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“Really? I get the Yelp FTR for a place that has been here since 1874? I guess either people in Sonora do not use Yelp or they don't use the post office. Weird! Has a private lot for easy parking. I found only 1 clerk but no other customers so why have more than 1 employee at the counter right? I mailed some stuff and it got to it's destination extremely fast along with the projected delivery expected. Nice service. They also have a good selection of stamps and were happy to postmark my mail with their local stamp. It's called a "circle dater" and uses red ink. You have to ask for it and it's free to apply when mailing at the counter. Sonora, California USPS = AAA+++”

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“I drop packages off every day at the post office desk. The staff there are always polite and hard working. I worked as a post office worker many years ago and found it was literally the hardest job I ever did. So before you criticize them you should first appreciate their dedication and thank them.”

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“Small little post office. Friendly service. Parking lot can get busy! Watch out for the late soccer moms going too fast on Soulsbyville road trying to make it to school on time!!”

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“I am always greeted with a smile and taken care of right away. I live in Jamestown so having the Jamestown PO makes it so convenient. They never forget to ask if you need stamps etc.”

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“The Chinese Camp Post Office is actually the most modern building in this sadly aging and falling down, rotting historical town that probably could have been saved but now looks too far gone. Even the State and Federal Historical markers in the down are unmaintained. Great window service and a private lot (like who cares where you park in Chinese Camp?) My mail got to where it was supposed to the next day.”

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“The best office in the county the clerks are always helpful and the post master always helps me when I have issues or questions thanks we know yoUr jobs are hard and we appreciate what you do”

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