Jack in the Box - 12409 NE 116th St

Jack in the Box

12409 NE 116th St, Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-8442
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Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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Most Recent Comments

  • "Twice now my fries and burger have been one step above cold. Its the middle of the day so there's no excuse. Order taker was nice but spoke little to no English. Won't be coming here again."
  • "This only applies to the middle of the night during which it can be a coin toss on good service. Sometimes good and what you'd expect. Sometimes it can be very slow lines and/or getting a wrong order. It does seems a bit better recently."
  • "Went to the drive through at 230 in the morning, food took 40 minutes and the window teller couldn't figure out the drink dispenser. Ended up leaving without it after an additional 5 minutes waiting for him to mess with it without success. Manager showed up eventually. Won't go back"
  • "Worst late night food run i have had in a long time. 4 or 5 cars in front of me and it took 30 minutes to get the food. When i get to the window they inform me they can't make the shake i ordered and it would be 10 more minutes for that. So i removed it from the order and just got a root beer. Went the 5 minutes to my house to eat. Turns out they gave me a cup 2/3rds full of disgusting. It was entirely clear and it wasn't sprite. The fries were also so cold that they were disgusting. Go to sherries around the corner. You'll have your food faster."
  • "Was visiting Washington. Came here twice. Service is sub par. No ice twice here. Customer freely bring pets to a restaurant here. Nasty... Customer should not being pets to reataurants."
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