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“It was time for some monthly shopping and I ventured to Wildwood Centre Shopping area to find some bargains! Lol! I like the atmosphere that some of the shops & stores has inside. The eatery along the outskirts is great too. I’m able to park quickly outside and gather what I’m looking for and leave without wrestling with the traffic! I’m satisfied with my shopping adventure! Just start early! Lol!HAPPY ADVENTURE!”

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“Oh how I adore this place. Saturday mornings here really make birmingham shine and show its colors. I can not ever get enough and there is just so much to do around the area. A must stop attraction.”

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“Hoover Shipping is the best. They do everything shipping, receiving and making copies etc. The staff is always very nice & welcoming. They go above & beyond to get what u need done and get u on your way. ??”

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“I go to DK&Company here to get my hair done. Great beauty salon with fantastic owner and others working in the salon. Have been going here for almost a year now and have no plans to go elsewhere.”

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“Good variety of stores in the main commercial area of Vestavia Hills. The businesses are pretty densely packed, but plenty of parking is available, including a parking garage. The area hosts quite a number of restaurants as well.”

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“I normally don't think much of shopping centers. This one is a little different, out of the way but still easy to get to, and plenty of parking. Not as sterile as most with more greenery surrounding you. And nice places to shop and nice restaurants ( my favorite thing to do)”

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“Went to Tazikis and was not very pleased. My food was placed on the table and not handed to me like I notice the staff doing for other customers. I waited over 30 minutes until someone finally asked my name and gave me my food.”

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“The village at Lee branch is a wonderful shopping center. It’s got a lot of options for food, groceries clothing, and all sorts of different stores that are available. it is well kept very clean and well maintained. You’re busier hours is a little difficult to manage, but for the most part it’s a pretty good place.”

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“Went to Dominos . There is a very good employee their I think his name is Nate. He was extremely nice food was hot and delicious I had the chicken Alfredo and we bought a cheeseburger pizza with hot wings and the lava cakes . Everything was fresh and tasted amazingly delicious. Very good experience.”

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“This is a neat little community. The outside of the building looks amazing and they're all connected and you can see from the pictures that really looks great in the parking lot was clean and the inside of businesses were clean, everything went great”

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“It's a few stores/shops in a strip mall, right next to Crestwood Park. There's two bars, a coffee shop, two antiques type shops, a great convenience store, a pharmacy and The Filling Station pizzeria.”

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“Cordial manager and associates. They're always welcoming and helpful. Well stocked, and the staff is efficient at ordering merchandise that is not available in store. Great discounts and sales available too.”

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“Like I said bad side of neighborhood no offense but this is a like a pretty much all black neighborhood and white people like me and my old lady get looked at dirty but it's okay because if I was in all white neighborhood and one black person came in I'm sure they would treat that black person the same way... I'm just ashamed that we still live in a racial world I had a dream that white people and black people and even Chinese people could all just gamble together and have a great day LOL”

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“I get my seafood only at Sexton's when I buy local. Been getting it from there since 2006 when the mother and father was running the business. Now that the son took over, it still runs as smooth as it did back then and the taste of the seafood is great. Will go back this coming weekend”

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“We were at the Chucky Cheese located in this shopping center. Halloween of this year, 2021. We always have a great time and the workers are mostly on the younger side but all very polite. The parking lot is always clean and maintained. We've always felt safe but always on alert with the Littles.”

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“Had Mani/Pedi at Nail Adore (done by Hiroko J). Wonderful experience; she's one of the best in the business. Had lunch at Amigos Mexican Grill afterwards --it was delicious and service was excellent.”

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“I had a very nice shopping experience at Rose's. I was able to find everything I needed. The store is neat and organized. The clerk is knowledgeable of the job and friendly. You might have to wait in line for a few minutes, just have to be patient ??”

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“The mix of tenants is typical of a neighborhood retail strip center, except this center is located on a major urban highway (no way considered "neighborhood") near a major transportation intersection, and the small free parking lot is always full, so that's a real issue.This actually makes sense to me, because it's been my experience that places with limited parking are highly successful, whereas places with acres of parking are depopulated & vacant.Merchants Walk is a vital component of Homewood's continued popularity & vitality.It's architecture has a somewhat "landmark" quality to it, and the local mom-and-pop, entrepreneurial restaurants/shops have broad popularity in the greater metro area outside of Homewood.The original developers knew the market when they built this place in the 1980s. ????????????”

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“Love staplesThey have a wide variety of office supplies to choose from.They have great attitudes and customer service is excellent.I also love that they merged with dex imaging which the largest privately owned document management company in the US.Go Dex Go.”

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“Great product selection, fair prices, very knowledgeable staff. Total Tech Solution member for many years. Small Biz owner & the in-store Geek Squad is my partner for my computer needs. Very helpful & friendly, espec. Darius.Was there yesterday with the new iPhone 15.”

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“If you like driving around parking lots then this might be heaven for you. Valhalla doesn't have this many cars. Nirvana has nothing on this place. And there are stores where you can buy stuff you don't need with money you don't have to impress people you don't like. I'm only joking- you're not impressing anyone. There is a Publix with food and you need food so I guess that point is moot as well. But I was right about not having money so there.”

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“We ate at El Comal and it was awesome like always. It's our new favorite place! The Hawaiian fajitas are wonderful!! Go check them out. You be glad you did.”

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“The food was Delicious, I had the Jerky Chicken with Mac and Cheese and Okra, My Wife had The Oxtail with rice. I'm going back real soon and the Cornbread OMG”

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“Patton Creek Shopping Center in Hoover, Alabama, is an absolute gem, and it has earned every one of its five stars in my book! This shopping center is a true haven for shoppers of all kinds, and here's why I love it:First and foremost, the variety of stores at Patton Creek is simply outstanding. From well-known national retailers to unique boutiques, there's something for everyone here. Whether you're shopping for fashion, home decor, electronics, or specialty items, you're sure to find exactly what you need.The layout and design of Patton Creek are also praiseworthy. The outdoor setting is beautifully landscaped and makes for a pleasant shopping experience. Strolling through the open-air walkways and enjoying the fresh air adds to the overall charm of this center.One of the standout features of Patton Creek is its fantastic dining options. Whether you're craving a casual meal, a quick snack, or a gourmet dinner, the variety of restaurants and eateries is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It's not just a shopping destination; it's a culinary adventure!The convenient location of Patton Creek makes it easily accessible, and ample parking ensures that your shopping trip starts stress-free. Plus, the friendly and helpful staff at many of the stores and restaurants add an extra layer of warmth to your visit.In conclusion, Patton Creek Shopping Center in Hoover, Alabama, is a five-star destination for shoppers and diners alike. The wide range of stores, beautiful outdoor setting, and excellent dining choices make it a must-visit spot in the area. Whether you're looking for a day of retail therapy or a great meal out, Patton Creek has you covered. Highly recommended!”

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“This is a small shopping mall on Acton road at Old Rocky Ridge road. There are several shops including a dentist, a couple of restaurants, a donut shop and more. All reasonably priced and welcoming.”

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“Brook Highland Plaza is a very nice shopping center. It has some of my favorite stores in it. I am very happy that the plaza is vibrant with business and doing well. I always have a pleasant experience every-time I visit here.”

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