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“Faster pump 8-9 out of 10. Crazy windy when we were there. Older building, store was stocked up well. Staff was friendly and polite. Bathrooms were rather old but not dirty.”

4.3 Superb32 Reviews

“Not very busy, they have air for tires on the left side of the building, it's free. However there is no gauge to measure the actual pressure. Staff was nice.”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“I have been in there twice now. For a small town grocery store they have a little bit of everything! Compared to a actual Kroger (like we have in Texas) their prices are a little higher. Be sure to check their clearance section, found a few good deals in there!”

4.2 Good15 Reviews

“Good place to gas up and use the facilities. Their bathrooms are very large and always clean. The convenience store is larger than most gas stations. The staff is friendly and cares about the customer. This is a well-taken care of gas station. It's always been clean every time I pass through.”

4 Good27 Reviews

“Rarely have any issues with the pumps here. Easy to get in and out fast. Pretty limited selection for snacks and drinks but they have all the basics and they don’t charge gas station prices. For those reasons I stop here frequently.”

4 Good9 Reviews

“This is my favorite place to stop for gas in all of Wyoming! The cashier is so, so friendly to every customer. Her name is Kenae and every time I drive through Rawlins on my way from Colorado or Idaho, she personally comes out to my car (even if it is windy!) to greet me! She even carries my purchases out to my car! Also, there is the coolest car that has two fronts on the property. The restrooms are clean and there are just enough snacks and things to buy in the store. Kenae makes each customer that comes inside feel important. I highly recommend Perkins Conoco in Rawlins, Wyoming!”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“What a surprisingly great place to stop on a long road trip! Very clean restrooms! The staff are extremely friendly! When passing through Rawlings make sure to plan your pit stop here!”

3.7 Good10 Reviews

“Made a stop here on a road trip and it ended up being such a good experience! Alex was so friendly and helpful to me and my friend. When he saw that we were looking at a Sinclair cup, he eagerly showed us all of the other goodies they had in the store, including some super cute dinosaur plushies. We came in just for a couple of snacks but left with so much fun merch, which was really what we needed after a long day of driving. Thank you Alex for making our day and for being so patient with us!”

3.8 Good4 Reviews

“My gas station of choice as a Rawlins resident because of lower prices. The other stations just off the interstate, I guess, expect a premium in return for a quick stop. This station on Inverness is about one mile extra to get to from the interstate.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“Pretty great gas station for a quick bathroom break. They only had one restroom open so I had to wait about 3 minutes to get it. They had all the snacks and gas station essentials.”

3.5 Good6 Reviews

“The soup is sooo good, My dad is a truck driver and I came with him for the week and we stopped twice for the soup! I normally don’t care for Mac and cheese. But theirs is amazing! My only question is can I buy these by the bag? Also the cashiers were super friendly! Thank you for a great experience ?”

3.3 Good14 Reviews

“Well, it is a convenience store. One of the two twenty-four hour stores in town. Outrageous prices of course, but everything is. It's pretty central to this part of town. You can get here from almost anywhere in like five minutes. A downside through is it is quite a popular donut stop for the local bullies. But no one has been murdered here yet.”

3.1 Average10 Reviews

“By far the best cleanest and the best bathroom i have seen at any gas station. This is coming from a person who will do anything to avoid using the bathroom at a gas station. The customer service was also great! With them being so busy they were so friendly!”

1.8 Poor6 Reviews

“I was told it would be a 6 to 7 hour wait they called me and got me in for a wire repair on my headlight in like 2 and a half hours repair on the wires was quick and actually better than the factory. Staff was super friendly and I definitely recommend this ta service shop”

2.5 Average19 Reviews

“This place was awesome. We pulled in in our rv, that we live in, and they showed us where we could park for the night. We woke up the next morning with 2 flat tires. They let us stay for a total of 4 nights, free of charge and by the time we left, we were on a first name basis with Lory and a bunch of ppl from the Country Pride Restaurant there. We ate everyday at the restaurant and once at the Subway. Everyone was so nice! They have great snack and drink options as well as showers, and laundry. The bathrooms were always clean and stocked with tp and paper towels. We inquired at the service station about an oil change for our rv. They dont do them, but he was very nice and recommended a couple of places that would. The day we left I went to say goodbye and Lory gave me a big hug and wished us safe travels and hoped we'd stop to say hi when in the area again. We absolutely will!!!”

2.3 Poor65 Reviews

“This time that we stopped the Flying J was clean. I was impressed about the improvement over the last time a couple months ago. Clean restroom. Clean fountain drink station. It also has a Denny's here but we didn't have time to go in there so I can't comment on that.”

1.8 Poor49 Reviews

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