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  • "Advised by customer service to go to branch and because branch has never removed a hold on checks they insisted it couldn’t be done. Associate went around to all coworkers saying “this can’t be done right?” “You better get on the phone and talk to whoever you spoke to before.” Very embarrassing for me in front of a crowded bank. It’s not right to be so openly distrusted after being advised by their own associates to go to a branch."
  • "Should have read reviews before driving here. FYI, no credit card cash advance without an account. I was politely asked to open an account then they could help me. No thanks."
  • "This is the worst bank I have ever tried to do business with. I opened a checking and savings account with suntrust and then went in to cash a check. I was told since the check was from an insurance company I would have to deposit it and then I could have access to the funds the next day. I went back the next day to withdraw my funds and was told that my accounts had been closed and I would receive the check back in the mail. They automatically assumed that I was committing some type of fraud without allowing the check to clear. After a week of waiting to receive the check back I went back to suntrust to ask why haven't I received my check and was told they didn't know and to call the customer care hotline. Not one worker tried to help me, I was given a 1 800 number and that was all they was willing to do. I asked to speak to the manager but was told that he refuses to speak to me because all he could tell me is to call the hotline. THE MANAGER, SUPERVISOR, AND TELLERS IN SUNTRUST BANK ON ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL SHOULD BE FIRED!!! THEY'RE SO UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE AND SLOW."
  • "I have banked with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and CFE, amongst other smaller bank chains. I have never in my life met tellers as rude at the one I have interacted with at this branch. After 4 pm at the drive thru, I drive up and I'm the first and only car there. Somehow, with only having to withdraw money from my checking account, two other people are helped before me although they arrived more than five minutes after me (which I alerted my first teller about). I am smiled at and receive an "okay" and wait as another person is helped and drives off. When I finally receive my envelope, with no "have a good day" or "is there anything else I can help you with" that I am used to experiencing at every single other bank I have been to, I call back because I needed a receipt. The teller tells me they have never given receipts with withdrawals because the cash is the receipt. I have never in my life heardnof such a thing. Ever. This includes going to the same bank, at the same location, MULTIPLE times, withdrawing cash every time, and receiving a receipt each time (given to me with cash that they never count in front of me, just hand over and call for the next person before I can grab the money. But that's another situation altogether.) Even with informing her of this, she just dishes out attitude and rude facial expressions and gives me a receipt for my account balance. Long story short, avoid this branch as much as possible. If you have no choice, be prepared to be mistreated."
  • "Great service and great bank I ever had."

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