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  • "Staff are great "
  • "I strongly advise you to take your business to another company (or at least to another Rent-A-Center location other than this one). I got a product with them a couple of months ago and was making the payments not only on time, but even a day before. As what I would consider myself a loyal and trustworthy customer, I figured when I decided to change out the product for a different type (which they drill into your head from the very beginning that you can do at any time for no cost to you), that I would not run into any trouble. But after being told that the product I was looking to get from them did not exist, when I CLEARLY was looking at it on their online catalogue, things started to get fishy. After calling other stores and being told it not only existed, but this location HAD it, I wasn't sure what was the real answer any more. Several days later of arguing with the staff member about the existence of the product, they tell me they have found it and will switch it out within the week. Delivery time is coming and they call to ask me to make another payment before I re-sign the contract, and that's when I found it I'm not getting the right product I asked for that I just spent several days arguing to get. "It's the exact same thing you asked for, just a little bigger and will only cost you $80 more," was their response. "We figured you would like to just get the bigger size any way since the price difference wasn't that great." But did they ASK me if I wanted to get the bigger one and spend the $80 more? NO. They were just going to send it anyway. And now today I find out that I was also lied to about all the credit I had been paying off toward Product 1 going fully into Product 2. There went several hundred dollars and a week of my life I will never get back."

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