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“I just started doing business with this pawnshop, i like it here. They work with you and play fair. Only thing is that they close at 6pm and most pawnshops close at 7pm but they open on Sundays and most are closed on Sundays...... At least they will treat you and your items with respect and fairness. Come check them out!”

4.7 Superb58 Reviews

“I'm telling you right now, this is unequivocally the "BEST" pawnshop in all of Denver. I purchased a new Lenovo Gaming computer to run my high-speed Blackjack simulations for my book, "Dynamic Blackjack" and it was $400 less than EZ Pawn wanted for there's. When I went to look at the same computer at EZ Pawn, they plugged it in and it didn't even work!!!!Thank God, because it put me on the oddesy to keep surching for the same computer. Hah, I found it at Colfax Pawn!!!! And got a screaming deal on it.Please, before you buy anything from a pawn shop, you "MUST" check out Colfax Pawn. These guys are the "BEST"!!!Yours Truly,Maverick SharpAuthor of "Dynamic Blackjack"”

4.6 Superb44 Reviews

“Came in for a ring and was helped by Jackie. She was so warm, helpful and efficient. Prices were very reasonable and I enjoyed the entire visit. Not a typical pawn shop vibe at all.”

4.5 Superb46 Reviews

“Talk about life savers! Just got ripped off at EZPawn down the road, so I decided to come here. the two ladies working this morning were amazing! Super friendly, informative, and reassuring. They answered all my questions and took the time to test the system for me. I got a PS4 with extra chords, a controller, and two games for the exact same price as the clearly busted bait and swap ezpawn sold me. I would highly recommended this shop to anyone. Definitely not what comes to mind when you think pawn shop.”

4.4 Superb70 Reviews

“Best pawn store in Denver! Thanks to the very knowledgeable James, I was able to pawn my Ultra High end gaming rig (RTX 4090) for a very reasonable loan. These guys are the best.”

4.4 Superb57 Reviews

“Every time I go here the staff have gone above and beyond! They are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They give good prices when I have things to pawn as well.”

4.4 Superb55 Reviews

“I highly recommend this pawn shop, ive been to different shops over the year and this one by far tops them all ! Great customer service and the best items around from firearms to jewelry. Pete did a great job getting me the best deal he can. 5 stars”

4.4 Superb47 Reviews

“I have been going to this pawn shop for about three years. It is a family oriented business that is helping the community. There interest rates are low and it’s easy to get a cash loan on your valuables. I highly recommend going there. The staff is very friendly and always helps me. Also, their jewelry and electronics are reasonably priced.”

4.5 Superb24 Reviews

“Carlos is a great manager he has been there for over 10 years and has provided nothing but the best service that one has to offer. He is definitely honest about pricing and he always looks for ways to try to save his customer a little bit of money. No matter what he's going through he always has a smile on his face in a warm welcome. Kathleen”

4 Good42 Reviews

“Would have been nice to get a better deal on selling a few items but overall the store was in good condition and fairly clean. I had a tough time with the door but that may have been me. Also the store could use a more defined open sign, it was hard to tell if they were open.”

2.8 Average5 Reviews

“Known the family for years. Great folks just like seeing them. Can't find better people to do business with. They take care of my things. You should check them out.”

3.5 Good42 Reviews

“What a great place to be. Friendly staff, it's clean I'm coming back just to see Natalie. Professional knowledgeable and informative welcoming. Th k you guys”

3.3 Good26 Reviews

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