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“I dropped off a donation today, and just couldn’t have had a better experience. The gentleman who helped me, placed my boxes in the cart, thanked me for my donation, wished me a good day and opened my car door for me!”

2.3 Poor51 Reviews

“I started going to this small shop last year and love their sale section. There's a rack outside with some good finds and then there are other sale items scattered around the store with FANTASTIC PRICES!With so many of my personal belongings having been stolen, I had to restart my entire wardrobe. This place has helped me do that. They have clothes, shoes, accessories, bras, jewelry, household items, bags, crafts, and so much more. One of my favorite things about this place is that they do have a fitting room available. So purchasing an article of clothing that fits is very feasible compared to other retail stores.For me, going here doesn't seem like it is being inside of another kind of thrift store even though it is run by volunteers where it seems like things are put around as a pile of junk. Everything is organized. The staff work very hard in maintaining the store's appearance. They are friendly with a greeting as soon as I walk through the doors.Every time I shop here to see what is new, I always end up finding something nice to take home with me that is affordable. Make sure to check in on the holidays too. During these times, they have storewide sales as well where everything can be 25% off or more.”

4.7 Superb44 Reviews

“Found this little place locally and what a wonderful surprise. All of their shoes are in color organized and great selection they have a lot of things to look at but most of all they have a lot of teacups and plates that I was looking for! The help there was amazing and attentive and I will definitely be back not to mention they have 2 dogs!!”

4.6 Superb42 Reviews

“I’ve been shopping at this location for years and the new layout of the store is very inviting and open. Haven’t been in for a few months and the store is extremely clean and well organized! The staff is always friendly and helpful when I have questions or need advice on projects I’m doing and So much cheaper then going to Lowe’s or Home Depot for the same items I can also find at habitat for a fraction of the price!”

4.3 Superb83 Reviews

“Although the selection of clothing may seem smaller than other thrift stores at first, definitely give this place a thorough look through because the majority of clothing items they have are high quality and at MUCH better prices when compared to goodwill. Additionally, this store's proceeds go directly to a great cause.”

4.2 Good69 Reviews

“Picked up a new Samsung refrigerator, french door, stainless, water/ice, 26cf. Would have cost $2600+ tax at Lowes (I had just seen it there 20 minutes before). This one happened to have a 25% off color tag on it. Had to pay a couple guys to get it delivered into my house but that was only $120 and they were very quick and courteous. My final price after tax and delivery,....$1195 I read posts here that say it's messy, or they didn't have something they saw posted.....good grief. This isn't a department store! Get over it ! Wife and I are remodeling our kitchen, top to bottom, compared to what we would have spent at the big blue ( or the Orange one) we have saved around $6700 If you are looking for something and don't need it right away, this is a place to check out, if they don't have it today, they might tomorrow. If they do have it today, don't buy it,....I'll come in and buy it 5 minutes after you turn your back on it :)”

4.1 Good84 Reviews

“THE NICEST ladies that work there! I bought the cutest Betsey Johnson purse and a Kate Spade for amazing prices! Its a fun place to look for your newest treasures!”

4.2 Good41 Reviews

“5+ this place has been my favorite for 14 yrs, .always something beautiful to find and the prices are exceptional. To me, it's like going to visit dear old friends that you don't see often, but when you do, it warms your heart. Go spend some time ...and remember every penny you spend is used to help someone in great that! The holidays are coming...and it's quite magical there ...always something there someone on your list will love”

4.7 Superb11 Reviews

“This was the only shop that allowed for baby items to be donated !!! I've called about 6 of them, 1/6 had so many rules in order for you to donate.... This shop made it so easy! Whomever was on today even helped me bring my items in !”

4 Good15 Reviews

“Friendly little thrift shop. They had some really unique stuff, not just the fast fashion common items that many thrift stores seem to be drowning in thwse days. The lady working the counter was very friendly. The store was well organized. The only thing I'd say is some items looked worn, but for the most part everything was in good condition.”

3.9 Good14 Reviews

“I appreciate how organized the store is. Everything is labeled well and organized by sizes. I saw many new items with tags on it. They still seem to have reasonable pricing on the items I looked at. Staff was helpful and scattered throughout the store to help.”

3.8 Good132 Reviews

“I decided to browse on a whim on 1/19/24. This is a good size store that has a variety of household goods, trinkets and things. I was able to purchase 2 glass containers that I use for juicing and for smoothies. They both had the green sticker which was 50% off. Items that have the blue tags are 75%. Pink tags are 25% off. My total came to a whopping $1.10 wow!! Hahaha. Check out was fast as they have Apple Pay which was awesome.”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

“These guys know how to take care of their customers. Everything was easy and they returned calls and did everything they said they would. I highly recommend them.”

3.7 Good35 Reviews

“been going here for years & they are great! prices on some things can be iffy but hey it’s still a lot better than goodwill and most thrifts. not sure what these other comments are talking about because i’ve never had a problem going here. definitely recommended make sure you look thru everything for the best deals:)”

3.7 Good81 Reviews

“I love this place because they haven’t cherry picked off the good stuff and put it on eBay. You can still find a surprise gem, a stray attachment for your vacuum, or maybe a leg lamp!”

3.6 Good22 Reviews

“I've shopped here since I was a kid and find good things consistently for me, the kid and friends. However, It's time to return to later closing hours. It was 9pm close time pre pandemic and now its 7pm. I don't usually get off work until 7pm and it opens so late I can't get in before work. Very frustrating. Please return to the 8 or 9pm closing time.”

3.7 Good118 Reviews

“It’s a decent goodwill! It’s pretty small. And some items were surprisingly high priced for a thrift store. I will say though, they had a pretty nice selection of things, even new things still in box. Overall I had a nice experience.”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“I get awesome textbooks and movies on major discount compared to major stores here. Love the staff, extremely nice and perky, excellent customer service. The company needs to pay them better and hire more folks though, the lines can get crazy.”

3 Average9 Reviews

“I want to share my experience with this store. My family and I just started shopping ? and I love just about everything when entering the store. The staffs are wonderful, the selections are amazing.Every time we walk in Channel & Leo & one of other person (tall big guy, really sweet and kind, sorry I forgot his name). But everytime we walk in they always welcome us. Chanel always made sure we get the help that we needed and always asked us if there's something we don't see on the floor let her know and she'll double check for the items. Always going above and beyond. They are so chill back and doing their jobs while having fun. FIVE STAR!!Just absolutely genuine, nice, sweet people with great service working here. This store is so lucky to have them!!-jen.”

3.4 Good44 Reviews

“Great store with friendly staff. Stay away from Federal WayGoodwill. They are rude and when you call to find out if theyAre open for drop offs they tell you they are and you get thereAnd they are closed. Did this two times. NO more they haveNo clue what they are doing!!”

3.3 Good38 Reviews

“This Goodeill has a shop by pound side and a retail store on other. Surprised to see new items everywhere, donations from stores no doubt and with more frugal prices than the Bellevue/Redmond Goodwill. ( which is OVER PRICED! This store is big with section of MENS clothing and shoes that I haven’t seen anywhere else. MEN go shopping!!! There’s no public restroom and a few handicapped parking spots. Enjoy thriftjng!”

3.4 Good106 Reviews

“Was a nice stop here today. Calmer than the one closer to Seattle on Dearborn. My Son brought me here, found some new gently used clothing and a new Cotopaxi purse brand new for a great deal. Lunch bag too was new with tags. There are a lot of things I wish they carried, but I guess it depends on donations too. I like their pots and pans sections. Dishes n cookware too. Still an awesome stop and great finds!”

3.2 Average44 Reviews

“It's mid December and I just bought 6 sweaters and two skirts for $45. Sweaters that you can wear to work or church, nice ones, for $3.49 or similar. A one of a kind handmade skirt for $8.49! Nothing but compliments on it!I get all my name brand shoes here. I a women's 9, too! Great place for kid's clothes. I get a lot of my kiddo's character t-shirts here.Update: PS this is the nicest, most helpful VV staff ever. We were looking for specific shoes for my kid's Saint costume. The lovely lady stocking shoes pulled out three bins from the stock room so we could rummage through them. We found THE PERFECT pair of boots and they really pulled the whole costume together. THANK YOU!!”

3.4 Good120 Reviews

“I was impressed with the quality of clothing choices. I am glad someone decided not to hang the worn out and dated clothing. Hoping that went to a good cause! Pay attention to the sale colors. $1.99 color is almost impossible to find but the 50% off tag was about 1 in 50 items and they were good quality. Everything was clean and well organized.”

3.1 Average48 Reviews

“Staff is extremely kind and well organized. Some items are priced kinda high, especially the purse section although they have slowly been getting better at it. Love this location!”

3.2 Average119 Reviews