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  • "WORST service...they are not 24 hrs, which means they should clean etc once they close the doors. Instead there's more than 20 people inline with only 2 register open and the cashiers are cleaning the other register instead of providing customer service. Oh but they can joke around etc."
  • "I come today this one every once in a while. They last time, I came for rotissery chicken. There was none when I came. I would have bought 2, but they were all out. I know it is a high volume store. Next time be ready for me. I had to settle for frozen pizza. "
  • "Many timea already i have felt like the Night crew, while restocking, acts like late night customers are a burden. Now I think I can speak for most people but even though it's really the other way around, most people understand that it is necessary to have palettes and piled boxes in the way in order to have generously stocked shelves. Furthermore the crew should work around customers not ask them to move or gesture with a pile in their hands while I'm shopping. I promise the next time I feel like I'm a burden on my Wal-Mart where I as a customer should have the right of way, I will ask to speak to a manager on duty. This is unacceptable and shouldn't be the way of business when there's so many other choices for shopping. Do they not know we the customers are the main source of work and income? Tonight I was there 10.22.17 and I have to finish with saying it's mostly the woman. The guys are very much helpful and their gestures and body movement doesn't come across as described above. Please fix this issue or I will be forced to make sure to stay away from this Wal-Mart with so many others in the area."
  • "I liked this place because they got everything and I dont have to walk too much for grocery"
  • "Good buys but prices have inched up."

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