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“24 Tesla SuperChargers. No pull-through chargers. Every two chargers has a trashcan in between, but larger EVs, like the Ford F-150 Lightning will fit if you get very close. Tesla folks, we're all in this together, it's wonderful to talk to you. Buc-ees, oh yes, it's the best. This one is extremely large and busy, but it's the best!”

4.3 Superb132 Reviews

“I stop by every morning just about to get my daily monster intake, but this morning I also got a bacon egg and cheese breakfast burrito with their salsa and that was THE BEST breakfast burrito I ever had. So damn good I just had to jump on here and leave a review. Thank yall so much for always starting my day off great!! Yall are the best ?”

4.6 Superb31 Reviews

“This my first time here I LOVE IT … customer service was awesome and the food ?? Lord the tacos was EVERYTHING makes me wanna get my loads coming this way (truck driver) seriously and the prices for the plates are very reasonableI had 5tacos I only got a picture of one I took my first bite and could not stop I wasn’t expecting so much flavor well seasoned meat and the sauces ALL FRESH AND DELICIOUS i definitely will be back hereI rarely leave 5star reviews but they definitely earned this …so not pass this gas station up I will take this any day over fast food like pop eyes / McDonalds/ Jack in the box etcIm full I doubt I can finish this last taco …they not stingy with the meat either”

4.3 Superb46 Reviews

“Best place I have stopped at so far.Very clean, very nice people. Also, the food in the kitchen is really good. Thank you to everyone that works here for making me feel welcome.”

4.5 Superb20 Reviews

“This is my hometown favorite store to go to the store employees treat me like I am family and then they always have a cheerful mood and upbeat personality. I'm happy to shop and see the employees everyday ☺️”

4.5 Superb17 Reviews

“Bret worked on his day off to help fix my nephew’s car because he was having to Uber to his job. We really appreciate him doing that and getting the car repaired!”

4.4 Superb16 Reviews

“Ahh what can I say . Its probably the best place to grab a breakfast biscuit or burrito. They have all the snacks you need and always a smile behind the counter.”

4.7 Superb10 Reviews

“Brookshires in Terrell Tx ,it was thanksgiving and walmart was closed, Brookshires was open(thank God), they are a little higher but they had what I needed . The store was clean, the staff was great. Even tho it was a holiday I was still in and out.Thanks Brookshires, I'll be back !”

4.6 Superb8 Reviews

“My mom works here so I stop in and visit with her now and then. She has worked there since I was a kid and most of the ladies have been there just as long. They are always super friendly. I love that they sell milk as I could run in the middle of the night and grab some of I ran out.”

3.9 Good30 Reviews

“I am traveling with my husband through Texas, we are from the east coast. I was told how good tacos were in the Midwest and the west coast. I was so please with the delicious flavors that made up the three tacos I ate. I cannot wait to travel back through this area again!! I had chicken, pulled beef, and pork.. OMG!! I’m in love.. lol”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“Stopped in use the restrooms and got out business done. The store station was clean and we'll maintained. The clerk inside was the upmost courteous and friendly. And very cheerful. I would recommend this station . Great atmosphere. It is 8 pm Saturday.the clerk was awsome. We will definitely be back when we are there again. He was a pretty good size man . Thanks for the help and the kindness he showed us. We also fueled up. I would recommend this place, good people operating this place”

4 Good7 Reviews

“I come here to get my beer and other convenient store items almost every day. Get great service and the food is amazing. I just can't seem to figure out when it opens. Thought it was 24hr but there is a trash can in front of the door in the morning. When is it opened?”

3.6 Good13 Reviews

“I enjoy the Q T in Terrell because the employees are or is very friendly and knowledgeable of their business and their customers. So far I have never had a bad experience of any magnitude.”

3.4 Good33 Reviews

“Without fail, every visit, I see every employee running circles around to keep the store clean and checkout fast. Even the bathrooms stay clean, and this is a truck stop.”

3.3 Good8 Reviews

“The only complaint this location is with two of the Hispanic employees. While waiting on a European decent --English speaking--two of the employees carried on a conversation in Spanish. If you were to talk to Dear Abby--she would tell you that that's being rude to the customer.The employee's response was totally off the mark by replying that besides English being spoken in Texas Spanish is also spoken.Yes it is along with German, French and other numerous languages. However, they were not able to comprehend what I was trying to point out to them.”

3.2 Average6 Reviews

“When I'm traveling and I pass through, this location is a good spot to stop. Friendly staff, great service, clean restrooms, off and back onto the interstate. Sometimes gas prices maybe a little more but it's worth the convenience. I will be back time and time again.”

3.2 Average19 Reviews

“I don't care for the gas station, but you have a small restaurant called Julio's chicken and fish. That's the best chicken iv ever ate. That's why I'm giving it 5 stars.”

2.8 Average9 Reviews

“I gave Shantina and Felecia 5 star because they are very professional, very kind and very polite... Shanti a works by the book, by she was very flexible to help me in my refer... Number One Teuck stop... thank you Girls to be nice and kindness...”

1 Poor2 Reviews
2.9 Average14 Reviews

“Although known for cheaper gas this little Murphy's gas is okay. The teller was kind courteous and prompt even know there was eight people in line. I'm not sure what they make per hour but I tell you they need to raise. The only complaint I have is it hard to maneuver your vehicle next to Arby's in McDonald's with a lot of traffic.even though buc-ee's down the road is $0.05 cheaper the Murphy's USA but you can get the Walmart card and have the $0.05 taken off.if you are a smoker they also sell cigarettes and cigars also Cokes and small snacks oil power steering fluid excetera excetera small things.”

2.1 Poor7 Reviews

“Highly Recommended! If you ever need 24 Hour Service - Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services - Call All Tapz Electric - Serving Dallas, Texas | Kaufman County area”

2 Poor17 Reviews

“I needed a wiper replaced on the fly. Nico, and Isiah made it happen in 20 minutes. You do not know how refreshing it is to get quick, professional, and friendly service. Huge thanks guys!!!”

2.4 Poor70 Reviews

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