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“Staff is ALWAYS friendly. Knowledgeable. And help me everytime I’m unsure of what to get. They also always acknowledge my pup and give him treats even if we aren’t stopping in that day! <3”

4.7 Superb37 Reviews

“Luke is great and keeps me up to date on the products they have and will order items based on the customer! Every sales person there is super nice and if they don't have the answer they will find someone with it. Prices are good , because everything in Seattle is ridiculous (vape tax). Big vape selection, kratom and delta products! They have a customerprogram that gets you points for discounts. Definitely recommend stopping by!”

4.7 Superb28 Reviews

“Amazing customer service, way better prices and vibe than across the street. Local business that has been around awhile, very accommodating and kind. 10/10 from ya boy”

4.7 Superb18 Reviews

“Muhammad is a gangster in the vape business. He's very knowledgeable. Prices are good. I enjoyed my time talking with him. Definitely will be back. Thank you Muhammad for being awesome!”

4.4 Superb38 Reviews

“Been coming here for a few years now. Good selection of kratom, glassware, vape, tobacco, wraps/papers/etc and other smoke shop staples. Prices are pretty average for a smoke shop - you can get most non-tobacco items cheaper online, but you're paying for the speed and convenience here. Owner is friendly and will do exchanges for unopened or faulty products.”

4.3 Superb21 Reviews

“First and foremost, this review is primarily directed at those who feel the need to leave one star reviews at a business at which transactions should happen faster than most drug deals. Most people know what they are after when entering any type of smoke or head shop. Complaining about customer service at any of these types of establishments is like going to a brothel and complaining on the way out that you didn't 'feel loved'. They cater to those who generally know exactly what they need upon entering. If you don't know what you are looking for, here is a suggestion; try being like the millions of other Americans who are curious about a product they are interested in, and do research online BEFORE you enter. At least that way you have a general idea of what you want.Granted, it's a given that the actual owner of the store should be, at very least, courteous and somewhat knowledgeable about the products they sell, but once again, lets be real. All smoke shops are nothing more than product flippers, and out to make a dollar any way possible.As for the employees, lets once again be real and refer back to my brothel comment. They work in a shop that offers no benifits, paid minimum wage, and there is no advancement. They work here to survive, and nothing more. Try thinking about other peoples situations before flying off the handle and running back to your car in order to feel satisfied by your passive / aggressive level of revenge while sporting a sinister grin that says 'I'll show you!' As you rush to click 'one star'.These people have it hard, and most have either very litte-to-no customer service experience. Cut them a break. A little life advice for those unable to graduate from the pull-ups they cannot free themselves from, whining at every possible opportunity: treat everyone with respect, because you have no idea what they are going through in their lives at that moment. Most people are never honest when they are asked 'how is your day going?'”

4.2 Good36 Reviews

“Great spot for vape material with a good price on juice with a decent selection! Moe was extremely friendly and more than willing to check prices on many different mods I was looking at! If you're looking for extra curricular glass and such he had an extensive assortment!”

4.1 Good40 Reviews

“By far my favorite smoke shop in Seattle. I loved it at the old location but this one is even better! Super well-lit, great selection and the prices are killer. Hannah and the rest of the employees are friendly and helpful. I try not to shop anywhere else, that's how much I like it.”

4.1 Good36 Reviews

“I can't say enough about my fantastic experience at Hotbox Smoke Shop, all thanks to Chris! Not only did he provide exceptional customer service, but he also demonstrated an unparalleled knowledge of their inventory. After striking out at five other shops, Chris not only found the perfect glass piece for my dab rig but also went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied. His expertise and dedication truly set Hotbox apart, making it my go-to destination for all my smoking needs. Thanks, Chris, for your outstanding service and for helping me find exactly what I was looking for!”

4 Good22 Reviews

“Love this place! The employees are super nice and they have a large selection of products packed into their small store. I always have great conversations with these guys. And with prices like theirs, it's a one-stop-shop!”

3.9 Good14 Reviews

“This shop has been a Pike Place Market fixture for decades. They sell many different things. Various smoking supplies, T-shirts, too many things they have, to list here. Friendly, courteous, professional staff. Check it out!”

3.8 Good6 Reviews

“It just doesn't get any better than this product. This company has never failed to deliver on their guarantee and as long as I breathe and my heart beats, I will support this company always. They have a fantastic product that works better than any I've used before. I look forward to the future”

3.8 Good13 Reviews

“These guys carry MZ12 organic solvent (butane) which as you may or may not know does not leave a black sooty deposit like butane does! It's awesome! AND hard to find sometimes.”

3.8 Good19 Reviews

“The atmosphere at this small tobacco/vape/beer store is so much better with the change of ownership. I like to smoke a Swisher Sweet from time to time so I've stopped in on a few occasions over the past 6 years. It's a simple place so don't go there expecting to find a humidor or a vast selection of items.”

3.8 Good53 Reviews

“Sam's Smokes is by far the best smoke shop I have been to. They have everything you are looking for, great deals, and the owner is very down to earth. If you're lucky, you'll get a guitar solo with your purchase.”

3.7 Good13 Reviews

“My favorite vape shop in all of Seattle. It's a long drive for me but worth it for the flavors they offer. In WA a lot of the flavors are harsh and poorly made IMO and Planet Vape had good flavors that don't hurt your throat at a great price.”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“Missa was the best customer service I've received at a smoke shop she deserves all the tips this place gets! She's super knowledgeable about all the Kratom strains and is super friendly.”

3.4 Good10 Reviews

“Had a great experience with Chris. He was extremely helpful, super compassionate, understanding and made the experience so chill. I had been having a hard day and he made it better. Thank you Chris! You rock!❤️”

3.5 Good21 Reviews

“i went there for a disposable vape, man i was surprised with the variety they had.Renovated looks nice inside. Outside not so nice area. Fair prices. Good customer service. No pressure on buying something. Will go there from now on for my disposable vape.”

3.5 Good21 Reviews

“I live in the area and this was my first time stopping in for some vape juice. they had a VERY large selection of vape products plus glassware. The gentleman at the counter was super friendly and I will definitely be a returning customer !”

3.4 Good33 Reviews

“I frequent here often they have a good selection of random smoking materials and what have you. Lots of different blunt wraps which is my favorite thing to purchase there.”

2.6 Average12 Reviews

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