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“I've only shopped this location once. I like Aldi but the location of this store and how busy the parking lot is makes it a less than ideal place for a grocery store. The parking lot is on a slight incline also, which makes it difficult to maneuver a loaded cart or to do so when managing young children.I prefer the other two locations in the area because of this.”

4.5 Superb33 Reviews

“Stopped for gas on the November 2 2023., @ 1357 hours .The moving truck I drove had a phone charger port but it was inoperable.The very kind lady and young man working there were kind enough to charge my phone while I purchased a few things , including a charger.Thank you so much for your assistance. You made a very stressful day less stressful. ❤❤????”

3.6 Good11 Reviews

“I go to to this Wal-Mart every week to cash my check and shop. My favorite part is when Rose is at the customer service desk. Even when the line is long, and she's the only one there, she stays extremely patient, professional and friendly. She always has a nice word and I like to get her to laugh. She keeps the line moving at a swift pace and let me tell you, when a nasty customer tries to upset everyone in the line, I am the first to let them know Rose isn't messing around. Those 5 stars are for her.”

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