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BreWingZ Restaurant and Bar

6954 Garth Rd, Baytown, TX 77521

(281) 421-7600
11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
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  • "So this place will never get my bussiness again and it will be passed along. As a long-time resident two for Tuesday has been around as long as I can remember. So I use the waiter app to order my wings on a Tuesday. Just like you can order on their website and go pick up yourself. I paid extra for a third party to go pick up my order but they want to tell them that two for Tuesday is not a standard when somebody else picks it up. Don't screw over your local customer base rule number one in business! Of course I am not notified of any of this until it is delivered even though it was written down in my notes. Well I hope you enjoy the $20 that you screwed me on because it cost you a lifetime of this customer and everybody in my network who has to hear it from me. Here are pictures of their website same prices as on any app you're going to find here are their daily specials that you will find on that day every week. No exceptions no fine print! But I guess it's screw me and my family for working late on a Tuesday! GOOD JOB! I'm here to tell you that business model does not work in this town and your bottom line is going to let you know!"
  • "Update-the area manager contacted us and apologized for the store managers treatment. Since we've been given so many chances in life we're going to try it again! Here's our original review-Ordered wings to go. Got home and they were boneless which we don't care for. Immediately called them to say we got the wrong wings and was told we had to have ordered boneless to get boneless but they would replace them for me and to come right in to get them. When I arrived I was told to wait for a manager. Turns out the "manager"was the same person who gave me the original wings. She then said that she went over my order with me when I picked it up and I should've caught the mistake then. I told her I didn't and that I didn't order boneless wings. I then asked if I was getting more wings or not. She once again told me it was my mistake and I asked if I was getting wings or not. She said my order would be placed soon even though I was told on the phone that it was taken care of. Then she began to reprimand me again at which point I asked her to stop it to which she replied she wasn't reprimanding me and then started telling me I should've caught it before I left the first time. She finally quit and walked away at which point I insisted on paying for my mistake. Wings were good but I'll never eat here again."
  • "The decor was so dark and didn't feel clean. The food came out cooled off and nothing looked like it did on the menu. The server was nice and I hope she finds a better place to work."
  • "Worse experience I've had at a restaurant in years. Onion rings as an appetizer took 30min to get them and they arrived cold, 45min later my 10 Chipotle boneless wings came out they were all so cold and dry the other 10 mango habanero or overcooked to the point that they were dry all so cold and they tasted nothing like mango habanero. I got one cup of tea at the beginning of my meal and 15 minutes later I asked for another cup of tea that I didn't get until the end of my meal. The entire time I was still nice when I asked the manager if I could have a to-go plate when she walked by she brought me one and set it on top of my wings. Now let's talk about the cleanliness of the restaurant which was laughable. Two tables that were in front of us were dirty the entire time from when we walked in until after we left. The floors were wet and sticky from I don't know what and no one was making an attempt to clean them that there was a box fan attempting to blow it dry. The restaurant wasn't even that busy there was a total of 10 people in our side. The older gentleman that was sitting behind us order was messed up so bad that they comped his meal and gave him three coupons for discounts and one extra free meal. The two workers to the right of us only got half of their two-for-one boneless wings and didn't even get the other half when they complained to the manager about it. The couple to the other side of us order was wrong and cold but they ate it anyways and complained about it the entire meal, and last the mother and daughter couple with a baby sitting behind us to the left in a booth decided that they were tired of waiting for their food and got up and left. I really hope the management from this restaurant sees this review and takes a serious look at the reasons why they are having such low reviews."
  • "The food was great, as always. However, the service was painfully slow. It took almost 2 hours for just the 3 of us. This has happened to me twice there. One more time and I'll find somewhere else to get wings."
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