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“Family Dollar is a store that I always like to go and the one here in Rosenberg is always been a very good atmosphere and the people that work there have always been very nice and always greet you when you enter their store I can always find everything I want from extension cords to fresh milk very convenient for me”

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

“I wanted to recreate a new saints wreath and Jack's had everything I needed. This is a one stop shop for all events. You won't be disappointed, I've met alot of different people there all even coordinators.”

4.5 Superb13 Reviews

“I meant to shareThe manager DeAndre was very helpful every time I come in he's always persistent he a good work and the cashier always great you I give them a 100”

4.3 Superb8 Reviews

“Pretty good selection of groceries and other household goods. They stay open reasonably late. Staff usually consists of one cashier. The interior could be better organized though, clutter is often seen throughout the isles. The building is located in the back row of the strip center.”

3.8 Good5 Reviews

“Nice friendly service. Workers are always helpful. They stay busy stocking, organizing but never to busy to be unhelpful. I go in not knowing how to do something and they take the time out to fulfill my tasks. This has happened every time I visit that particular store. I've had a great experience with all of the workers. I could go on........”

3.8 Good5 Reviews

“I think this location is under new and improved management. I shopped at this location for 2 years now for the sole convenience of it until a week or 2 ago. First noticed there were new employees and at one point there were boxes galore with products that were ready to be stocked. Then the other day I walked in and it was amazing! I couldn't believe how immaculate the store shelves were! Everything was organized with the products all facing the same direction. There are still a few boxes left but I am very impressed with this location's make over. The small produce section is worth checking out. I don't know anyone who works here so you know I'm being sincere about the before and after I described. Anyway, if you have been here before and nothing special comes to mind, you should check it out these days... For real.”

3.8 Good6 Reviews

“Very organized and clean,spacious isles to walk through.customers need to stop taking the shopping carts to their homes or wherever so the rest of us can use them.I was surprised at how much and how many nice little things you can find in that store.didn’t know you could save lots of money with the coupons on their app too.great visit today for me.keep up the good job.”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

“Food product selection is very inconsistent BUT because the employees are always friendly I still give a 5 star. Eventho I may not always get what I need it's still a pleasurable shopping experience. There is one young Indian girl she is nice. Give her raise”

3.7 Good38 Reviews

“While the store felt a bit messy, I really enjoyed my girl at the checkout. She was extremely friendly when I entered the store and carried a friendly, polite conversation upon checkout. I wasn't able to see her name, but she made the trip even more pleasant.”

3.4 Good20 Reviews

“People friendly employees & nice and clean store. Feels like they're family. Wish they'd take the Marlboro coupon app. & Carry more Big Red Soda. Other then that, it's A GREAT place to shop. I'll keep on going.”

3.3 Good14 Reviews