Children's Clothing in St. George, UT

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“Very calm store with helpful employees. Nice to have something other than the mall to look through. I found some shoes, a shirt and a puzzle for the first time after living in town for 4 years.”

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“We love selling our no longer needed baby & kid items at Kid2Kid. Sometimes we get more cash than we expected and sometimes less but we’ve always opted for the 20% more store credit. It builds up quickly, so whenever we need cleats for soccer, or new ballet shoes, or a new dress for the girls, we come shop here and usually find what we are looking for at a good price.”

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“Got some color changing nail polish for my sister's birthday awhile ago. If I had the money, I'd have gotten more here. Selection is fun to look at still.”

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“there is this AWESOME guy who works at h&m his name is KALEB (caleb idk which one ) but he is so awesome and cool and will totally help you out if you need anything at all!!!! He will tell u if something looks good or not and helps you make decisions! the best worker there by far i hope they take care of him and give him what he deserves cuz he rocks!! much love to that guy ! ?”

4.3 Superb10 Reviews

“We did some un-shopping here, getting back $60. But, we also did some shopping, which cost $30. Great selections, great staff. I successfully avoided looking for any shirts, so it was a quick trip. Whew!”

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“It's good. The prices are ok. Their inventory feels dated and haphazard. The people employed there were nice, but I could tell they are making do with fewer employees. I imagine it's difficult to compete with so many people shopping online nowadays.”

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