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“I luv this store & their low prices & variety of foods. They supply plenty of frozen fish however, never can find tartar nor cocktail sauces. Regarding the grocery carts, WHY are they not enclosed from the outside elements? When it rains they are soaking wet & when snowing the wheels are frozen. Then our foods are wet when placed in the carts & this causes bacteria. So please ALDI'S build an enclosed outdoor area for these grocery carts, it's not that that costly to build.”

4.2 Good34 Reviews

“I showed up after work at 8:00pm, an hour before close, to get a full cart of groceries for my father. After seeing the registers closed for the night, I had to go to the help desk to cash out. I felt like the worlds biggest j**** an hour before close and $300+ worth of groceries is like going to a restaurant 10 minutes before closing. The person working the counter, who should have been upset (which I would have completely understood) was awesome. Cool as heck and completely understanding through the ordeal. Whoever you are, you deserve a raise. I hope you have a wonderful night, and keep being awesome! So sorry for the late night grocery order, btw!”

4.1 Good42 Reviews

“This was a great target to stop by at! I was in need of some travel snacks and water and came to the perfect place. This target was clean, huge, and everything was well-organized. I never had a calmer time at a target lol. Grabbed what I needed and they even had the new Taylor vinyl albums that were hard to find around my home targets. Nabbed that and headed to checkout. Super simple and it's a great pit stop for travelers!”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“This store usually has what I need, sometimes the online pickup says they're out, but I go in and find it. Annoying but I'm not rating the pick up, or it would be 4. The earlier in the day the better.”

3.3 Good64 Reviews

“I've been to quite a few Walmart's over the years and I must say that this one by far has the most friendly employees. Especially in electronics. Everything is very clean and well stocked when I have been.”

2.4 Poor13 Reviews

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