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“This is a good Dollar Store, they have stuff that you don't find at the others in town (especially in the frozen section).Cashiers are always in a good mood and are happy to help you.”

4.3 Superb78 Reviews

“Usually fine what I'm looking for and it's a good in and out store as far as the people that work there don't let the lines get too backed up and usually very courteous”

4.3 Superb76 Reviews

“I live right down the road from here, so it's my go-to place for quick trips to get things I need. I absolutely Love the remodel, fresh produce, more coolers/so many more products and options!!”

4.7 Superb9 Reviews

“Grate food and always fully stocked shelves, the staff is very friendly and kind,my wife and I met A lady who works there and we just love her ,se was with my wife trying to help a lost dog in the parking lot as I cam out to put our food in the suv. I made 1 mistake that was I dint get her name ? .”

4.2 Good31 Reviews

“Got what we came for. I have in the past said that $Gen was best place for T-paper, paper towels & such, but they went up on their prices, not sure I can say that now.”

4.1 Good33 Reviews

“I like the dollar general coz the one by me on branford hwy I love all the staff and it stays open late and I can add my cash app and they only bad thing is when coke products they is never enough but it not their faultBut the bathrooms are clean and the bread is fresh and again I love the staff8/23/2022Went in they had some sorta air going and they had wut I was after peeps but I wish they had bigger servings but it's ok I'll keep coming backLast time they had the pumpkin and they had more but I bought all they had”

4 Good78 Reviews

“This store got a big upgrade in my mind due to the new housewares section. The home decor stuff is actually really cute and I'm sure once the huge issue with inflation is alleviated, things will be much more affordable and more reasonably priced than where the prices are now. This store also has a better, bigger section of food items than others in the area.”

4.1 Good11 Reviews

“They have very good prices and variety. I was on the hunt for hard Christmas candies. After 5 other stores, this was on my way home. They did have a good selection of chocolates, but alas, they also were sold out of the hard candies. I will know better next year. Stock up early. I have found that they also make good gifts.”

4 Good20 Reviews

“Grocery shopped here. Close proximity to my residence. I found everything on my shopping list with ease. I can navigate with my eyes closed in this location. Will return. No complaints. No lines. Staff pleasant and helpful.”

4 Good13 Reviews

“Everything I can possibly need at $1.25 +tax. Such a huge savings from the big box store, Reynolds Wrap for example even if I purchased 2 it still would be $ cheaper then the competition.”

3.9 Good27 Reviews

“My only complaint is the store close to me most times have empty shelves. Not sure if they don't order enough or don't stock enough. Service is great. Prices good.”

3.8 Good54 Reviews

“Baby power missing from my bag when I got to my car. I did pay for it but register operator denied he didn't place it in my bag. Manager quickly corrected this offering apologies. Good result, wish employees knew the importance of looking after customers. Perhaps manager will advise.”

3.3 Good6 Reviews

“I don't know about but let but wellborn is the best Dollar General ever for real u have a store mgr using her own debit card for guest because registers are down and the only one that will work didn't accept call so she made it happen with her own”

3.5 Good14 Reviews

“They are friendly, they pretty much know us we go in so much ,some of the associates will assist me when there not busy me being somewhat disabled ,I enjoy the comfort of goin to my neighborhood store to shop instead of driving 14 miles to town”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“I like coming to this store because it is near my house.usually the store is well stocked. Today a lot of the shelves didn't have much on them. I did find what I came for. They didn't have but one person working the register usually they have 2 people working don't know what is going on in this store”

3.1 Average9 Reviews

“This store has a lot of stuff around the door area and inside the same. Boxes are waiting on the floor to be put on the shelf. But what impressed me and why I gave 4 stars is because they have fresh fruits and veggies! They also have Gluten Free breaded chicken nuggets! That was a major score since I'm a truck driver and not all grocery stores allow you to park a semi in their lot.”

2.5 Average24 Reviews

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