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3451 W Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32808

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  • "I went to restaurant depot today I walk to the section I normally go to soda and juices with my 11 year old daughter who is always with me I was approach by a short white heavy woman and told I need to go to the front desk and sign a waiver for having my 11 year old with me no problem I told her I just have one more thing to pick up and I will go to the front desk which is on the other side of the store I was then told you and your daughter have to get out now which was then echoed by a tall white or Hispanic older man she proceeded to say you people always want to give me a hard time all you have to do is go and sign the waiver first of all I don't know who you people are I know the way she spoke to me and my daughter is because of my color I have been shopping there for about 7 years never have I ever been you people in front of my daughter as I told her after we left this is life baby there is always going to be people like that in this world don't let it get to you restaurant depot will never see me again what ever products I carry in my store that is from there I will faze them out thanks for the education to my 11 year old "
  • "Shop here often. Best early mornings. Try Wednesday. Watch out speeding forklifts."
  • "Good deals well organized.people were very helpful on answering questions."
  • "Great friendly knowledgeable staff. Well organized store. Great stock. Couldn't run our sub shop without it! Best RD in Florida!"
  • "Always good quality meat. Get on their mailing list for sales."

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