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“Really? I get the Yelp FTR for a place that has been here since 1874? I guess either people in Sonora do not use Yelp or they don't use the post office. Weird! Has a private lot for easy parking. I found only 1 clerk but no other customers so why have more than 1 employee at the counter right? I mailed some stuff and it got to it's destination extremely fast along with the projected delivery expected. Nice service. They also have a good selection of stamps and were happy to postmark my mail with their local stamp. It's called a "circle dater" and uses red ink. You have to ask for it and it's free to apply when mailing at the counter. Sonora, California USPS = AAA+++”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“Haylee is an absolute gem. She is thorough, bright, articulate and follows direction like no other! Trying to do business over the phone and get important tax documents executed and faxed would appear preposterous when you are over a thousand miles away. Not with this gal! She made it seem effortless. Did I mention how detailed and meticulous she was? Whoever the franchisee is for store #4132, consider yourself a very lucky owner to have someone of this caliber being part of your team! Thank you again, deserve a raise!”

4 Good11 Reviews

“Pac-N-Copy: Excellent service, prompt, very professional, Colin went out of his way to get my 2 packages sent out. The store is clean and a spirt of cooperation to help the public/customers. Steven”

3.8 Good17 Reviews

“I needed some documents printed. The process was pretty straight forward and immediate. The nice young man who helped was pretty busy, but still so helpful!They also had small packs of envelopes so I didn't have to buy a big pack.”

3.3 Good15 Reviews

“I drop packages off every day at the post office desk. The staff there are always polite and hard working. I worked as a post office worker many years ago and found it was literally the hardest job I ever did. So before you criticize them you should first appreciate their dedication and thank them.”

1.7 Poor26 Reviews

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