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“Well organized, good prices. The won't sell something with no price tag which makes sense. People will remove them trying to get a lower price. They...”

4.5Superb111 Reviews

“Fatty's Threads has what you forgot you needed! at the lowest price in town.Lots of Collectibles like record's, posters, memorabilia also electronics...”

5Superb20 Reviews

“this spot sometimes has good prices, and sometimes they are a bit pricey depending on what you are looking at. I'm not really sure how they price things...”

4.4Superb51 Reviews

“I like this little place. Yes, the hours are limited, probably because of volunteer staff, and it is small, but they've reorganized the shop to maximize...”

4.6Superb22 Reviews

“Is very expensive but they have weekly deals and nice household items. Please someone donate a modern cash register to these ladies. They have a hard time...”

4.1Good23 Reviews

“I love this place. The place is underrated . They have really nice vintage items and the mens clothes is extremely affordable. Everyone is always nice and the...”

4Good33 Reviews

“Jen the owner is very friendly. This shop has a lot of affordable prices and good quality. She has Hermes Picotin rare color I like, it's very hard to...”

3.9Good21 Reviews

“I found this donation station as I was running some errands. I had some clothes to donate and found they were very near to where I was at the time. The staff...”

3.7Good22 Reviews

“There are several Goodwill stores in Santa Rosa. I stopped by this one because I have not been in it for a long time. I am always on the lookout for cd's,...”

3.7Good50 Reviews

“They have a very wide selection of all sorts of items! I always love shopping at thrift stores, and this one was exemplary. I would totally recommend visiting...”

3.7Good107 Reviews

“Good thrift store with wide variety of items, and decent prices. Good place to look for quality purses. Really wish they would re-open the dressing room...”

3.5Good28 Reviews

“The reason I donate to intrepid is of the genuine people who really help the unfortunate. I’ve been there when a homeless person has walked in and Were able...”

3.2Average11 Reviews

“Nice store clean and organized. Prices are Very reasonable ..Staff are polite and helpful..... Major change from the place I remembered from several years...”

3.2Average42 Reviews

“I appreciate having this store here and visit it regularly. Sometimes it's pretty organized and other times it can be a mess, but it's a huge space...”

3.2Average70 Reviews

“I've been to a couple of good wills around the area, and honestly I really liked this one. As soon as I walked in I just saw the HUGE book selection that...”

3.1Average57 Reviews

“Cute clothes despite the small size. The interior is much nicer than the last time I was in, and the staff have taken care to keep things organized, beautiful,...”

3.1Average62 Reviews

“This is my favorite goodwill location. Lots of great finds of all sorts! My husband does work for goodwill just not at this location but this location has...”

2.9Average68 Reviews

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