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“Love TJ’s and always will. This store can be busy but they have tons of parking and they’re in a mall with Target and Below 5 so they score well for the convenience factor too.”

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“Love Trader Joe's. Always did. Always will. Lots of good selections and much variety. Prices are average, with a few very good bargains on foods that would cost more elsewhere. Some recalls. Do your diligence and be mindful(it happens in the best or markets). Still my favorite grocery haunt to browse and get good value on things I don't usually find or find at a much higher price in other markets.”

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“This is one of my favorite places in Long Beach! I visited recently after having not gone in many moons. They've done a complete remodel and boy is it nice. The atmosphere is modern and welcoming - I felt healthy just walking in the door. LOL. It's clean as a whistle, large selection, and an AMAZING hot food bar, where my friend and I had a nice mix of dishes. The bar was clean, the food was fresh. Lots of things presented beautifully - chicken, Italian food, Mediterranean, Asian, pasta, etc. Prices are pretty reasonable, too, considering that they compete with Whole Foods. There's outdoor seating, and they've expanded the indoor seating as well. The staff are very friendly and helpful, which makes the experience even better. For a long time I wondered how long Lazy Acres would last after being Bristol Farms. Looks like they're really thriving. Highly recommend!”

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“Smaller regional chain grocery store. Clean, average prices and friendly service. Good quality produce and meat counter. Never have I seen them super busy with extended lines. I usually stop by when I'm in the area .”

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“Can’t ask for more from a neighborhood market. Fresh select produce, baked goods (baguette and cookies 5 star), food options. Plenty of drink choices. Tried the fried chicken today and loved it. Sides are great. Looking forward to trying the breakfast burrito and some jerky soon (not together but maybe;). Vibes 5+ stars. Thanks Ma N’ Pa”

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“Olives is a solid go to for sandwiches and food and all kinds of little market items that you don't want to go to the grocery store for. Love this neighborhood store! Gracie is the best. She's always her personable and friendly.”

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“Best grocery store in long Beach. I've been coming here for 14 years now and I love the selection and the people. It's a staple of our family routine to come here”

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“Clean and fun so so many goodies. Parking is great. The staff is on top of everything and do things with a smile ready to help! Jeez I should have bought the Clam Chowder soup! I guess I need to make a run soon!Thank you Trader Joe's!Enjoy!”

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“Wide variety of good food and brand names. You might not find the exact same item every time but you'll find something equivalent most times, and you'll definitely pick up a bargain.”

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“This place is super cute and is full of some pretty amazing options. I don't blame them for having a bit higher prices, but it's the main reason I don't go here very often. Once I bought some wine glasses along with a bottle of wine for a home warming present and I could tell they were the same type of wine glasses they sell at the 99¢ store. Either way, this place is a nice place to stop in for alcohol or cigars, since I don't smoke I can't comment on that part of their services.”

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“I always come here to get my dose of vitamin C.Whenever I feel sick with a cold or feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I come here and get the biggest cup of freshly squeezed OJ they have!! I love that they keep the pulp for the fiber! It's good for you! They freshly squeeze the juice on the spot!! So you're getting the most freshest juice ever! Not like store bought OJ that's been on the shelf for who knows how many days.Staff is friendly, very welcoming and helpful!They have a well stocked market. I will come back if I need to get any Mexican products.The place is clean and the music is awesome!”

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“This market is very organized and clean and is run by a nice young couple. If you're looking for Cambodian stuffed angel wings, then go here. I reheated mine in an air fryer and they were so good! I think best in the LB area. They have a number of other prepared foods but these were the standout for me.”

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“This is a great place to do your first round of grocery shopping. Some of the brands might not be your regular but the quality is always top-notch! From deals on fish and chicken to spices and cheese, you might not save money because their are too many great products.Large parking lot with a Goodwill and a Dollar Tree, bargains all around.”

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“Eddies is a great place to stop at for all your need yep snacks and drinks and fresh made food. Off of 4th Street if you make a right turn at the corner there's 2 parking spots green for getting in and out of the location. Walk up also better.”

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“Dig their beer selection and I wouldn't even FaceTime myself as a beer gal. Lol Staff is generally pretty laid back and cool. They also have a punch card option so spend so much and get so much off. Nice if you live local and like to support small businesses.”

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“Good store. Good deals. Security will be on you especially if you're between the ages of 15 and 49. Leave your backpack in the lockers without locks and don't bring anything valuable except cards, cash and/or phones.”

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“This is one of my favorite Chestnut Market stores. There's almost always available parking, even though it's a busy area. Once in the store, it's well-stocked and clean.”

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“These folks are so friendly prices are very reasonable. Meat dept guy is very informative the meat is fresher than vons and i shopped there for 2 years.This lil market is very clean and well stocked at again really great prices!The bbq pit chicken on sunday is only 5.99.. or 11.99 for the combo...and delicious!!!Everyone is helpful and friendly and i just will do most of my shopping there from now on . Very fresh bread as you walk in! Just a great lil nieghborhood market .Everythung you need.”

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“Recently moved to Long Beach from Los Angeles and tried several tacos spot in LBC, some were good but not satisfying. Then I came across this spot! Delicious chicken tacos and burritos. They also have these potatoes tacos tht I was skeptical on but booiii am I glad I gave those a try, those tacos were fire as well. I no longer eat pork so I can't tell y'all how the Al pastor is but I did tried asada tacos and those where delicious as well as juicy. Some taco spots asada is dry but not hear. I definitely say check this spot out!”

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“Absolutely love having a package-free shop in Long Beach, especially with the limited grocery stores in DTLB.I came in for the bread and bought the baguette for $6 - the shop employee let me know that it was just delivered earlier that day, but if it was a day old, it'd be 25% off. (Always good to know.)They have other things too, e.g., vegan cheeses, tofu (on certain days), pickles, pantry goods, etc. - I'll have to come back for that another day, but certain a worthwhile stop if you're in the area.Bonus points for sourcing za'atar from Palestine! (The spices are from Burlap & Barrel: Massive shout-out to the awesome employee who looked up where the za'atar was sourced from for me when I asked, confirming it was Palestinian - they were so kind and I truly appreciate it! (I'm so sorry I didn't catch their name - bad habit on my part.)Pro-tip: If you have Tupperware, take-out containers, glass jars, etc., but don't know what to do with them and don't want to simply throw them out, bring them here! They clean and sanitise them, and then make it avaliable in-store (for free) for anyone who may not have brougth their own containers. I love, love, love this concept and am already putting aside all the containers I no longer need but have accumulated.”

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“This is a really good place to shop if you have a kid! They find your wic items for you, box them, and bring it to your car! Parking lot is small in a mini mall but somehow the times I've gone, I find a space! Carlos was super helpful, fast and friendly!Thank you!”

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“My favorite shop to come to every time I come to shoreline. The customer service is great! The young lady Marina is always kind and informative on deals. And they offer samples! Definitely recommend.”

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“Located just west of the bus stop on PCH and Long Beach Blvd, this little gem accepts EBT. The service was fast and the food was piping hot! As if Col. Sanders himself was behind the counter with a whip.”

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“Such a cute little corner store that has nearly everything! I was so impressed with the selection! From eggs and some produce to extension chords and dish ware, I was not expecting to find the range of items that I did. The store is clearly family owned--the owner mentioned running around the neighborhood when he was a kid. If you're in a pinch for some basic groceries, snacks, and essentials then definitely support this charming family owned business.”

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“Ladies who work here are great ;)they get you in and out service,WIC services and your free gift, spend 35+ you'll get a second depending on the day you'll receive that item. Great store!”

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“The best khmer sausages in town. Red sticker is spicy. Green isn't spicy.They will sell more online. Many khmer craving for good spicy tva ko far and near.I like their kreung here, it the smoothest I've found, not like other shops.”

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“I have been going there over 15 yrs growing up in the area I can say their quality of things are always on point and the employees always treat us customers politely and respectful..”

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“true neighborhood family business. owner operated. they are kind and friendly. very polite. Amy is a sweetie and her husband Kim is a nice and kind man. During the Pandemic people were buying out everything in stores and these people managed to have all the essential like hand sanitizer, tissue, cleaning supplies, water and COFFE, for their regular clients. amy was concerned because there are a lot of elderly and disabled in our neighborhood and they didn't have the transportation to find things, So she and her husband made sure they had what you needed. If they didn't they got it! all you had to do was as. that was so reassuring during a confusing and scary time. I love these people truly!”

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“Steve and his team get the job done. When they are shorthanded, they still keep the store stocked and aren't ashamed to smile even though their day is rough. Thanks for being in the community.”

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“It was my first time there, it was great!! I had a return so I took it there. They give a credit for returns when you buy a certain amount. The store was very clean, the shopping carts were interesting, you log into your account for use the cart. As you put items in it, you scan the item and when you are on the way out you go across sensors and everything is checked out, then they email you a receipt. Hehe sorry, I should have explained it better, but it is early morning AMD I am tired. heheh It was a good experience ??”

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