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“First off, unlike many stores or retail spaces , I was greeted as soon as I entered. Emma at the meat/deli counter was already helping a customer, but was so helpful and knowledgeable and answering all the customers questions. I really was impressed. She helped me and again her demeanour was amazing. A smile, and happy to help. Such a great job Emma.When I checked out, Victoria helped me. Asking me about my day, starting conversation, engaging in conversation with a random stranger, with a smile on her face and kindness in her heart and voice.I’m in awe of the staff at Ralph’s. All of you that I have encountered are amazing. Thank you for always making the experience a great one. Not many establishments do the same. I commend you all. Thank you. I will definitely be back (even I’m there all the time but these two, Emma and Victoria, really impressed me today). Thank you ?”

4.4 Superb61 Reviews

“Shopped here for many years. Prices are getting too high. Mr. Pattison may need to loosen pusestrings and pay people better as it looks like trouble hiring staff. Produce section products mislabeled, unlabeled, limited selection. Mr. Pattison, it is time to out profits second and people first. Love the store location tho!”

4.4 Superb33 Reviews

“Nearly drove past, but when I saw they had green cabbage, I pulled a u-turn because this was NOT going to be a place I missed. Will be recommending to all of my friends, family and colleagues whenever I am asked on a great spot for green cabbage.”

4.2 Good52 Reviews

“Battery haddock, spicey chicken breaststroke, beef and pork roast are excellent. There is other stuff that's great there as well but those are my favorites. Stuffed shells are good, too.”

4.3 Superb32 Reviews

“Awesome little store that carries a lot of European specialty items. Prices are on the high side but it is convenient, the store is clean, and the staff are friendly.”

4.2 Good40 Reviews

“Went there first time, I really liked it, they are organised, clean and variety of stuff you find there. It’s chef’s kiss. I was looking for oat and quinoa flour, I got both. Variety of herbal teas, dried berries and other stuff. Happy to explore this gem.”

4.3 Superb18 Reviews

“Went over to the pharmacy today looking for a few over the counter medications and the pharmacist Karim was super helpful and was excellent in explaining directions etc. Really appreciated his and the other staff’s help today!”

4.8 Superb8 Reviews

“Love this store! Been going here since I was a kid back in the 80’s and now my kids go there for their treats and sweets!! Love the owners! Great selection! It’s great getting to know all the families/owners over the years!”

4.4 Superb11 Reviews

“I love this place, great deals on food in the meat department, and the deli great deals all the time, and their homemade pizzas are awesome, and I also on sunny days will go out and sing there now and then not all the time, but when I do, I always advertise this place. It's a great little area to come and enjoy. The staff are friendly, the managers are great, very professional, I highly recommend this place to anybody wanting to go to a grocery store, this is the one to go to. ????”

4.1 Good24 Reviews

“They have lots of great options for snacks and drinks. The place is clean and organized. The owner is also very friendly and helpful. I'll definitely come back for their other products.”

5 Superb5 Reviews

“Love the new renovation, wide selection of fresh foods, and friendly staff. Save-On is closer to us, but often shop here instead because we need a hard to find item.”

3.8 Good62 Reviews

“Great No Frills location! Clean and organized, produce and meats are fresh. Always in stock and lines are readily available. The employees are also friendly and helpful when you inevitably have to get them to help you with the self-checkout.”

3.8 Good58 Reviews

“There are many gluten-free products in this store, and the gluten-free products will be separately indicated at the price. It is easy to find without having to look at each product one by one. This store has this donut, but I found it in many stores and couldn't find it. This is the only place that sells it, so I really like this save-on-food☺️”

3.8 Good51 Reviews

“A Big shout to Big Meat Shop Langley. I am a pure vegetarian and cannot find so much tandoori variation in one place and that too tasty . Highly recommend for great taste at best price . The team is very friendly. Must try.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“I shop regularly at the Willowbrook Safeway often late at night after work and I have always been impressed with the employees. My good friend, Donna used to work there until she recently passed, sadly. I would like to commend the young man named Tanjot who helped me out tonight. He was stocking items in the organic and health section but immediately stopped what he was doing and took me clear across the store to the other side to help me find what I was looking for. He was very pleasant and it was a pleasure to be served by him. Also, I noticed on my way out of the store that he was helping an older gentleman in a wheelchair to retrieve something that he couldn’t find and instead of having to go all the way through the store he brought it right to him. Kudos to Tanjot and the other employees of Willowbrook Safeway. Albert, whom I met at Donna’s memorial last week, and the other managers must be doing a great job of training and encouraging.”

3.7 Good33 Reviews

“The floral dept made these beautiful centrepieces for my mother's memorial service. They were really lovely and everyone commented about how nice they were.”

3.7 Good50 Reviews

“I have always received wonderful customer service from this location. The staff are always friendly and just awesome to deal with. The store is always clean, neat, and tidy. This location is absolutely my favorite. Thank you to the Save On Foods team that really make this location top notch :)”

3.4 Good43 Reviews

“Great place. They incorporated each department into a small space in a small way instead of just skipping some so you can get pretty much anything you'd want, which is great because a lot of small grocers skip departments. Aside from that it's superstore mini.”

3.3 Good42 Reviews

“Our go-to grocery store. Only 4 stars, though, as they run out of certain products a lot, and you won't see them for a while. Good prices, though, and bonus stuff is given to you when your bill is over 350ish. Like a free turkey, etc!”

3.3 Good53 Reviews

“Loved the selection, all their vegan options (vegan white chocolate chips for example!!) A lot of the produce is local which is just awesome.Staff was very friendly and helpful as well.”

3.3 Good53 Reviews

“You took Down your Pride Display.There's only 2 GendersGet woke go Broke.AKSHIT is a great Team Member . Hes funny and Calm and courteousHe inspected my eggs thoroughly.AKSHIT ran my credit card out to me with no hesitation 1 star to a 4 star now.”

3 Average46 Reviews

“Wow this shoppers is very well stocked compared to other shoppers! I did the travel consult and Michael the pharmacist was knowledgeable, thorough and accommodating! Thank you shoppers Willoughby, I will definitely be back!”

2.4 Poor80 Reviews

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