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“Gabriela at the pharmacy was Amazing. Always professional , always friendly, always offering help and solutions. I wish all stores would be like this. This is the best Publix location. SS”

4.4 Superb114 Reviews

“All Publix are very good. Very good assortment. Good prices. We love chicken and we always come for the Broster chicken and the bread. Super recommended. Excellent parking.”

4.3 Superb136 Reviews

“Wow! I was on vacation looking for a community pharmacy and desperate for help with a situation involving my son. They helped me here and I am extremely grateful. Recommended!”

5 Superb29 Reviews

“Always clean and employees are always helpful.I still can't find everything yet but it will come in time and the Publix app is great to find my items and what aisle they are in.”

4.4 Superb76 Reviews

“Went to Publix to get my prescription and the pharmacist Jennifer filled my wife’s prescription right on the spot…. Awesome customer service. Thank you again so much.”

4.3 Superb103 Reviews

“In Florida, off to Publix. My hype was off the charts. No way they could live up to it. The service seemed slow. When I asked for the Orlando City sando, the server looked confused, so I ordered something different to speed up the process. So I had a classic chicken tender sando. I ordered a half, not sure it would be enough. And then...euphoria. The sandwich was delicious. It absolutely hit the spot. Well seasoned, with the chopped tenders and breading providing a lovely variety of textures with each bite. Just fantastic. Would order again BUT if there was a line, I might pick up something premade.”

4.2 Good127 Reviews

“Shoutout to Morgan! What an exceptional service she provided today taking me to my car, loading the groceries into my car and taking the scooter back in. Thank you for providing a great costumer experience Morgan!”

4.3 Superb81 Reviews

“Great classic location. The deli staff for the sandwiches are very nice and funny. They definitely deserve more than what they’re paid. One of the best Publix I’ve been to”

4.2 Good106 Reviews

“Orlando Pharmacy has been integral in helping me access my medications. They are the only local pharmacy that carries my prescription and they go above and beyond to consistently refill. Jenny has been especially helpful in answering all of my questions and coordinating my refills. Shout out to Craig and Courtney too! I love that they know me by name and it’s always a quick, easy, and comfortable experience. I trust them completely with my care. Highly recommend.”

4.8 Superb29 Reviews

“First time going there.. and I saw the most beautiful blonde ..she was so beautiful..I wanted to tell her how beautiful I thought she was..but I wasn't confident enough..I was unsure about myself...I looked at stared at her..just for a little, I wanted to soak in her beauty..and she looked at me..and I did nothing...which I will regret for the rest of my life...from the physical..she was the PERFECT girl I've been looking for..shape..size..height..EVERYTHING..she was PERFECT..I lost an opportunity that the universe presented to be gone forever...oh how I wish I could see her again...”

4.3 Superb71 Reviews

“I was surprised to see that Publix actually had a Chinese food section as well as a sushi bar that was very well stocked. I just went in for chicken fingers and my usual cup of ice”

4.2 Good95 Reviews

“I really like the self check out they have at this location. The one in Hunter’s Creek does not have self check out and I noticed that it’s not every Publix that has that option so that makes it very convenient. Easy to just make a quick stop in to Publix and not have to spend a lot of time there.”

4.2 Good87 Reviews

“They are always super helpful, knowledgeable, and ready to help - even willing to go through a bunch of red tape to ensure something is properly covered by insurance!”

4.8 Superb26 Reviews

“This is my main publix that I frequent often. I rate it a four because I am comparing it to the nearest grocery store (the infamous "Kirkman Wal-mart). Compared to that Wal-mart, this shopping experience transcends. The store is clean, regularly stocked, and never has long lines at the cashier. The one time I used the Deli, I had to wait for one of the clerks to notice me. It took quite a while. If you are local to this publix, it is worth the extra few minutes to traverse to Dr. Philips area where the two Publix are far superior in all areas. Like all Publix that I have shopped in, the prices are comparable to Wal-mart.”

4.1 Good114 Reviews

“They're good at exchanging produce that is inferior quality or just bad. A d making a retired Veteran feel he's still important ough to special order something they have discontinued. Always an accommodating staff.”

4.2 Good67 Reviews

“I am a loyal fan of Publix. However, I do have to say that the employees at this Publix have even overstepped the bar. They are always pleasant and treat me as if I am a regular customer of their particular store. The location isn't the best in the area because of the plaza upkeep and general overwhelming traffic but they make up for it with interior cleanliness and customer service.”

4 Good131 Reviews

“Thanks to the manager Arthur for you great customer service and for care about us today excellent and fast resolution, my husband and I appreciate you very highly”

4.1 Good82 Reviews

“The Customer Service at this Publix is amazing. All Publix are usually good but the Customer Service department went above and beyond! Thank you so much for all you do.”

4 Good122 Reviews

“Very easy booking process and very clean facility. Staff was quite friendly upon arrival and checking in was very easy. Definitely recommend for any of your testing needs!”

4.7 Superb24 Reviews

“These pharmacist do a great job in responding and giving you the best price. I have nothing bad to say about them. They are prompt and professional. Amazing pharmacy!!”

5 Superb17 Reviews

“The treatment with THE pastry chef at night, very kind, wrote me the name well, cute and exactly as I asked, THE girl, very kind and good servicing in THE store. The cake was very beautiful and delicious. As a baker that I am, I bought it at a very good price.”

4 Good86 Reviews

“The Publix pharmacy. Dr Johnson, Dr.Lee, and the medical staff( Margie and Sabrina) are well trained professionals.They answered all of my questions in regards to covid and was very helpful with refilling all my prescriptions in a timely manner. Highly recommended”

4.1 Good58 Reviews

“I ended up in that Publix because I had to go to the Post office to return some stuff post office that was open on Saturdays until 3:30 so I decided to swing by Publix and pick up to scratch off tickets”

4 Good78 Reviews

“It's very helpful, clean for the most part with a big selection of more than typical stuff that we have a need for on the daily, whether at home or on vacation, by oneself or with a group. Good prices and a quality drive product which is just as good as a guarantee with members savings program.”

4.3 Superb31 Reviews

“Very convenient supermarket easily accessible by so many high-rises in the area. Small compared to most Publix, but they carry all the essentials. Visited 3 times and have received very good service so far.”

3.8 Good149 Reviews

“I always come to this pharmacy hoping Becca is working that day. She makes sure to make my time picking up my prescriptions easy and efficient. She is always open to answering my questions and she never fails to bring a smile to my face and ask me how I’m doing. I know I can always count on her.Additionally, Kim is absolutely wonderful, well informed, and just a delight to see when I need a consultation.”

4 Good51 Reviews

“Employees helpful and competent and friendly.... Many " Scan & Go.s ".to ring up your own items and bag ?️ them , pay , get print out of receipt especially if you are buying a big product (s) that can NOT be bagged
I always give them (5) yellow stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on my " Scan & Go.s " cashier machines for to express my joy and satisfaction in my buying process !!!!!
Planet fitness is to the right of this Neighborhood Walmart and Orange ? County Public Library, ( with a police officer there everyday ALL day )
Then a Dedicated Senior Medical Center to the right....
Then, Dollar Tree ? Store where most items are now , including sales tax, $1.33 and some items are $3.00 and $5.00 Plus sales tax, for instance I bought a beautiful colorful bouncy Dodge Ball.for &5.35 ( including sales tax ).....other items that are above > $1.33 are auto supplies, pillows, thick door mats, 2 Liter ? soda pop, ETC”

3.9 Good65 Reviews

“Transferring my prescriptions to Bailey's Pharmacy Orlando was the best decision I've made. It was a welcome change from the "big" name pharmacies. Bailey's reminds me of my hometown's, small town feeling. You never have to worry about calling for refills, the staff at Bailey's is on top of that. Everyone on the phone is pleasant, always ready to help and very knowledgeable regarding each person's medications. They treat you like family. A huge plus is the fact that they deliver. Every driver will call you & tell you exactly how many minutes out they are. Bailey's is definitely an outstanding, professional, caring group of people who put those "big" name places to shame. I highly recommend Bailey's Pharmacy Orlando for all your pharmacy needs.”

4.7 Superb16 Reviews

“I LOVE this pharmacy!! They make stuff as easy as they possibly can on you! The ladies are so nice, and the pharmacist is so awesome at doing whatever he can to fill a prescription or ordering what he needs to help you get what you need!!”

4.7 Superb16 Reviews

“The attendant keeps the lines moving along and it's great that the pumps have the ability to stretch to the opposite side of the car so you can go to any pump for service. We save on average $0.30-0.50 per gallon by getting gas here!”

3.9 Good58 Reviews