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“Always have everything I'm looking for and the staff is friendly and helpful. Gas is 30 cents higher per gallon than the cheap gas stations, but it's better gasoline and better service and these guys are usually well stocked on drinks and snacks. Also have a microwave and a deli cooler full of sandwiches and burgers, breakfast burritos, etc.. and if your car needs a washin', there's a drive through car wash on site. Great place to stop off 108 if you're heading up the mountain or down.”

4.9 Superb14 Reviews

“Nice, but small, station just south of the 108/49 junction. Gold Country always the lowest prices in the area so it can be quite busy and difficult to access (the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars - 4.5 would be more accurate). And if you own a high-performance car requiring a higher octane gasoline than the usual 91 octane, they also have a 100 octane pump adjacent to the propane tank. It's expensive at $9.99/gal but my Porsches both require 93+ fuel, so I always fill up most if the way with 91 and add 2-3 gallons of 100. The 911 C4S in particular runs noticeably better with the mix and even gets a bit better gas mileage, especially on the highway.”

4.4 Superb31 Reviews

“Lots of pumps so the lines are short. I was in and out in 10 mins. Sonora location has an Mc Donald's on the same site. Kill 2 birds with one stone! Now with pay pal, Google pays at the pumps is contacted. Next to Tractor Supply store.”

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“The gas is usually a good price and it's a good location. Yesterday I chose to pay a few cents more per gallon compared to the station next to it as the cheaper one was busier but I had cash and was in a hurry.”

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“This is one of the cleanest and friendliest gas stations in town. Open 24 hours makes it convenient to those whose work day starts before the town wakes up. Competitive gas prices gives them the upper hand when it comes to filling your tank,and the hot sandwiches and hotdogs at unbeatable prices makes it easy to fill your stomach.”

3.7 Good64 Reviews

“I pulled in to FD just before 9 pm tonight (6-13-16) to get gas. The man at the desk was EXTREMELY friendly and polite. This isn't always the case at some late night gas businesses. Good job FD!!!!!!”

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“I was working the day the car show came and nine used the bathroom and didn't bother buying a piece of gum let alone coffee. This lady is both a liar and a cheapskate. I am not a bathroom attendant next time make a purchase and you won't be asked to leave but they were blocking the driveway for boats to pull in.”

3.3 Good16 Reviews

“Zeal’s Auto Shack is a great little mini store. They have a little of everything. Auto parts store is adjacent and top of the line mechanics in auto shop. The gas prices are comparable to stations down the hill. Plus they are an Upside gas station, with that app you can get up to $.25 cash back on every gallon you buy.”

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“Awesome employees & good prices. Right off Tuolumne road makes it super convenient. They have a working air & water machine & clean restrooms. It's a small four pump station, which is good if you are trying to avoid crowds of people. Even during busy times, you'll never wait long. The employees are super friendly but fast so your back on the road in no time.”

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“This AMpm selling good quality AH Brands Cell phone accessory which is realy good when you recharge your iPhonE and other smart phones.They also have realy good quality Maxwest bluetooth speaker”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

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