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“After walking here many a-time, I finally stumbled upon the environmental landscaping demonstration in the front of the park..the signs were surprisingly informative and I recorded many of them- thank you!”

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“Love this place! Great selection! From Shabbat candles, prayer books, and holiday gifts to kippas and beautiful artwork, this place has it all. The owner is friendly, kind, helpful and resourceful.”

4.9 Superb16 Reviews

“My dearest best grad school! Dr. Wolf, Dr. Schuller and everyone else at this school guide you for success! Very smooth seamless experience when studying and also having to work full time. I definitely recommend this school to people looking for advancement in career or getting inspired. You are going to meet amazing people here.”

4.4 Superb30 Reviews

“Very friendly staff, excellent/ efficient curbside pick up options and good collection of books.Pre-pandemic we really utilized all the extra curricular activities they had for kids. Hoping that we'll see those days soon in this neighborhood library”

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“Irvine Valley College Books is a gem of a bookstore. It's easy to get lost in the small shop for hours at a time. Their selection is fantastic and the service is wonderful. Hooray for Irvine Valley College!”

3.8 Good30 Reviews

“Store:. Clean. Layout is ok. Some areas have random products.Products: There is a huge assortment of merchandise for UCI gear for students, family, etc. Quality choices.Checkout: Two cashiers. At times, the lines can become long and slow.Service:. I found the service or support could improve.Went to purchase some merchandise for myself and my student. Biggest issue was the app. I DL the app to get a discount. App wasn't working and the cashier's couldn't do much to help.The products were nice. Happy with purchase.”

3.7 Good55 Reviews

“Double decker store ? they had a FEW dark romance, maybe they were mixed in.... the YA was mixed around and the store on tables and missing from shelves so its like an Easter egg hunt, fantasy section was small, missing alot of good hardcovers. And alot of them were placed in wierd locations that were inconvenient and didn't make sence.”

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