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“This place has everything for my cookie baking needs! They even do custom cookie cutters with a QUICK turn around time! Way better than using Etsy and having to wait weeks!”

4.6Superb180 Reviews

“Vege Wholesale is a magical place!! It has an amazing selection, that makes it possible for my family to enjoy whatever dishes we desire, even though we are vegan, some of us are gluten free, and we also have food sensitivities and allergies to consider. Besides that though, the owner - Cathy - is such a beautiful person. I always feel like she cares so much about me and my family, and makes such helpful suggestions, reminding me to drive safe (I live 300 miles away), checking to see if I have water for my drive, etc. Everyone who works here is friendly and super helpful. The prices are really good and it helps to have affordable and delicious options. I’m really grateful for this store and these people ?”

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“It’s fun to shop here because they always have new exotic items to try. The quality is amazing too; many items are imported from Europe and can’t be purchased easily elsewhere. I met the owner Mitchell. It feels great to support locally owned business while also saving money.”

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“This location is catered to businesses though they carry the very best Japanese peanuts by "de la Rosa", the best crab deals, marvelous ham selection and most of all much more organized due to less vandals. I came here to get office supplies but was surprised by their ample restaurant supplies. There is a larger walk in fridge with every thing in it !!!!”

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“I don't know of any other place where you can get fresh tofu like this. Don't expect an eatery; it's the wholesaler to the Asian supermarkets. But you can walk in and buy tofu by the piece. If you like tofu freshly pressed, deep fried, in beverage form or as a pudding desert, this place has all that and at dirt cheap prices.”

4.1Good76 Reviews

“I’ve only been to this market twice, when visiting my parents, but I was very pleased with the selection. The store is bright & clean with a good variety of international foods.”

3.9Good161 Reviews

“This is my neighborhood Aldi and I prefer it over all the other locations. It's usually pretty clean and quick to get in and out. I almost always find what I'm looking for because they keep the essential stuff in stock like milk, baking ingredients, canned staples. They have the best brownie mix that cost the least and is my go to for all my functions. I only drink Aldi unsweetened original almond milk, everyone else's tastes like medicine or too thick for comfort. I love the Aldi bagels as well. The only thing you have to be careful with is the produce, gotta be used within a day of two of purchase. Otherwise I get most of groceries here after picking up my bulk items at Sam's Club.”

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“Giving off Viet vibe right at the moment you entered the shop. I came here on recommendation because this store caught on the latest trend in VN.I ordered 6-topping milk tea and hand punched lemon tea. The lemon tea was really refreshing and thirst quenching. The milk tea was okay. I’m not a fan of milk tea with toppings but I gave it a try. Personally, I like the panna cotta (chocolate, taro and matcha) and the cheese pudding.It reminds me of VN so the nostalgia enhances the flavors. Will come back next time I’m in LA.Parking: Limited free parking lots in the mallKid-friendliness: Lots of snacks for kids and sweet milk teaWheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair entrance and roadside”

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“Find everything you're looking for just Albertsons Plus Great staff friendly people work here you can make it a long shopping trip or a quick in and out shopping trip your choice God bless you and have a wonderful day”

3.6Good207 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) Super happy for the attention it was a nice experience Thank you. For your services.(Original)Super contenta por la atención fue una bonita Experiencia Gracias. Por sus servicios.”

4.1Good15 Reviews

“Stopped by for the first time to get tacos ingredients, and i'll keep coming back for the Al Pastor meat! It's perfectly seasoned and tastes very fresh. It's a small space but definitely worth checking out”

3.6Good69 Reviews

“Wow!! Very clean & organized market. Amazed when I walked in. Produce area nicely arranged, each aisle filled with various products arrange clean. Meat/fish department was good. I didn't buy too much but I did find vegetarian mushroom sauce yummy cookies and a few other items. Definitely will be back.”

3.6Good51 Reviews

“Very clean store and a smaller store so it makes it easier to get through more aisles and check out line more quickly. Usually 2 to 3 registers are open to avoid long lines and long wait time. The management and all of the staff that work there are usually very nice and will try to help you also find something in an aisle. Only one time I remember being upset during October when they had advertised Ina bakery shelf area over 75% or 80% off priced patriotic baked dessert items and so I took a tray of brownie bites to register with other groceries and the manager working went to see that over 9 to 10 trays of the patriotic brownie bite desserts were there next to the sign and rather than honoring their mistake as they should, they refused and then said it was inaccurate price tag and it only applies to patriotic cookies. What happened to some decent respect system of obviously knowing a customer who doesn't work at that store wouldn't know that and it was your staff mistake that caused that so why am I not given the advertised sale price? Especially when at least 2 or 3 or more of that same item are also in the same spot. So I have to take the problem and also you reduced the overall increased sale to your company? Hahaha yeah let district and corporate know what a great job did you did to "save them money"! Unbelievable how less than elementary the thinking is for several staff members and store managers throughout several grocery stores. Well, of course then I didn't buy the brownie tray and I additionally refused to buy the other patriotic cookies because it didn't seem right that I couldn't get a price adjustment and the attitude seemed somewhat dismissive to me. The items are dated for July 4th at the latest and during beginning of October (you needed to clearance those products to move them out) you wouldn't do it for a brownie platter but only the 4th of July patriotic cookies and just wow.... I'm mm who is your regional manager????? Now a lot of others can know ---- if try advertise the incorrect price, don't expect them to price adjust or do anything to help you.”

3.5Good171 Reviews

“Great selection of Vietnamese candies. We usually get a handful of candy from each of the bins. Everything is very fresh and tasty. The owners are very friendly and helpful answering questions for those of us with limited Vietnamese language skills.”

4.4Superb7 Reviews

“Chicken pho soup my favorite dish, love the vegetarian options. Tofu pho soup for $10 and chicken pho for almost$12. Sometimes hard to find parking because it is inside of the little Saigon plaza.”

3Average2 Reviews

“I'm surprised by these reviews as I am a lifelong Thai Son fan! I've been coming here for as long as I remember since I was a little kid. Every time I have a banh cuon craving, this is my to go spot. They sell Banh Uot (plain Vietnamese rice roll sheets) for a $4 per pound, and it comes with their nuoc mam (fish sauce) which is light and sweet, perfect to prepare at home with veggies and pork patty. They also sell banh cuon nhan thit (pork rice rolls) and banh cuon tom chay (dried shrimp rice rolls) for about $4.50-5/lb, which are both good. They have small to go plates with fish sauce for $4-4.50 (plain and dried shrimp rice rolls) as well. I can't believe I haven't written a review! Long due. They also sell fruit and I've bought from them a few times, but there is also a fruit store right next door so there is a lot of competition. This is a great mom and pop business, and I am happy to support them. Happy eating and stay safe!”

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“I was very scared going into this store due to all the comments. So, I decided to get 1/2 lbs thinking maybe they will overstuff it to 1lbs which I would be ok with. Two ladies immediately walked up to me and asked me what I wanted. She got the bag and started adding the jerky, at first I told her I thought she was putting in too much, but the other lady said no, that's still about 1/2 lbs. No hassling, no trying to get me to buy more, I was so glad I walked out of there with what I wanted. I got 4 different jerkys at about 1/2 lbs each. Biggest one was 0.66 and she asked me if that was okay before she sealed it. I cannot speak on taste as it was a gift for someone.”

1.7Poor13 Reviews

“Awesome liquor store that does delivery. Great prices on big brand names such as Hennessy VSOP and Cordon Bleu. Friendly people here and they have their own walk in cooler with a bunch of other alcohol.”

2.3Poor23 Reviews

“I went shopping a couple of days ago and when I scanned my discount for a ginger bread house it didn't go through, I went to customer service desk and Andrew helped me with no problem and he was super helpful and quick”

2.4Poor30 Reviews

“I'm a new shopper the Stater's stores and I'm definitely staying after coming to this store. Such nice and respectful people. This one manager who helped me out was just the nicest guy and made me feel at home. Had a great mustache too! I believe his name was Marshal. Well, when next I come in, I'll know who to go to for anything!!!”

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“We had to make the trek out to Westminster as the item we needed, immediately, was in stock only in that store. So, first and foremost, the drive up pick-up was super crazy fast. I've never been to any store pick-up that brought my stuff out that fast. Seriously, we were waiting for less than 1 minute. Not only were they fast, but they were fast in a downpour.Thank you, Walmart drive-up team. You made our day and with such a long trek home in that storm, every minute counts.I've attached the video of the storm so you get a feel for how bad it was and how grateful we are.”

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“I love the cake sections. The cakes are cute and so affordable. I was recommended whipped cream topping instead which makes the cake less sweet and a hit at the bday parties. The meat quality in my opinion has always been really good. Cashiers are ok. Store is nice and clean, and most things are always stocked. The fruits and veggies always looks pretty good.”

2.7Average67 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) The three chapters are very good. I'm so old, I'm so old, I'm so beautiful, I'm so young.(Original)Ba chu ban hang rat de thuong. Thit heo an rat tuoi, thit vua ngot vua thom.”

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“I am a disabled Vietnam vet. I have a wheelchair a special cane and a walker. Today 01/27/2024 Saturday at Walmart I needed to P/U some shelving. I was using my walker and special cane to complete the task. Believe me if you've never been confined to a wheelchair or walker you can't appreciate how difficult it is to do anything. After I made my purchase I exited thru the gardening exit. I had parked in a parking lot that doesn't seem to get much use I loaded up my shelving and drove home. As soon as I parked my car and started to unload my purchases I noticed my special cane was missing. I began a frantic search in my car for it and finally realized I had left it in the parking lot at Walmart, the lot where nobody parks. I immediatly called Walmart security explained my situation leaving my name and phone number, I said Thank you and hung up resiging myself to the fact that my cane was gone. I was thinking that a homeless person probably found it and I hoped he at least got a good price for it when he sold it. Remember I said it was a "special" cane. About an hour later my phone rang, it was security and they had my cane. I'm going to pick it up now. I don't know any details but I want to thank security for recovering my cane and calling me ASAP. Sincerely Carl W Eades Jr.”

1.7Poor55 Reviews

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