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  • "I normally don't write reviews but I felt compelled to share the wonderful service I have been receiving from this specific branch. I have been a SunTrust customer for years and this is by far the best managed branch I have experienced. There are several people that go above and beyond but no one more so than Victoria Benrey. She truly takes customer service to another level. Keep up the good work Victoria and the Dr. Philips branch team."
  • "Been banking at same branch for 15 years. Overall service very solid."
  • "I agree with all previous reviews. Very Unprofessional branch. I would have rated in minus if option available. The drive thru people are lazy too. Previous manager Robin Horner was amazing person. New manager Michael Murphy sucks. Too much attitude and very unprofessional. He must be working in this industry for many years so need re training. Give opportunity to new folks and kick out this arrogant ass to improve your bank reputation. I closed all accounts and done dealing with sun trust name forever. Open account at Wells Fargo across the street very professional branch. Realize the difference."
  • "The most unreliable clerks who are causing me headache with every international payment i make. I am using the account to pay my student loan in a different country. The transaction is monthly and although EVERY time i am asking them and am guaranteed on their side that the authorization for the transaction is permanent for the next few years, i am receiving a fraud alert and the transaction is declined every time although the account always has enough money in it. Seriously sick of you guys messing my day and staying with someone on the phone for 1 hr to clear the confusion. You promise every time that the situation is under control and every time you fail me. Super unprofessional. It's time for a new bank and for you to say goodbye to the nice amount of money in my account."
  • "You are by far the WORST bank I have ever encountered. And please note, I don't mean SunTrust, I mean this branch. The people working there do not ever want to help you, and the branch manager refuses to pick up the phone, return a call and it seems is never actually in the office. If you need a SunTrust bank, go to another one."

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