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“Love browsing through the old books ? & new ones at this store I can stay for hours just looking at all the variations of types of books and games, puzzles, bookmarks and other unique one of a kind finds. It’s a treasure trove of great books and items… related and not book related. Visit one! You will not be disappointed. I bought a Christmas gift ? card online Monday it was super easy and very convenient.”

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“Large selection of books, fun to browse and find something new to read. They might not have a specific title you are looking for, but you are bound to find something of interest. They don’t pay a whole lot when selling your books, but at least it’s a place to drop them off and make a few dollars.”

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“I hadn't been to this location for quite a long time as I moved across town, but was impressed with how well kept this store was. Everything was very clean and organized. I was also surprised their selection of Legos. If you're looking for specific or unique Lego sets and don't want to suffer through the mall, this is the spot to check out!”

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“You can tell that the majority of these titles have been specifically selected because they're not just "used books" but hard to find books as well as a carefully curated selection of classics and "must haves" to complete a home library or just to expand your reading list. The prices were good and the lady working there was charming and helpful. A real little gem.”

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“Fantastic book store where I can find an awesome assortment of books for my daughter. Especially age-appropriate books on hard and different topics. It’s a beautiful space and we are very happy to have them in our neighborhood. We love Nowhere Bookshop!”

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“This place is a hidden gem just located inside the main San Antonio library in the basement. I had just came across this awesome place and the staff is very friendly and helpful as they are all volunteers. Make sure that you are nice and have patience with you. There are books as low as free, $.10, $.25, $1.00, $2.00 and on up. There is also rare books, cds, dvds and other stuff. Just remember there is construction in downtown but the library is open.”

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“Went for a bible for my son and was happy to find what I was looking for. Customer service was excellent and I was happy to find they could monogram the leather cover while I waited for a very reasonable price.”

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“Thank you Mr & Mrs for your Wonderful Place, More than a book mart, Restored some memories once erased.Replace some of my Treasures.Stole by Those filled with Jealousy Greed and Hate.a True Blessing, an establishment of Our Old school.A unique gem created from a people endowed with the golden a House with Good bones filled with knowledgeOnce were, now a victim of Gentrification,Antiquarian Book Mart, to you I pay undying homage.generations dumbed down with microwave oven attention spans, made in China disposable pens and lighters, the internet’s abridged info., cell phones and NetflixGone are the days of Pride in name service and Quality long standing well made Americana, take your pick.My heart hurts and will pain even More, at that moment’s finality when last B & B closes their book store’s welcoming wooden doors.I will miss you.”

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“Did not find the specific item I came in for, but I left with a longer wishlist. The staff were all very helpful and walked me through how to order music selections on their website.”

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“Absolutely amazing! When you walk in it’s an immediate vibe shift from the crazy world to this serine safe place !Hands of magic ! And I love that her Products are all natural ! This is a scared place not like most massage parlors ! It’s an experience !”

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“Definitely the nicest shop’s I’ve been in. So much to look at. Staff was friendly.I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of inside the shop but check out the outside of the shop. Just peaceful and beautiful.”

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“They have a variety of things to choose from. Nice customer service. It's nice to have this store in the area. We need to help keep small shops in business.”

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“Went looking for books in a series that I’m collecting… found 1 & another complete series of 3 books! I think Half Price Books likes to see me & my money part ways! :)”

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“This is my permanent Barnes & Noble. I have always felt at home here and the Starbucks staff knows my drink by heart. The other staff members are also enthusiastic about their job and they actually seem to like each other and their regulars. I love it here.”

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“Great campus that is small and well kept and feels very safe even though you're practically in the middle of downtown San Antonio. All the faculty and staff I have met are friendly and very helpful.”

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“My family and I were at the mall for a birthday party. We found this bookstore, and went inside. We decided to get two devotionals... one for my son and one for my daughters. As we were leaving, one of the workers looked right at me and said "Stop worrying". She said God put it on her heart to tell me to stop worrying, and that everything was going to be okay. I had never seen this lady before, I wasn't acting like I was worrying, I was actually having a good day... which has been pretty rare the past few weeks. However, God used her to give me a message. I can't stop thinking about it. I am so appreciative.This lady doesn't know that it was my dad and his twin brother's birthday, but they died... and I was struggling. She doesn't know that I am in a job that is leaving me so drained, and trying to find a new one that is better for my family. She doesn't know that I am having physical symptoms from stress. She doesn't know that I am healing from a major trauma that happened last year, and it has been so rough and painful. God does though. He used her to tell me not to worry and He has me.So needless to say, I definitely recommend this bookstore. Lol”

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“Can't believe I haven't rated this HPB yet. This is one of my favorites to visit. Plenty to choose from, with multiple sections, & the regular upkeep of the shelves makes repeat visits always engaging! The staff here is absolutely lovely.”

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“I would recommend this thrift ! Prices are reasonable & you can find very neat things. They even sometimes gave free items by the cash register or parking by the exit”

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“If you are looking for a local Christian store in San Antonio, Texas then stop by and take a look at Jehova Nissi Christian Store small but with a Big Heart to Serve the LORD!”

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“There was one lady here (can't remember her name), but she had the best customer service. She went out of her to help me find what I needed. Even when other customers would come up to her, she never put me aside. She continued to help me until I no longer needed her services. That says a lot about a person in my book. Thank you so much Miss.”

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“"Barnes & Noble is an absolute treasure trove for book lovers! The moment you step inside, you're greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly printed pages and the promise of literary adventures. The vast selection of books spanning every genre imaginable, along with cozy reading nooks and a welcoming ambiance, make it a haven for bibliophiles. The knowledgeable and friendly staff members are always on hand to offer recommendations and assistance. The cafe is a perfect spot to sip a coffee and delve into a new find. Barnes & Noble truly embodies the magic of storytelling and is a must-visit for all book enthusiasts."”

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“History Oriented Souvenir ShopThey're closing after this season; which is unfortunate, because there are plentiful activity souvenirs, reprints of old-timey books, figurines, clever history focused tshirts, and cute plushies.They're located in front of the Menger Hotel; and right now, everything is 50%, absolutely worth stopping in.”

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“The bookstore was under construction so it was a little difficult to locate considering I was an online student but once I found the location to drop off, it was simple and easy.Every time I called the associate was nice and helpful.I would use the bookstore again.”

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“Everyone there is always so polite, happy & helpful. Thanks for being so flexible & available everyone. You've all really made it a joyful experience for us. - A Very Proud Mama of a SAC student!”

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