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“I brought my family in for lunch and we had the best experience, the food was a 10/10Presentation, taste, everything about it was perfect. We had the pleasure to get served by Tati and she was a very sweet girl, loved her work ethic and loved the fact that she was so friendly with the kids. I highly recommend going here!”

4.1 Good54 Reviews

“We rented a U-Haul 20' Moving Van at this location. The business owner was very courteous and helpful. The van was clean and well maintained. The utiliIty dolly was a worthwhile inexpensive option. It was a great experience.”

4.3 Superb34 Reviews

“I feel compelled to write a review in praise of the night shift staff at the Malabar Road location. I can’t say enough about how awesome they all are. We are always greeted with smiles, kind words, and excellent customer service. I moved to this neighborhood back in December and this store has become a frequent stop for us. Within a week of coming to this location, they got to know us and made us feel right at home. I grew up in NJ in the early 90s going to our little neighborhood Wawa and the feeling I got then from the staff who always treated us like friends, is the same feeling I get from this one. It’s really refreshing. Just wanted to say how much they are appreciated and give them a big pat on the back for being awesome people!”

3.8 Good46 Reviews

“Great friendly staff always willing to help. I go here every time I need gas or lotto. Just in and out you do not always think about what it takes from staff it make it this easy and fast each visit.”

3.8 Good38 Reviews

“Everyone is very courteous at this location. I go there for a late night Pepsi or chips or a candy bar. Gas, scratch offs. They also have fresh baked cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal rising. They are out of this world. They were a dollar, they went up 50 cents. I felt it was a big jump.They serve a need for everyone in the community. They are ok in my book and l recommend them.”

3.7 Good49 Reviews

“Surprisingly large range of spirits. Almost every major Islay malt whisky, something that pleases me greatly. Often there are unusual beers and wines, and spirits that don't often crop up (Scapegrace black gin caught my eye the other night).”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“Gas last longer!! Than any other places, I really believe this other gas station are pushing air with the gasoline to make miter go higher making us pay for gas we doesn't getting .BP it's the worst, Cumberland it's so!so!, But gas no last much either, and the rest are d same,! ripping us up!! with make believe! We getting the amount meter said and it's not. Shame! this companies ?. For now and them this it's my place to fill up my truck tank.?????????? Well deserved,”

3.6 Good42 Reviews

“I just wanted to say this is the best 711 I've been to with the customer service!!! They are always so helpful and can ask them anything especially Heather and Tim sweetest & nicest people everrrrr that I've met in a gas station.?I will never go to another 711 store, they also are great with my kids & so friendly to them to even if my 3yr old is getting in to stuff he's not supposed to touch, b/c mommy looks away for a 2 seconds making my coffee. They are the best thank you guys so much for making my day better. ????”

3.6 Good39 Reviews

“a buddy of mine got a flat tire. Let him Park his car there till I got off of work and was able to get there and change his tire it started to rain so the guy said we could pull the car up underneath the awning to the gas pump or by the front door to work on it there were some pretty decent people”

3.4 Good53 Reviews

“This is my "neighborhood" quick stop store, meaning it's about a mile from my house. I stop by every morning just to grab a coffee on my way to work, and say hi to Marty and Tee, (the manager and assistant manager). They are super polite, friendly and hard working, they make an excellent team.”

3.6 Good18 Reviews

“This has been my "corner store" for the past cpl yrs and couldn't ask for anything better. You'd have a hard time not finding your brand here either, they stock THOUSANDS of different bottles and are more than happy to get something special if it's not in stocks. Sunny is the owner and you can tell he really cares about his customers by the way he's constantly putting forth the effort to make it nicer for everyone who visits. Good job guys!”

3.7 Good13 Reviews

“Really nice people work here! They helped us when our car broke down and we had to spend almost a day in / by the store waiting for the tow. So friendly everyone at this 7-eleven!”

3.3 Good51 Reviews

“The assortment of cold food and package food is not much. It's ok for being a pharmacy if you need to pick up something quick to eat. The cashier was helpful specifically explaining their coupon policy. The store was clean and well as the bathrooms. Also nice and quiet.”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“This used to be an old truck stop they’ve converted it to a 7-Eleven. They still have the diesel truck pumps outback but the parking for trucks is limited. They do have a separate fuel desk and you can fill both sides of your truck. The day I filled up it had the cheapest diesel fuel around.”

3.6 Good15 Reviews

“I am what they call a "regular". The manager, Marid (I think, I call her Marie) and the daytime workers (Maggie n Mary n there's a new guy now in the morning s with them too now that is warming up to me ?) all greet me by name and talk to me like I'm normally human being not just some customer. I love it here. I wouldn't change where I get my coffee, ever.. even if the price does continue to go up and up and up LOL they're still the cheapest around and best quality and best atmosphere. Marid is a kickass, hands on manager that's real and will give u their shirt off her back if you asked for it and Maggie, she actually might be my best friend at this point LOL she keeps me updated and she actually cares about what's going on in my life. If I'm not there for a week or two and I come back she's like oh my gosh where have you been and she actually cares. She's amazing. So sweet and always willing to help me out. I would recommend this place to everyone. .. I DO MISS THE CASHIER REGINA THOUGH ?BUT SHE DID WHAT SHE HAD TO DO”

3.3 Good31 Reviews

“Found out about this amazing gas app and to get discounted diesel. I was thrilled when I learned this gas station is close to my house. It's super convenient that I can get both diesel and DEF there.Every time I go there, the staff is always so friendly and welcoming. There is one guy there that is always so friendly when I go in to get gas and helpful. He mentioned the "Ambucks" to me which is cool to earn points with my fuel to buy items in the store.Overall, my favorite place locally to get fuel as the staff is amazing. I wish I could give them five stars, but there's a few downsides that need attention. One, they only have four pumps. Second, out of those four, only two have DEF. Third, the two DEF pumps are super slow and for some reason you can't squeeze them too hard otherwise they shut off. You have to have the lightest squeeze to slowly disperse DEF which even for a pickup truck, takes some time. I could only imagine the semi's coming in with bigger tanks how ling it takes them to fuel up.”

3.2 Average37 Reviews

“This is my home store. Employees are always helpful. Mrs Jackie is the manager and she seem to make sure her store is fully equipped and has the right inventory of good. Whether you're looking for candy, drinks, chips , batteries, feminine hygiene products or just stopping her on a break from work, they have everything including gas, bags of ice , and lotto.”

3.3 Good15 Reviews

“I have never been here but since you close have you ever suggested 24 hour pay at the pump ? I live in Minor Hill, TN and 2 convience stores here the pumps are open 24 hours but the customer pays at the pump with a debit or credit card”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

“Very grateful for this pharmacy for providing my boyfriend his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. We originally had an appointment at the Minton/Malabar location for 5:15 and were denied because the pharmacy tech doesn’t like to work after 5pm even though they are open until 6pm. My boyfriend starts his new job tomorrow and we scheduled his second dose today so he would be clear for work. The pharmacist didn’t care and just sent him away.So grateful for this team for not only providing the service the business is created for but for providing exceptional customer service. We were very upset after being sent away by the other location and ready to give up on Walgreens. This team here may have saved the Walgreens experience for us. Thanks again!”

3.1 Average51 Reviews

“This place is pretty awesome. The owner always goes out of his way to say hi to me. He has also let me slide when I’ve left my wallet at home. Let me pay next time.”

3.4 Good8 Reviews

“Since the 1980s, Circle K has been the largest chain of company-owned and operated (non-franchised) convenience stores in the United States.[1][8] With 7,230 stores overall in the United States, Circle K is second to 7-ELEVEN's 9,348 stores (as of July 2019).[9] As of February 2020, there are more than 14,800 stores with the Circle K brand worldwide.[1][10]Within the United States, Circle K owns and operates stores in 48 states (the two states without being Nebraska and Utah),[1][10] with the largest concentration of stores found in Louisiana.[11] Fuel is sold under various brands, with the Circle K and Shell brands as the most common. Other brands of fuel sold at Circle K stores include Valero, BP, Exxon, Marathon, Irving, Mobil, Esso and Phillips 66. Approximately 13% of stores worldwide do not sell fuel.[1]Circle K operates stores in the United States, Canada, Europe (the Nordics, Baltics, Poland, Russia, & Ireland), and Hong Kong, and has franchises in Mexico (it partners with the Mexican stores "Tiendas Extra" created by Modelo Group), Cambodia, China, Egypt, Guam, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Macau, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.[1][10] In Hong Kong and Macau, the stores are called OK in reference to the circle around the K. Circle K Hong Kong was founded in 1985 by Li & Fung Retailing (later Fung Retailing) as licensee of the name,[12] but sold back to Couche-Tard in 2020.[13][14] Circle K had 387 franchised locations throughout Hong Kong as of May 2020.[12][15]A Circle K located in Causeway Bay, Hong KongThe Circle K brand entered the Canadian market in 2008, in connection with Couche-Tard's acquisition of Irving Oil's convenience store network.[16][17] By 2019, more than 800 Mac's branded stores had been rebranded to Circle K throughout central and western Canada.[18][3]The world's most northern fuel station, in Longyearbyen, NorwayIn September 2015, Couche-Tard announced that Circle K would become the worldwide brand of all of its convenience stores, replacing Mac's, Kangaroo Express, Statoil, and Holiday Stationstores brands (except the Couche-Tard brand in Quebec and the INGO brand in Europe).[3][10] This global rebrand included the introduction of a new logo incorporating elements of its existing brands, improvements to its product offerings and technology, and investing in store-level improvements aimed at improving the customer experience.[10][3] The rebranding occurred over the following five years and as of March 2020, all of Europe and 85% of North America had been updated with the Circle K brand and logo.[10]”

3.1 Average27 Reviews

“The Pharmacy Workers are very, very helpful, pleasant and a delight to converse with..They are constantly hard at work..I applaud there service to us the customers ?”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“I am totally satisfied with the level of professionalism demonstrated on continuous basis by employees at my Walgreens! Whether I'm buying a birthday card or filling my prescription, all the employees go the extra mile to ensure that I'm a satisfied customer! A special thanks to the pharmacy team and Miss Carmine at the front of the store!!”

3 Average55 Reviews

“I would like to thank racetrac for taking customer complaints seriously and doing whatever they can to fix the issue. Since my last review we have had absolutely no issues with any of the employees (we never had any issues with them, just one employee on night shift that is no longer there) My husband and I will continue to enjoy coffee and awesome pizza here. I just wanted to give a good review to all the employees there that are doing an amazing job!”

3 Average33 Reviews

“The assortment of cold food and package food is not much. It's ok for being a pharmacy if you need to pick up something quick to eat. The cashier was helpful specifically explaining their coupon policy. The store was clean and well as the bathrooms. Also nice and quiet.”

2.9 Average8 Reviews

“I enjoy shopping at CVS. I always check carefully for digital coupons and make sure my ExtraBucks are sent to my CVS card; then, I’m prepared to shop for great deals/sales and 20% off all CVS Brands. I always find something that I need on sale or can use coupons and/or ExtraBucks for great pricing.”

2.9 Average86 Reviews

“I am totally satisfied with the level of professionalism demonstrated on continuous basis by employees at my Walgreens! Whether I'm buying a birthday card or filling my prescription, all the employees go the extra mile to ensure that I'm a satisfied customer! A special thanks to the pharmacy team and Miss Carmine at the front of the store!!”

2.7 Average15 Reviews

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