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  • "Very disappointed in the professionalism and attitude of the employees I've been a customer for about 2 years and just last week I received a phone call from a family member saying a Rent A Center employee was at my house so I called the store to find out why was there an employee at my house and what the employee tells me is to call back my house and to give the employ the phone so I could speak with him and find out why he's at my house I couldn't believe I called the store and the employee told me to call back my house and have them give the phone to the employee then the manager tells me the employee was at my house to establish communication when I had just spoken with him the day before over the phone then I go to the store and I'm speaking behind the counter to the manager I have another employee come around the counter to my face start yelling and he so close to my face I feel spit all over my face like I said I'm very disappointed and how they conduct business. The store is a franchise I spoke with the owner once I told them what had happened and I encouraged him to look at the security cameras he said he would call me back it has been 2 weeks and I have not heard from him."
  • "In one word Awesome"
  • "Great service, and excellent account managing... "

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