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“You simply won't believe the restrooms (important on a road trip!) at Busy Bee. Luxurious as a spa, spacious, private and absolutely spotless. The store has every kind of food you want on the road, from snacks to meals, and multiple checkouts manned by fast, friendly people. An unexpected treat on a long drive!”

4.7 Superb55 Reviews

“Definitely the most interesting gas station I have ever been to. To call it a gas station is selling it short. This place has everything! Tons of drinks, snacks, 3 food establishments inside (Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts and Hunt Brother's Pizza,) not to mention your standard gas station hotdogs, taquitos, etc.There is a bakery, wall of candy, shelves of spices and sauces, tons of local products, and a gift shop. Super clean bathrooms, tons of parking, space to walk and rest. Stop by even if you don't need gas, stop by even if you aren't hungry. This place is wild!Oh, and the bee puns. All the puns!”

4.4 Superb150 Reviews

“It's October 11th, 2023. Hubby and I are traveling to St. Augustine Florida. Stopped here on the way. What a pleasant surprise!!This place is an OCD dream!! The bathrooms were immaculate!! The shelves were stocked and organized to perfection! There was a wide array of products and food items to the heart's content. Oh! And don't forget to check out the confections... oh my!! ?Plus they have gas of course. ?#busybeepottypics”

4.5 Superb65 Reviews

“There is something about gas station restaurants in rural areas that is very special. This place has the absolute best burgers, fried chicken and tater tot's. I think they only serve fried chicken on Sunday though. Always take my out-of-town guests here for good food and a unique experience”

4.5 Superb46 Reviews

“I just left this store about two hours ago.I was there on Saturday and purchased me a $5 scratch off ticket and won $50.I grew up in Lake City so I use to come to this store a lot.”

4.7 Superb26 Reviews

“I always have a wonderful experience every time I come here to get gas and cigarettes! The staff here is always friendly and helpful and they always have a smile! The deli here is wonderful! The food is always hot and fresh and they have awesome sweet tea too”

4.2 Good42 Reviews

“This gas station in particular was extremely clean and gas was fairly priced. The food mart was huge with plenty of great snack selections! Best part is the amazingly clean bathrooms. Best gas station we've stopped on our trip hands down.”

4.5 Superb18 Reviews

“I needed assistance using my new Circle K Easy Pay card today. Circle K employees Ty and Summer gave me fabulous customer service! They were both knowledgeable, personable, and kind. Ty and Summer provided me with invaluable help!”

4.1 Good51 Reviews

“Had to stop in for the grandson to go potty. Bathrooms were clean and that's a big deal to us! Got drinks and snacks while we were there. Prices aren't too bad.”

4.4 Superb16 Reviews

“Good deli, great location, (glad we got that light there) the manager Mark is great. I swear the dude was either a blackjack dealer or a magician in a former life. I've never had my change counted back to me with flair and pizazz before. But seriously nice dude and that location runs fantastically.”

4.9 Superb8 Reviews

“Love this place. I found everything I wanted there. All grocery items are cheaper than from local shops.It's good to buy all the required stuff in one place. Moreover you can have good food in the stalls of its compound.”

4.2 Good19 Reviews

“We exited highway I-75 north and passed a chevron and made a u-turn to go to this Exxon and we are so glad we did. All the pumps were in working order and the journey market part of the gas station was clean and fully stocked. The bathrooms were updated and even had an ada compliant handicapped bathroom with a sink for accessibility. The employee at the register was happy and helpful. Definitely worth a stop with plenty to offer.”

4.1 Good24 Reviews

“Ok there is stopping for gas and a bathroom break and then there is stopping at Busy Bee. Listen if you see the signs you have to make the stop. Ling car rides demand you pull off the highway and walk off car butt and near leg clots!! Busy Bee locations allow you to take care of the needful, grab some tasty waves and ponder just a wee bit over the boutique style gifts. Heck they even have homemade layered cakes, a plethora of jerky and kiddo style fun too. Thats right, now busy yourself on over.”

4.4 Superb8 Reviews

“Stopped by since the store had the closest Bitcoin/crypto ATM to me after seeing a review. Machine was easy to use, especially since I was looking to buy crypto with cash. They had the sell function too which I’ll be keeping in mind for the future! Picked up a few snacks since I was already there.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“This is a convenience store open on 441 in Ellisville, Florida. It stocks a variety of Mexican Foods and has a beer cooler that also stocks a variety of Mexican Beer. There are limited fruits and vegetables, T Shirts and Souvenirs and a phone for calling out of country. Good prices for a convenience store. They reliably have Gas and Diesel. The staff there are extremely polite and nice people.This is my 'go to' place for gas.”

4 Good17 Reviews

“Stopped by for gas and to use the restroom. The cashier was super nice - Said Hi and Bye on the two occasion I saw him. Restroom was a bit dated and smelly, but it got the job done. Not sure if it was pump, card reader or my credit card related, but when I went to insert the chip it prompted me to go inside to see the cashier. I ended not getting gas.”

3.9 Good17 Reviews

“There was a guy named Kalen working when I went there and he was the sweetest person,he helped me with any question I had and was able to show me where certain products were I love this gas station”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“This is truly a convenience stop for my husband and I because of the very close proximity to our place of residence. And it's a plus that they stay open 24/7. The selection of beverages, both with or without alcohol, better of ice there is a select number of "hot food" items, plus all the behind the counter items (cigarettes, rolling papers and blunt wraps, etc.) This is also a place you can gas up while grabbing your convenience snack items.”

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“I love them! Everyone is positive and helpful. They always have what I need and they're just a few miles away from my home! I can walk there if I have to and I already have!”

4.1 Good7 Reviews

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