** forgot to pump my gas. How can i contact the store? Phone number does not work!”

3.6Good57 Reviews

“This store is Always Clean. You can get a hot cup of coffee, hot and ready anytime!\\nGrab bag of ice, 6pack some colas and you're ready! Associates are always friendly.\\nThank you!”

3.7Good15 Reviews

“Quite a busy gas station, but it's convenient and right by the Providence Mall complex. And if you're using Kroger's reward program, it can help you save more money on fuel.”

3.4Good12 Reviews

“This is the closest gas station to me that has ethanol free gas. It's really the only reason I come here. Otherwise it's on a super busy corner and needs some remodeling. The inside feels very old and dark. It really needs a paving job. There are pretty big pot holes.”

3.3Good11 Reviews

“Just started working here. I just wanna say, I've worked at alot of gas stations and none of them were like this one. It's always really clean and stocked. My co workers are so great at theit jobs and they are very kind. And ny manager, Michael, is the best boss I could ask for. He works really hard and treats every one so kindly. He genuinely cares about his employees, our customers, and the store itself. You wont find a better gas station than this.”

3.3Good11 Reviews

“Not going to go into too much here. Its just a gas station, but this location is doing the right thing by sanitizing their store after hours and asking customers to stay 6ft apart while in line! Take a peek at the photos. Beyond that, this place loaded with the standard sugary goodies, prepackaged sandwiches and the gas station staple two for one Red Bulls. Oh yeah, they have gas and an air machine for your tires. Vrrroooooommmm!”

3.2Average5 Reviews
3.3Good19 Reviews
3.1Average10 Reviews

“I can guarantee all the people that are leaving bad reviews more than likely came into the store and acted in some kinda disrespectful manner. The employees threat everyone great untill you come in with an attitude, then you get it right back.”

2.9Average22 Reviews

“I frequent this gas station a lot. Toni is probably one of the sweetest workers there! She is always very knowledgeable and helpful. Good rewards with their card and they usually have some of the cheapest gas in the area! The gas station is also always very clean!”

3Average37 Reviews

“This was a very nice little Shell, I love using Shell because of the quality of gas and great prices. We were on a road trip and this was very easily accessible. I will say the bathrooms were not clean at all, so use at your discretion. The rest of the store seemed very clean, trash outside was not over flowing and the pumps outside were in good condition. The employee working inside was very kind and was greeting everyone walking in and saying goodbye to everyone leaving while also checking out guests at the register.”

1.6Poor42 Reviews

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