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“You have coffee shop inside shopping area. Very epic. Loves sushi as well. Also staff very cool and very nice and also super W much love five star raining indeed.”

4.2Good232 Reviews

“Night and day experience between here and CVS.CVS let me wait all day and when I showed up for my emergency prescription then they told me it would have to be ordered and take a couple days.They had 0 apologies and were super rude about it.I came to the Walmart pharmacy and they were all smiling faces and checked to make sure it was in stock before they let me walk away.They also filled it in just a few minutes because they had sympathy on my earlier situation as CVS.Jennifer and the other staff have actually made my overall impression of Walmart improve.Thank you”

3.7Good32 Reviews

“Safeway Pharmacy in Cottonwood Arizona is a very friendly and helpful pharmacy. Whitney is the best along with all of the staff , they are very friendly, attentive and añways helpful , thank you.”

3.3Good34 Reviews

“This is the best grocery store in town. This Safeway store is very clean and bright. The bakery department always has new things to try. There is such a variety, that I come home with something new every week. Deli is great too. The people behind the counter are always smiling and happy. My favorite front end people are Ann and Esther. If they were having a bad day, you would never know it. Ann is super nice, always! Esther has the best sense of humor. I will wait in her line for checkout, even if it's the longest. I absolutely love Starbucks too. Natalie and Skyler always get my drinks right. I love the positive messages that they write on the cups. This always puts me in a good mood.”

3.3Good26 Reviews

“Why do I even begin with Walgreens? This place is so perfect. That every time I get my pictures taken. My family comes back to me. My poor wife left me but after I got a photo of my passport from Walgreens she came back. Thank you Walgreens you are in my debt Much love.”

3.3Good24 Reviews

“There is a reason this is the busiest CVS is all of Verde Valley. They are busy but have enough staff to compensate unlike another pharmacy in the area. And the staff is great!”

3.1Average28 Reviews

“I am not a regular customer of this pharmacy. They were one of just a few pharmacies within an hours drive that was carrying the newest Moderna Spikevax vaccination. Initially, after checking with both my Medicare provider and Medicare itself, I was told the cost would be over $150.00.Sonny, the pharmacy technician, reserached even further and discovered a third alternative that covered the entire cost.He went beyond what I normally expected to help me. I greatly appreciate his empathy, determination, and professionalism.”

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“Admitted for 4 days with a bad leg infection. Excellent nursing and PCT staff. Super friendly and made sure I had everything I needed. The doctor was great and his diagnosis was spot on. The cleaning staff and the cafeteria were even great. I have ZERO complaints. I was in a lot of pain with this and they took care of me. Excellent care!”

3.7Good3 Reviews

“WAY better than the Walgreens here in town (although that's not saying much). Everyone at the pharmacy is super, theyre quick, awesome hours, and the store itself has a little of everything with great deals.”

2.6Average68 Reviews

“Would not have shared a review on this Walgreens but they got so many bad reviews I felt that I had to. This was my first time at this Walgreens. I went in to pick up a prescription that I had filled there. Was greeted very warmly by the pharmacy associate. My refill was ready and the whole experience was great! As I walked out the door the associate behind counter said "have a good day sir!" This Walgreens started my day out great! Thank you!”

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“I have used the pharmacy for the past four years - never a single issue. In fact, I've found them go above and beyond. I could use closer pharmacies, but I stick with CVS for good reason. Great group of people who seem to genuinely care about customers and enjoy what they do. They handled Covid extremely well, too.”

2.2Poor11 Reviews

“Love the convenience of Fry's Pharmacy. Everyone who works there is always so friendly and helpful. There is a pharmacy staff shortage in the Verde Valley and therefore occasional delays or long waits. I recommend using auto refill if possible--it makes refill times so much faster.”

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