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“Lowest prices and pumps are always on! Thank you ez gas, saved me at least 6$ on my last fill up compared to other gas prices. Please don't get like the others and start gouging and being greedy! Stay honest please and thank you!!”

4.3Superb96 Reviews

“I've been coming to the place for years and it's honestly the best and fastest car wash around. The staff is friendly and they even know you by first name basis. Thank you Phill you're honestly the Goat of this place. Always friendly and funny. They need more people like you around that place!”

4.1Good169 Reviews

“Fastech is a great place to work. Salary is average or above. The owners are very appreciative of hard work. They provide the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. Management and coworkers are enjoyable to work with. Highly recommended!!”

5Superb26 Reviews

“The male attendant was helpfulAnd it didn't seem to bother him that I was unfamiliar with using a credit card to make my purchase. (No kidding, i had never bought gas with a card, heard too many stories of being hacked. Had no choice but it turned out ok) Thank you Arco.”

3.9Good94 Reviews

“Drive behind Chevron to running man cheaper pay at Chevron from California. U can still use your fuel points out number in with clerk can't hurt I paid 2.23 a gallon”

3.4Good44 Reviews

“Great prices $2:39 (6-5-22) for CNG fuel! When you swipe your card to pay, you authorize an amount of fuel, so over estimate because you will only be charged for what you use.”

3.5Good21 Reviews

“Best bathrooms I've ever seen at a rest stop. If you need to take a dump while you're on a road trip, this is THE best bathroom you'll find on your way.”

3.3Good28 Reviews

“12/29/19 = 4 star = I always put gas here every time I need it , good thing too they do sell propane here and the price is good too , but the only problem in this location is no restroom . Not good for travelers .”

3.1Average36 Reviews

“It's a convenient gas station. It's right on the corner so it's easy to access, it's close to the freeways, and close to my house. The gas isn't insanely overpriced, I probably come here maybe once every two weeks”

3Average35 Reviews

“So far, I haven't had a problem here at all and this is my go to gas station. I go here bi-weekly. Sometimes i'll go inside and buy something and the worker inside is usually friendly. And the gas pumps have no problem as well. The only bad thing is that coming out into the street can be a hassle because its near the street light.”

3Average17 Reviews

“The lady at the counter on the 28 of August was so kind! I was welcomed inside as I was walking in. How awesome!? They have really good music too! This gas station has gotten a lot busier since the Hamptons opened up right in front.”

2.8Average4 Reviews

“No matter what time it is I am one to take the time to acknowledge Good customer service. Early am I stopped at 76 Gas to check my oil. Unfortunately I could not get tight cap off .there was no one around , so I ask the attendant , I don't mean to bother you, can you please help. With no hesitation the young man 1st was wearing a ? which I appreciate.,I would like to Thank Donte f or his 5 Star customer service I recieved am 57yr. old woman and I am a professional Independent Driver I Give 5 Star service in everything I do where customer service is needed. THANK YOU Mr. young man Donte and thank you Everyone @ 76 Have a Great Day”

2.7Average12 Reviews

“I have been going to this Mobil mini market for more than 30 years. It HAS EVERYTHING!! From gas to Lottery, nachos to toothpaste etc... But there are two important things they do not have or sell... If you need to use the restroom, forget it, they don't have one at all and if your in need of any kind of alcohol, beer or wine, you got it, they do not sell it here, NO BEER, NO BATHROOM.....”

2.7Average51 Reviews

“Usually the lowest price on gas in the Knotts Berry Farm/Buena Park area. Located at the corner of the intersection. We are familiar with the area because we've stayed nearby at two properties in the area. We've been here a few times, in the past few months. No frills gas station. It's not a full-service gas station/convenience market. About eight stalls for gas. There's a garbage can. I don't recall if there is an air service thingee.”

2.3Poor10 Reviews

“Not only do the employees go above and beyond...It's one of the cleanest gas stations around. Those ladies that work there - work their butts off. Gas is usually 5 to 10 cents cheaper at this Chevron than the others in the area.”

2.6Average35 Reviews

“Don't be fooled by the seeming super low cost for gas. When you read the small print you'll see that you can buy gas at that price only if you also buy a car wash. Pfffft.”

2.6Average42 Reviews

“Theses guys are a lifesaver every single time! They are always kind, professional, and fix things so quickly. They don't just fix screens, either. My phone had a short and was going haywire - they diagnosed the issue and fixed it within an hour! I can't sing their praises enough! I wouldn't take my phone to be fixed anywhere else :) thanks for being awesome!”

2.3Poor21 Reviews

“I come regularly to this car wash. You can also get gas (Valero), car accessories & snacks inside. There is also some kind of ice cream parlor attached that I see families indulge in.To be honest, I have had to request additional cleaning due to lack of attention to detail but I am giving 5-stars because they keep a positive attitude & the manager, Martin, always makes sure it gets done right, even if he has to do it himself. So don’t be afraid to inspect & make requests.”

2.3Poor160 Reviews

“I'm happy with this location. Never had a problem it's always clean staffs are very friendly. I come here to grab coffee in the mornings and 2 liters of coke everyday before work. Gas is reasonable and it's way better than arco because my truck drinks that gas like water. Other than that not sure why people gave a negative review I've been coming here since day 1 they first open.”

2Poor61 Reviews

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