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“Good grinders, great value, better than what youd get at many pizza places, for less$... Grocery items are a bit more than at super market, but out here its convienient so they get a bit of a premium, thats business i guess... Ok beer selection...”

3.4 Good9 Reviews

“To confirm they do open at 6:00 a.m. and you can go to their Preston market website to see their hours. I used the post office and I buy things at the store. Staff is always friendly and they always have whatever it is I'm looking for so, I drive a little bit extra just to use this location because they're so awesome!”

5 Superb14 Reviews

“One of my favorite, place to go alot. Clean and I can always find what I'm looking for and more. Prices on other stuff we buy from other stores. I rather buy here. Thank you for opening, one near us. Will always keep coming and I've told all my family members.”

4.3 Superb59 Reviews

“I had a good shopping experience here at big Y, the food is fresh, the packaging is good quality, and the employees are polite except for, being reprimanded for, Bringing back $40.00 idum’s I did not need to costumer service. But; other than that, it’s a great grocery store to shop at.”

4.2 Good44 Reviews

“I luv this store & their low prices & variety of foods. They supply plenty of frozen fish however, never can find tartar nor cocktail sauces. Regarding the grocery carts, WHY are they not enclosed from the outside elements? When it rains they are soaking wet & when snowing the wheels are frozen. Then our foods are wet when placed in the carts & this causes bacteria. So please ALDI'S build an enclosed outdoor area for these grocery carts, it's not that that costly to build.”

4.2 Good34 Reviews

“Sometimes they seem to be out of a lot of things but that is not the fault of any of the staff. Robyn is always smiling, complimenting her customers and is willing to help in any way she can. What an asset she is.”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“So glad we have this wonderful convenience store in town. I use the convenience of their postal service (being able to send mail and get stamps) Always friendly!”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“What a great family in the community and they sell great products too. We get our veggie seedlings and some flowers here every year. I also order cow shares from them.”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“Great place to shop down the road from where you live. Although the recipes come out blurry when I want to use the $5 off for spending $25 on Saturdays; the employee were nice enough to still give me the offer on the recipe.”

4.2 Good20 Reviews

“Very nice grinders (like the sign says).Made fresh exactly to order.They also have lots of items in a small building.The sign outside is small and it is easy to miss the place when you are eastbound on Route 14A”

4.2 Good11 Reviews

“Support Local. Great small town supermarket. Their staff is friendly and helpful. Without Better Valu, we would have a minimum of a half hour round trip to a large chain store.”

4 Good35 Reviews

“I showed up after work at 8:00pm, an hour before close, to get a full cart of groceries for my father. After seeing the registers closed for the night, I had to go to the help desk to cash out. I felt like the worlds biggest j**** an hour before close and $300+ worth of groceries is like going to a restaurant 10 minutes before closing. The person working the counter, who should have been upset (which I would have completely understood) was awesome. Cool as heck and completely understanding through the ordeal. Whoever you are, you deserve a raise. I hope you have a wonderful night, and keep being awesome! So sorry for the late night grocery order, btw!”

4 Good11 Reviews

“This was a great target to stop by at! I was in need of some travel snacks and water and came to the perfect place. This target was clean, huge, and everything was well-organized. I never had a calmer time at a target lol. Grabbed what I needed and they even had the new Taylor vinyl albums that were hard to find around my home targets. Nabbed that and headed to checkout. Super simple and it's a great pit stop for travelers!”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“This is my favorite Starbucks in the area. The service is top notch, the friendliest baristas I’ve ever come across. They make my drinks perfect every time and even remember my order. 5 stars across the board.”

3.6 Good22 Reviews

“This store usually has what I need, sometimes the online pickup says they're out, but I go in and find it. Annoying but I'm not rating the pick up, or it would be 4. The earlier in the day the better.”

3.2 Average59 Reviews

“I've been to quite a few Walmart's over the years and I must say that this one by far has the most friendly employees. Especially in electronics. Everything is very clean and well stocked when I have been.”

2.4 Poor13 Reviews