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“I really like getting my meds here! Everyone is always nice to me, I always get my meds on time, and it doesn’t take long. I’ve always been able to go in and out.”

2.5 Average42 Reviews

“Seems as if things have changed since all of the negative comments. I wasn't too sure I wanted to make the switch but had to change from Raley's because of insurance. I have been extremely happy with Walgreens Pharmacy. They are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable in dealing with a rash of medications for an illness. One of the pharmacists even called me to see how one of the meds was affecting me. I have no complaints and am happy I made the change.”

2.2 Poor36 Reviews

“This pharmacy has really cute gift ideas, tons of things to look through, you can always find 1 of a kind gifts, plus all the things you expect to find in a pharmacy”

4.4 Superb28 Reviews

“I have a big shout out for Jackson Raleys e-cart. The shoppers are so on the ball! They text to let me know if they are out of something and ask what I would like them to do. They always have my order ready ahead of time. They don't make mistakes in pricing. And if they are out of something they always substitute up, never down, without charging extra. They are polite, efficient, and effective. I used to shop at Safeway, but they cannot compare to Raleys. Besides, the website is MUCH more user friendly. Thank you, Raleys! I happy customer!”

3.3 Good34 Reviews

“Though the phone lines were busy for a while, the pharmacy technicians were friendly and knowledgeable. The pharmacist patiently answered all my questions and at no point did I feel rushed.”

3.4 Good9 Reviews

“Very nice and organized CVS. Friendly, helpful staff. Pharmacy is used busy, but professional and usually keep the line moving while being courteous, helpful to customers. Most items are well stocked on sales floor. Neat and clean.”

2.6 Average41 Reviews

“It's the Best pharmacy up here, I've never had any problems and I've been going there 7+ years. It's a busy place because most bring their business here. They've been kind.”

2.3 Poor14 Reviews

“I am happy with the Jackson store. The staff has always been friendly and helpful and if a problem arises they always do their best to fix it instead of brushing me off. Sometimes there are issues with some meds being in stock and I have to wait 3 days but this is out of their control. They do their best to get them in stock as soon as they can and let me know when it does. The Pharmacist is great about giving advice for OTC meds and making suggestions. I was out of town recently and had to deal with another CVS to get my medication and it was a nightmare when there was no reason for it and the staff was downright rude. It made me appreciate the Jackson store and staff all the more.”

2.2 Poor15 Reviews

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