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“Courtni and Stevie gave us impeccable service nothing short of a miracle as I’ve been going through a tough divorce and needed the good times. Pic of me testing out my new Docs!”

4.4Superb81 Reviews

“Here at Carters they have all brands of clothing for children, but what we found is way lower pricing than going to another store location and they have % off some up to 70%.Pastor Mike”

4.4Superb50 Reviews

“Stopped in with my girlfriend today to browse/try to find them a wallet. We were greeted immediately upon entering the store and everyone was really kind and seemed excited to be there. We found a wallet they liked and I found something on the clearance rack and while I was checking out the employee at the register said "Dude, everything on that rack is buy one get one free. Just go over there and take something for free." Every time I've come in I have had a very enjoyable shopping experience and I'm always happy to come back.”

4.2Good54 Reviews

“Another great stop n shop but make sure to go to there discount outlet store in the center shopping area to check it out before shopping... last years shirt looks just like this year's but a few dollars cheaper.. ?”

4.1Good95 Reviews

“The employees at this location are vey friendly and helpful. There are also good deals to be found (most things are marked down significantly). Highly recommend to check out this Asics location. ♡”

4.2Good35 Reviews

“They not only have some of the best shoes made, they are easy to get to when all you have yo do is go to the outlet. Great prices on their shoes and helpful staff.”

4.1Good83 Reviews

“I wear so much Under Armour you'd think I worked for them. Wore them in sports growing up and now skiing, working out, and golf. This store is great and the employees are helpful and patient.”

4.1Good74 Reviews

“Shout out and all the kudos to Ashton. Took my daughter school clothes shopping and Ashton gave her the royal treatment and helped us pick out some really great shoes. Really appreciate the help. 5 star service.”

4.1Good58 Reviews

“I just wanted to praise this store and their manager there. I had the biggest headache with a pair of shoes that got lost in shipping. I got the run around from so many people BUT when I finally talked to Jerry he helped me so quickly and was able to make things right for me. I appreciate his time and patience handling my issue. What he did was CUSTOMER SERVICE and great customer service I might add. Thank you!”

4.6Superb8 Reviews

“You want Chucks? They've got Chucks!! This company has been in business long enough that you already know what they sell, it's really all about the colours. I'm a high top kind of gal, but they've added a good amount of variety of styles over the years. Simple shopping trip on my end. Store was clean, I knew exactly what I wanted, and the cashier sent me on my way quickly with a smile. No complaints!”

4.1Good52 Reviews

“I truly had the best costumer service today ever . What makes me sad is I didn't take the names to leave a review. 4 different people talked to me and helped me . I have RA and fibro, and I try to hike until I won't be able to anymore. Two of the clerks in particular went above and beyond to help me . I walked out with 3 pairs of boots ( one was the cutest leopard pair). I shop at this mall a lot and honestly I was highly impressed with how I got treated and how patient they were . Thank you !!!”

4.1Good52 Reviews

“Great prices for leather shoes for men. Difficult to find shoes with leather interior so Ecco is really one of the few options that men with sweaty feet can wear and be fine in. Very good customer service at this location as well.”

4.2Good20 Reviews

“So happy to find this store. They have good shoes collections and sizes. The sales agent Ms Annie was so friendly and helpful. I bought 3 pairs of high heels. Jummy Choo is my dream shoes . Love it ! I will come back to this store soon !! I had great shopping experience! :) good deals and good service!”

4.4Superb5 Reviews

“My wife and two of her friends shopped here during the recent Labor Day sale. They all said how appreciative they were not only for the terrific bargains, but also the great customer service they received from Tatiyan, David, and Heather, all led by their manager Kelly. Thank you for making this trip so effortless and memorable.”

3.9Good33 Reviews

“One of my favorite places to shop whenever I pass by! As a petite person, it is often super difficult for me to find nice work clothes, but this place has a wonderful petite section! The customer service here has always amazing, and I felt very cared for in my search for petite work pants. Lovenia, one of the employees there, was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. She checked in on how everything was fitting and helped me find the perfect work pants -- brining different sizes and styles as needed. As far as price goes, it is an expensive store, but the clothes are quality, making purchases very justifiable. The investment is worth it! Thank you to everyone who works at this establishment; I highly recommend this outlet store.”

3.9Good33 Reviews

“Fabulous staff and service. Landon, the salesman, took time to measure my sons foot and then pulled a half dozen pairs in his size so he could try different styles. Definitely went the extra mile and made shoe shopping a great experience!”

3.9Good48 Reviews

“Fantastic bargains to be had: the more articles, the greater the discount. We found items we really needed, at 70% discount. Friendly and helpful staff too! Well worth a visit.”

3.9Good93 Reviews

“If you're going to buy Nike shoes why I pay the retail price at other stores? Come to this store and pay less than retail and get the same quality shoe! Had a huge discounted price that you would pay at a retail store. Got a pair of Jordans here for only $80 versus $150 and up to $250. I also bought another pair of Nike Air shoes only paid $44 got six pairs of Nike socks for only $22 grand total 144. Not bad considering I got two pairs of shoes out of the deal.”

3.9Good134 Reviews

“If you need to save some money, shop at Puma. Theyve got the same types of clothing everyone else, but it's always on sale and it performs just as well.If you want anything BMW or Ferrari branded, this is the only place you'll find it.”

3.8Good54 Reviews

“Great customer service and even though they didn't have the shoes I was looking for in stock my son had found a pair he liked and at a great price so we didn't leave empty handed.”

3.5Good33 Reviews

“Spoke with Kristina over the phone. Sadly she didn't have my item in stock but she still really worked with me to come up with a solution. I really felt valued as a customer and would gladly give her my business if the store wasn't out of stock.”

3.6Good58 Reviews

“Julie was a fantastic waiter. The miso soup is a very large bowl and include tofu and seaweed - a lovely flavor, too. I ordered a side of rice and added a little and was completely satisfied.”

3.4Good32 Reviews

“I don't usually leave reviews for places I shop at but I was thoroughly impressed with Rowan's customer service. She was the only employee at the store and despite it being extremely busy, she went out of her way to make sure I got to try on all of the (many) options I was looking for in my size. I'm very happy with the excellent customer service she provided!”

3.1Average26 Reviews

“Marissa was very articulate on assisting me with a purchase of Black Tazman as they were the most suitable with my style of clothing. Marissa and another associate didn’t catch the name checked me out and bag my recently purchased item. As I walked inside the store they were maintaining the floor neat and tidy then Marissa ask me if I was in need of assistance. She was humorous with her customer service which had me leave with a smile as I exited the storefront. I recommend the team at Ugg if the whole team has customer service like Marissa!”

3.4Good56 Reviews

“This store is large, a lot of product. Everything I saw was 40% off of the ticketed price. Like most outlet shoe stores, they had the sections of shoes where they have a bunch of sizes of the same shoe, then that back wall that has random shoes, usually organized by size, these weren’t organized at all, it was random. Some shoes weren’t priced so we had to ask. The staff was nice and helpful.”

2.9Average104 Reviews

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