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“We recently sampled Tahoe blue vodka from very nice Joanne at Ralph’s on University Avenue in Hillcrest and she is very delightful and the vodka is excellent. Would highly recommend this product.”

5 Superb16 Reviews

“This place has a wide selection of everything you might need for a really low price but some of the things are more than that like $20 the food so toys a whole bunch of accessories for phones and limit naps and a lot more name it you think it they got it even have clothes flashlights firecrackers better than 99 Cent Store tell you that way better”

4.3 Superb94 Reviews

“One of the most trustworthy loyal owners I've ever known Mr Vic number one in customer service number one in price and number one and product and quality if you're ever around let them know legion sent you I'm sure he'll give you a discount”

4.3 Superb60 Reviews

“Great liquor beer and wine selection and great prices. The workers provide great customer service and help in any possible way. Wide range and variety of The groceries. Sunny is great at customer service.”

4.7 Superb15 Reviews

“Very nice store,, got very food price and lot of choice for beer and liquor.. clean grocery and lot of ice cream.. very friendly staff.. thanks for the service big guy..”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“The employees are really nice, the manager too. I really like the lady that works there, she's very nice and pleasant. I go there fairly often when I'm working in the area.”

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5 Superb3 Reviews

“Great neighborhood market?. The guy there is super cool. This store has everthing you need, and sells water.This store is good when you need something and can't or don't want to go far.”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“I visited this store this past week and purchased a few items. A few hours later I had come to realize that I lost my card so I called the store and spoke with a manager who was of no assistance. I later went back to the store where the same manager basically told me the same thing which is that no one turned in a card.On today I called just to see if it had been found yet and I had the pleasure of speaking with a gentleman name Ivan who is also a manager he was very pleasant and took my matter very seriously. He watched the cameras and gave me a call back with more information than I had prior to the incident. He still was unable to locate the card but he made me feel as though he cared enough to help me out like my issue was his. This is the definition of true leadership and management because he indeed went over and beyond to make sure he provided customer satisfaction and although I haven’t retrieved my card I can now continue to shop at this store knowing that Ivan has the customers backs! Thank you very kindly Ivan and continue with your exceptional service!”

3.8 Good32 Reviews

“My goto store for water refill. 25c/Gallon. The owner, Javier, is a very nice and helpful person. Cash will save you 50 cents on credit card surcharge. They also have alkaline water refill station.”

4 Good3 Reviews

“This is a neighborhood liquor store. They got a little of everything. They got a lot of alcohol and a water station to refill your water bottles. There friendly and honest. I always like coming here.”

3.7 Good22 Reviews

“Updated review - even better than before. They've added a lot of instant type of small snacks, meals, convenience items. Love that!We've been coming here ever since it opened up in our neighborhood. They're still as friendly & as helpful as always! The gentleman manager stands out the most because he always greets everyone with a smile as they walk through the door. The store is kept clean & organized. I don't remember ever seeing it disheveled. They're also very well stocked. Even the vendors are friendly. They also try their best to have cashiers available to help out when they have a line. There's a reason why we choose to shop here instead of the Walmart which is also close by!”

3.5 Good55 Reviews

“I have been coming to this pharmacy since they opened,and they are always been very friendly, professional and remind me when I need a flu shot etc,I really enjoy this pharmacy and would not go anywhere else, sincerely D. Ardecki”

3.1 Average15 Reviews

“I like the store. It is pretty fast and in all the stores you go to even they are in different locations you feel like you are in the one close by your actual house.”

3 Average45 Reviews

“Excellent store, I have found a product that I literally had not seen in years. So many things, memories, sweets, that I didn't remember about my beautiful country. Oh and my 5 stars for the store because it has all the vitamins and medications you need.”

2.3 Poor13 Reviews

“First of all, my ethnicity is a mixed bag of goodies. My mother was from Mexican descent and my father Dutch/French. I definitely favor food from the Mexican spectrum of things. I don't live exactly close to this location but for me personally it's worth the drive. I find 90% of what I don't find in my basically white catering local Ralph's or Vons.....both of which I hate and their markup is tremendous. I don't go there expecting to be catered to. I normally use self checkout because it's faster and more efficient as they never have more that one or two registers open. Food items are normally very fresh and prices are more reasonable than anywhere else.”

2.4 Poor19 Reviews