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  • "We have been waiting for the opening of the new Wawa store located on the corner of John Young Parkway & Central Florida Parkway. It was worth the wait. Wawa opened Thursday 12/14/17 and we were among the first ones there to experience another great Wawa experience. We wish Wawa a most successful location. Welcome to our Neighborhood!!!"
  • "Worst Wawa I ever been to in my life period....😲👎#Unacceptable. Waited 20+ mins for my order to be wrong, also late to work due to incompetent employee's not knowing were the food in the kitchen was supposed to come from#Joke. I order the same damn item at every Wawa I go to never waited this long.I will not shop at this location never again 👎👎"
  • "Over the past five years, Orlando has become very similar to South Jersey in the sense that there's now a Wawa nearly everywhere you go in the city. This store is about a mile and a half from the original Wawa that opened five years ago in 2012 across from SeaWorld and I just love that fact that I live a half mile between two Wawa stores, and depending on which direction I'm going in when I leave home or from which direction I'm coming home from, I have two places to get gas, free air if I need to fill my tires, and arguably most importantly.. for a quick breakfast, a lunch, a smaller dinner if I don't want to or can't cook due to a time crunch, and even a perfect late-night snack or meal! So back to this new location--with it being in such a perfect location at the corner of John Young & Central Florida Parkway it is very, very convenient for people driving between the Universal & Sand Lake Area and the Hunters Creek & The Loop area. This obviously means that it's going to be a busy place, which had never been a bad thing for a Wawa in my experience. Since the place opened so recently, it is fresh and clean as any new store would be; the service counter however has a LOT of room for improvement. Last night was my first time at this location. I ordered two Caramel Chocolate Chip Smoothies and a Chicken Salad Shorti-sized Hoagie. The smoothies were great, but my Hoagie was a complete mess... not one thing about it was correct. The individual who made it must have been looking at a different order on the screen. I was overcharged as well--$15 for what usually costs about $9 to $10. I'm not going to complain any further than this comment here so that others who read this know to be weary about what you order from behind the counter. These are new employees who won't get everything correct 100% of the time. CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE! A month from now though I have no doubt that service will be top notch as expected from any other Wawa store. 😊"
  • "Just as you would expect from the other Wawa's. Great service, food, and reasonable prices."
  • "Brand new WaWA! Really clean!"

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