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“Compared to the 7 11s in the philippines.. they have a larger area and had better options. The staff was very polite and helped us with what we are trying to find.One thing i learned is that... when we tried to buy beers at the nearby walmart... we cant purchase them after 10pm... luckily... this stores sells it beyond 10pm. They also had the type of beers we wanted. Kudos 7 11.”

4.1 Good44 Reviews

“Puts the "convenience" in convenience store!! Although it's probably not listed as such, I love these "dairy stores" you can drive right up to. The owner guy is super friendly, patient and responsive. Took my atm card no problem. Love this place for my favorite salty munchies, soda, beer and lottery tickets.”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“This place is easy to get in and out of with wide areas between the gas pumps you can pull a large vehicle and ever no problem they have a mechanic on site called Jim's Automotive and it's pretty awesome Small shop but they get a lot of work done in that little place also and I hear their prices are fair and honest. Be careful pulling back out on the boulevard because sometimes cars seem to be going twice the speed limit or more and they sneak up on you pretty quick also well lit at night with water and air”

4.1 Good34 Reviews

“AMPM...Too much good stuff. And the best freshly baked cookies, that can be addictive. Plus better coffee than that 'other place.' In fact you can get a fresh baked pastry and a large coffee, which you can craft to your exact taste, for a fraction of what that 'other place' charges for just a cup of their overpriced, oddly named coffee. Add to that, great service, clean restrooms and cheaper gas that's too much good stuff!”

3.9 Good68 Reviews

“I normally don't have the best experience at Walgreens My local Cypress location is awful and I stopped shopping there about a year ago. But on my way home from a client appointment, I needed to get something, so I stopped in to this Walgreens. I'm glad I did because it was the best experience I have had in a long time that had nothing to do with inventory or getting a great deal. It was solely because of the kindness of two store employees. First, was Desiree, who was walking the store and stopped to ask if I needed anything. I politely declined and kept shopping. I saw her again and this time needed her help. She guided me to the correct aisle with a friendly smile and went back to work. I saw her one more time as I was making my way to the front of the store and she said, "Checking in one last time before I go home. Do you need help with anything else?" I did not but Thacker her and wished her a good night. Then when I finally got to the register, Katie checked me out and was so nice and polite, I wondered if I was still on planet Earth!! Had I died and gone to Walgreens heaven?? These ladies absolutely made my night!! So often, great customer service is non existent. No one behind the counter greets you, let alone, greets you with a smile and wishes you a good night. I'll definitely come back!”

4.1 Good12 Reviews

“I washed my car for the first time here. I'll be back because it sure did a good job washing my car and staying that way for a couple of weeks! Whatever they use, my car stayed nice for a longer time than usual!”

3.4 Good36 Reviews

“It was this location where I stop for gas on the way back from Los Angeles. The experience with night crew wasn’t so pleasant. All because of a homeless guy wanted something to drink. It was raining pretty hard.My job is review the Gas Station. Although the gas station is pretty well maintained, my thought of what I’ve seen I didn’t like.I mean, the store itself is well stocked with wall to wall snacks and drinks to keep you and your family happy for that long road trip. Fresh hot pizza and subs sandwiches made to go. To add to this, express car wash while your family is looking around for snacks for the trip. 5 stars I would give but I totally dislike the pushing and yelling to the homeless guy.I wanted to say in my own words, the homeless guy, his name is Jerry, cool humble guy. We play a quick game of pass the football around. ? Then I gave him what I had in my pocket alone with something to drink and a few used clothing I had. He was totally appreciate and seriously, I was happy to make a new friend.”

3.5 Good16 Reviews

“Dyan (Dian?) At cosmetic section was really great.I had some issue with a product at the different dept. Though she was very considerate and helpful, I really appreciated it.”

3.7 Good7 Reviews

“Pumpkin Spice Coffee was amazing, Thank You. The best coffee station:Coffee was hot and there were many choices.Coffee creamer was abundant and even had pumpkin spice creamer!I was so surprised and pleased with all the different choices of sugar. I enjoyed this coffee station. Staff was friendly and professional and was patient enough to let me ask questions. I found the store to be clean. I will be making this place a routine coffee stop on my way to work. This location is strongly recommended.”

4 Good4 Reviews

“Great crew, and super clean. This 7-Eleven is almost always stocked, and if it isn't, the employess get right on it. They are so friendly and always make you feel glad you came it. Thank you SO much!!”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“This review is for Tranelle !!!! Her customer service is ABOVE AND BEYOND !!! Make her a manager. If all customer service workers had her attitude and people skills then we would all get along. Thank you again babe for your kindness and help. I will now be coming to this CVS instead of my other one.”

3.3 Good10 Reviews

“Great service. 7-11 has just about everything you may need last minute when everywhere else is closed. Lottery, good beer and alcohol choices and comparable prices make this place a food one for the neighborhood”

2.9 Average7 Reviews

“I have been coming here for years and the employees are so awesome.. they always ask how my day is and always tell me to have a great day at work.. they have seen my kids grow and they always give them candy and it feels nice to at least be greater by great people when you have to waste your money on putting gas in your car.. lol”

2.7 Average3 Reviews

“Damn! I love a drive thru business. I miss my old school drive thru dairy. Anytime I can stay in AC and get chores done, I'm in. The pharmacy is quick as long as you don't get behind a covid test. Thankfully I have always been lucky here.”

2.8 Average12 Reviews

“"Oh, thank heaven!" 7-Eleven - always reliable, always open. This location is the closest to where I live, with 3 more just a few blocks away. Having a proximity right next to the 605 freeway, this 7-Eleven has hit the spot for me time and again after hours of exertion line dancing late at night. The items I usually purchase are flavored sparkling water &, for when I want to indulge in a little sugar, Arizona black and white tea. I never see Arizona black and white tea for sale anymore at CVS or other stores, so seeing it sold at 7-Eleven was a real treat. Most of time, I go for the 2/$2.50 Perrier flavored sparkling water (strawberry is the best!), and last time I tried bubly flavored sparkling water and enjoyed it. On one occasion, I stopped by the 7-Eleven on Del Amo & Woodruff, and they didn't have the Perrier 2/$2.50 deal. Unbeknownst to me, not all 7-Elevens have the same sales. Being this location is closer and has sales not provided at certain other locations, I'll stick with this one. I know prepared food at convenience stores doesn't have the most stellar culinary reputation, but I can attest to 7-Eleven's packaged turkey sandwiches being legit. After dancing all night, my body desires calories and these sandwiches have me at the first bite, everytime. Service is good. I usually see the same gentleman when I stop by, and he's friendly. Parking can be hard to come by in the lot, but there are a few dedicated parking spots designated for 7-Eleven. I arrive around midnight to 1 in the morning, so parking is never an issue. Whether it be for lottery tickets or a beer run, 7-Eleven is always there to help. Conveniently located off the 605, this location always comes through for me when I want to quench my thirst and/or want a snack to quell my hunger. Needless to say, I'll be back and probably soon. Highly recommend! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOOM”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“Betty and Suzy have great customer service ! They have the restroom and the store really clean I was wowed nothing compared to the Arco back home. They deserve a raise”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“CVS sends messages about refills Staff is quick , professional and friendly . The Rite Aid I went to was closed and my prescriptions were transferred and filled at CVS immediately .”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“The employees of this store deal with more than they are paid to, and are an asset to the community. We should all be grateful they are here daily dealing with all of our demands and nasty attitudes, understaffed and for barely above minimum wage. With almost weekly robberies and assaults by members of the community they serve, we should be extremely thankful this store is one of the few remaining open. Thank you for being there for all of us.”

2.7 Average20 Reviews

“I came here to pick up my online order a couple of months ago. There was an issue with it, but Yvonne handled it professionally, promptly, and very courteously. With customer service like that will keep me going to this CVS.”

2.7 Average33 Reviews

“Store was clean and organized. Large selection of items, convenient gas pumps. My my only problem is if I'm stopping to put gas at your place I expect the bathroom to be available stop using covid as an excuse to close it. I work driving on a daily 5 days a week so bathroom is very essential. Believe me this does deter me from putting gas or buying anything.”

2.5 Average11 Reviews

“I recently was in CVS to make some purchases but had questions about a coupon I had. Vincent very willingly and politely explained what the restrictions were on the coupon and what I could buy with it. I later saw Vincent at the end of my shopping trip and needed help checking out. He took my order out of the self-serve checkout register where I started checking out and brought it to his register and successfully completed the order for me. He was so kind and friendly and his caring for me as a customer-and concern for my experience were genuine. I so appreciated his help. That is enough to make me come back to CVS!”

2.6 Average18 Reviews

“I was looking for a gas station and this was the only one open, the kind gentleman greeted me kindly and asked if I needed anything else. I appreciated his friendliness and I appreciate how quick he was to help me so I could be on my way home. Much much appreciated”

2 Poor4 Reviews

“I love Walgreens. But tonight I'm rating a 4 star because when I got home and I took out my sisters changed that i wrapped in her receipt , I counted it & she was shorted $5 . I didn't want to go back just for that so we decided to take the loss . Just a lesson to count before leaving !”

2.5 Average13 Reviews

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