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“(Translated by Google) They are super good friendly waves and excellent prices I recommend them thanks(Original)Son súper buenas ondas amables y excelentes precios se los recomiendo gracias”

4.9 Superb17 Reviews

“Hands down the greatest food store in the entire LA area. Unbeatable prices on everything in the store. Loaded with high-end gourmet items (Asian spices, sauces, oils and such) that cost a fortune in regular food stores. This has become my #1 food store since the day I discovered it.”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“Great location! Right before the 405 south & 405 North freeway entrance. The store is clean and they have a lot of refreshments n (coffee)most important lol, chips, candy, energy drinks to chose from. They also have delicious hot food for the road. The staff is always friendly. I haven't checked out the restrooms but I will leave a follow up when I do. One last thing it does get busy at certain hours of the day but the cars move fast. So let's be caring and park on the regular parking lot only if you are getting food. Leave the gas pumps for when your only pumping gas. Thank you! :)”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“I had never thought to stop at this particular location but I'm so happy I did. Since this pandemic, every 7/11 location I have visit made it seem like slurpees would not be served for a while. I found it to be understandable but I also wondered why the employee themselves couldn't make the slurpees for the customer. Bessy, Nelly and Linda know what to do to keep their customers happy. They had the slurpee cups behind the counter and when a customer would inquire about the slurpee, they are willing to make them. I thought this was so awesome!!! They were very polite and hard working. The store was very clean, organized and well stocked. Parking is shared on property along with the gas pumps. So you just have to be careful coming in and out. This is officially one of the best locations. No lazy employees here!!!”

3.5 Good29 Reviews

“Friendly cashier handed me receipt for gas then said it declined.When I returned with another card to pay for gas she remembered my pump#,smiled and said I'm good to go..Nice clean store and parking lot. The clientele is a different story but I'm used to areas where competition is waking up in the morning and giving a damn”

3.8 Good11 Reviews

“considering the unique situation that I find myself in (organized stalking) they have always treated me with respect. They have chosen not to believe the lies that are spread within my community and judged me on my own merits. Sometimes I'm short a couple of bucks and they'll allow me to make it up next time. (you really never see that anymore) Disregard other reviews mentioning racism, I just haven't seen that even once in my 8 months frequenting this particular location.”

3.6 Good10 Reviews

“We have been going to this pharmacy for almost 20 years. We never had a problem, they even held our medication past the date it was supposed to go back in stock. The employee realized it was near the end of the month and held onto the medication until payday.Thank you CVS.”

3.6 Good10 Reviews

“If yall reading this, please be respectful while coming to visit and buy something from the store. Like everyone, be respectful and kind. This is one of the best stores that I have ever visit before. I heard this store sells lot of delicious chips and drinks in there. Be positive just as from other places that you have ever visited before.”

3.3 Good24 Reviews

“The Cashier named Bre/Bri is always polite when I come to this location for gas. She always has a smile on her face, she makes sure to say, have a great night/day every time!”

3.4 Good13 Reviews

“My Childhood store. I've been going here ever since I was super little, getting toys and candy's and hats my grandma would buy me. Best Memories. Wonderful prices and great items and services.They have everything you will like. An Honest and sincere store. I love this GMD Store. I hope they always Stay :)”

4.4 Superb3 Reviews

“This small humble store sells great tasting injera, a staple (ethiopian style pancake made from teff, which is used to scoop up food) for eating Ethiopian dishes. There are other places that sell injera, but the dfferent types of injera available at this store is the one my family prefers. Not only is it tasty, but it seems to stay fresher longer. It may be a bit more expensive than other places, but it's worth the extra cost. It's also a good place to buy other items related to things Ethiopian, especially spices. One thing you should know is customers are served behind the door that is half open on the top. The sweet and kind elderly woman who works there is so helpful and polite. She fetches what you want from inside the store for you.”

4.4 Superb3 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) I loved it, because I found the Sabritas that they sell in Mexico, they have them here and the price, unlike other places, is super cheap. Cheer up my Raza(Original)Me encantó,porque encontré las Sabritas que venden en México aquí las tienen y el precio a diferencia de otros lugares estas súper barato anímense mi Raza”

4.3 Superb3 Reviews

“We were running low on air in our tires. Even though this station is self service, when we went in to ask for help @ the counter, the lovely girl with the long blonde braids was so kind and helpful as was the kind gentleman in the office that came out and checked and filled all our tires. They were lovely.”

3.4 Good10 Reviews

“The store inside has cold beer and the parking outside is very well lit. So you can get your beer and wait in the safe and lit up parking lot while you try so desperately to get an uber or a cab when you leave sofi or the Forum.Friendly and patient staff dealing with all the rowdy concert goers.”

3.1 Average51 Reviews

“I’m a regular here and I like there coffee machines. The staff has been friendly and also to the clients I take care of at the barber witch is just a short walk!”

3.4 Good7 Reviews

“I need to do this before I forget: BEST night, best 711, and best cheese pizza ever. Of course, as usual, I went against everyone's opinion of being unsafe to walk around or eat cheese pizza there, but guess what? That was maybe the second time I did not have my car ( because I listened to their opinion ), so the rest of the night was going to be what I wanted, and zero regrets. They all end up trying the pizza and LOVE IT. They were the nicest people, better than any places around my house. We hung out there eat the most delicious cheese pizza till my driver picked us up. Talking about extra cheese, oh good luck, you can only get that at 711 TRUST. Also, special thanks to the Cops around the neighborhood for doing a fantastic job; how we felt tonight was just, Wow Unforgettable”

3.2 Average11 Reviews

“I like this 76 gas station because it has everything there especially for us to wash our windows on our car it's always clean they're always have material there so we can clean our car windows I love this place and it's neat and clean.And the employees there have excellent customer service skills very impressed!.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“Delisiously, unique and limited-edition item!I bought a bag of all white Skittles, Peach Fanta and some Japanese Cherry-Blossom flavored Lay's (actually from Japan!).I always go to ICY Mo's to see what's new.Also, very nice staff and Mo is the bestest!”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“Getting lottery tickets..and a yumny homemade carrot cake..yummy .for about1.89 cent you can't best that. Lol i sometimes buy 5 carrot ? cake. They carry them in the little freezer. YummyYes i highly recommend shopping her for snacks and lottery winning tickets ?And winner scratches..Happy new year's 2023Great customer serviceWhen you go. Into the 711 store just sayHello my friend. ?”

3.2 Average9 Reviews

“It never fails that the employees at Circle K at Aviation and Manchester are friendly to me and they are speedy and accurate at the register.Been this way for years.The prices are sky high but it's a convenience store.”

3 Average14 Reviews


3.2 Average3 Reviews

“I absolutely love the employees here. Luis and Nate are amazing. Andre the pharmacist . He is actually the reason I switched to this location. I follow him where ever he goes. Andre has been my pharmacist almost 20 years. To me he is the best!! No matter when I go whoever is working greets you with a hello and just treat you like they have known you a respectful way though!!”

2.9 Average11 Reviews

“the store is very well stocked and clean, the staff is friendly and professional, it's the neighborhood that doesn't keep up, like everything in CA, it's a dangerous place even during the day with drugs and homeless all over the place, I even had one of them chase me around during my visits to this store”

2.8 Average52 Reviews

“I absolutely love the employees here. Luis and Nate are amazing. Andre the pharmacist . He is actually the reason I switched to this location. I follow him where ever he goes. Andre has been my pharmacist almost 20 years. To me he is the best!! No matter when I go whoever is working greets you with a hello and just treat you like they have known you a respectful way though!!”

2.7 Average18 Reviews

“Overall, an average Walgreens. It’s the closest Walgreens to SoFi so it can get fairly busy. I had an issue with one of the managers as he refused to accept a return because I didn’t have a box. The store manager contacted me after I filed a complaint and offered a refund. She was very nice. The seasonal shelves can look fairly disorganized but all other sections are stocked and organized.”

2.7 Average20 Reviews

“This is one 7 Eleven that I frequent. The parking is ok. It can be a squeeze at times when it's packed but it would do. Why four stars? Well they either don't carry items other locations may carry or they run out products that are popular. Other than that the employees are awesome and very personable and it's clean.”

2.2 Poor4 Reviews