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“I challenge you to find a BETTER pharmacy! The whole staff is super on top of things, always answer the phone within a few rings, and the pharmacist Sapan, will go bend over backwards to help someone. Did I mention they DELIVER?? Surprised this place doesn't have over 1000+ reviews!”

4.2 Good27 Reviews

“My insurance company made me switch from my local pharmacy to Memorial Medical Center Pharmacyand at 1st I was not happy.However,I have changed my mind.Not only do they get me what I need but they make it very easy to order,they contact my Dr.when needed,and are easily available to answer any questions in 30 minutes or less online.Everything with them is easy and quick and they are always very courteous. I highly recommend them!!!”

4 Good14 Reviews

“This pharmacy is exceptional. They were educated on the medications that they supply and are very willing to give any details or warnings associated with your prescription. In my experiences with this pharmacy, they have been very organized, professional, helpful, friendly, and fast.”

4 Good12 Reviews

“I used this pharmacy twice for my fertility medications and everyone I talked was very friendly. They delivered my prescription and texted me how long it took and where the driver was. I'm impressed very much and liked their service. Also, it was comfortable to communicate with the pharmacist by text.”

5 Superb2 Reviews

“I was there today and needed covid tests. I was making a comment about the price difference between two stores for the exact same test, I made sure to let the young lady at the counter know it wasn't her fault, but I was surprised by the difference. She was AMAZING... she let me know that it was possible to have my insurance cover the cost of the tests (saving me about $50). I was touched that she would offer that and let me know that I had options..There were 2 pharmacists (I think) that helped me and were so gracious. I have always had very pleasant experiences with the bank inside of Pavilians and now I will highly reccomend the Pharmacy as well. Thank you ladies and have a great day!”

3.9 Good8 Reviews

“They made a point to know me personally, which means if i get a bad script (and i have gotten them) the team can address it before damage is done. They’re great.”

3.8 Good13 Reviews

“Dr Pantea is amazing! She carefully went over the instructions to use my meditation and my medication’s side effects. I also had a problem with the dosing of the medication and she called my doctor to resolve it. Also, I had some issues with the pick up time and she went out of her way to help me. Will be back”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

“My wife and I had our Covid booster administered today by Phillip and he had the most gentle touch I’ve ever experienced in getting a vaccination. Thanks Phillip!”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“The pharmacist is amazing. I take multiple medications and on the occassion that i have a question, Carol is always there to answer it.The line can move slow but thats the case in every pharmany ive been to. What gives this pharmacy such high ratings is they keep an eye on all my medications to ensure i dont have a negative reaction. To me thats worth waiting in a slow line.”

3.5 Good22 Reviews

“My father was sent home from the hospital with an order for IVs and the IV League promptly delivered the IVs with the necessary supply. Subsequently, following chemotherapy, he was prescribed TPN IVs and once again IV League and their representative Cindy delivered. For over 2 months, they deliver the TPN to our house on a weekly basis. They monitor his blood work and call me to set up the delivery day/time. They haven't missed one yet and the supplies are always spot on. I also called the pharmacist after hours when I did not know how to inject insulin into the TPN. He was very cordial even though it was 10pm on a Saturday evening. He understood we were just discharged from the hospital. I have nothing but good comments about IV League.”

3.4 Good23 Reviews

“I just picked up my migraine medicine from Pharmacist Gozie and tech Marlenie who both provided excellent customer service! I hope that this Rite Aid location stays open! I don't know what else I would do without them! Hats off to this team! And thank you for being so knowledgeable and helpful and kind!”

2.8 Average24 Reviews

“I'm writing this review because Stanton is THE cheese man. I live within walking distance from another Ralphs, but ever since I stopped by this one because mine was out of an ingredient it's become my preferred location. It has better inventory across the board, a cheese guru in the dairy dept and kind folks creating a nice environment at the checkout counters. Stanton does a great job curating a varied selection of cheeses and accompaniments and I always end up leaving with 2-3 more jams, spreads, cheeses or crackers than I mean to and I NEVER regret it! I hesitate to write this because I don't want anyone eating up all the good cheese, but I've gotta give props for great service. My only complaint is they may need more stockist - often the shelf label will say "out of stock" even if the item IS on the shelves which can make it hard to determine what the price is. The produce dept is also pretty popular but there's usually always someone trying to replenish the shelves so you can do a lap and come back for what was missing.”

2.1 Poor19 Reviews

“Went in today for and the cashier/ lead/manager (not sure his title) was extraordinary. Kind, efficient and so helpful. Best customer service experience I have had in a long time .”

2.2 Poor44 Reviews

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