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“Always have everything I'm looking for and the staff is friendly and helpful. Gas is 30 cents higher per gallon than the cheap gas stations, but it's better gasoline and better service and these guys are usually well stocked on drinks and snacks. Also have a microwave and a deli cooler full of sandwiches and burgers, breakfast burritos, etc.. and if your car needs a washin', there's a drive through car wash on site. Great place to stop off 108 if you're heading up the mountain or down.”

4.9 Superb14 Reviews

“I order Russian Stout here. Somehow they are able to get one of my favorite San Diego beers in stock. It was one of the first places I visited when I moved into the area years ago. I place the order with John and they phone me when the items are in. Sonny the owner gives me a slight discount by purchasing by the case. They are polite, appreciate my business, and will walk my purchases out to my car if necessary. The interior could use a little sprucing up but it really doesn't matter. Another example of when you show folks respect you'll get it back in return.”

4.3 Superb36 Reviews

“The gas is usually a good price and it's a good location. Yesterday I chose to pay a few cents more per gallon compared to the station next to it as the cheaper one was busier but I had cash and was in a hurry.”

4.2 Good16 Reviews

“Been going here for many, many years. Always kind, but just as with anyone else, they will give you the same attitude you bring in with you. Prices, yes, they are high at times. A little convenience store in a little town has many competitors. Do you not like the price? Go to Walmart and spend the extra gas money on top of the price of your Oreos and cheap booze. Thanks for existing, R&L.”

5 Superb5 Reviews

“This is one of the cleanest and friendliest gas stations in town. Open 24 hours makes it convenient to those whose work day starts before the town wakes up. Competitive gas prices gives them the upper hand when it comes to filling your tank,and the hot sandwiches and hotdogs at unbeatable prices makes it easy to fill your stomach.”

3.7 Good64 Reviews

“Great assortment of snacks and drinks. Friendly and helpful staff. Usually quite clean and well stocked. Even around the soda fountains, they seem to mop regularly, so there isn't the common issue of sticky floors. No real issues other than the lack of paper towels in the restroom. The air hand dryer doesn't work well. This is a neat location that allows you to walk between the AM/PM and McDonalds via a hallway. It allows more flexibility for quick food.”

3.3 Good3 Reviews

“This AMpm selling good quality AH Brands Cell phone accessory which is realy good when you recharge your iPhonE and other smart phones.They also have realy good quality Maxwest bluetooth speaker”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“This pharmacy is always clean and pretty well stocked. Staff are friendly and helpful. I personally usually come here for the Thrifty Ice Cream, but have also used the Pharmacy and purchased from the rest of the store. In the past they've had some trouble with their freezers and you'd have those ice crystals in the ice cream, from refreezing, but I think they have gotten that fixed. I haven't noticed that in the last year or so. As with any pharmacy store, the prices are generally pretty high, but buying things on sale and using their membership can save you money.”

2.7 Average29 Reviews

“This is only for the Photo Department. Went in to get passport photos taken today, when I walked in there were quite a number of people in line being helped. Nobody at the Photo Dept so I thought I'd be waiting for some time. Scott walked past a register and caught my eye, I asked for help. He quickly came over to help me take my photo and even took a couple so we could choose the best one, all with a very helpful attitude. In and out in under 5 minutes. Thanks Scott for being such a huge help!”

1.4 Poor10 Reviews

“I can’t believe all these bad reviews!! I’ve never had a problem with them and I have to pick up prescriptions on a regular basis. Always nice and courteous. Great pharmacy staff! Very helpful with any concerns. Highly recommend.”

1.5 Poor26 Reviews

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