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  • "Ordered through the drive thru which upon paying and going to the window to pick up my order they I advise me it was not Ready and to drive to the parking slot for Pickups they would bring out. Agree waiting 8 minutes went to her my order Andy sorry excuse they don't serve and it takes 3 minutes to make my egg mcmuffin. Guess what it was burnt so that was the wait! They needed to burn it 1st. Wish I could show you a picture"
  • "We at this McDonald and she doesn't have spicy chicken and didn't tell us that she doesn't have that but keep on taking another order and we tried to order chicken with jalapeños and they don't have jalapeño. Her service was horrible she acts like there are line going out of the doors and could be patience enough to listen to customers. The order was wrong with over charges."
  • "I gave it 4 stars because, McDonalds is my family's favorite restaurant, and tbh we would rather go to McDonalds than any fancy, pricy 5-star restaurant. Your social experience really depends on the store you go to, but despite the attitudes and mix-ups, the food is always worth the mess. #onmywaytoMicky-D's"
  • "The person taking the order had a bad attitude and it took us almost 15 minutes for our food??? Thought this was a fast food place??"
  • "This morning I stopped at this McDonald's location at Sand Lake and John Young Parkway to get myself and my coworkers breakfast. I arrived at the drive-thru just before 6:10 in the morning. I sat at the order menu for approximately two minutes I was never greeted I said hello several times asking if anybody was there I received no response. I pulled forwards to the window where somebody is normally asked to pay and there was nobody there but a headset was on the counter. I pulled forward to the food pickup window where I saw two female employees talking once they looked over and saw that I was there they quickly walked away. I was very disappointed with this lack of service and no attempt to communicate. Unfortunately I continued on to one of your nearby competitors to fulfill my order. This location is listed as a 24-hour McDonald's and there was no posting at the drive-thru speaking of any temporary closure."

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