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“Decent range of wine, excellent selection of spirits. Beer is a tad limited, but there are other places to go that make up for that.Always a friendly greeting, and a good range of special offers.Clean, too!Excellent opening hours as well.”

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“My wife and I both served for a combined 57 years, just retired and joined this post a few weeks ago. So far everyone has been polite and friendly. We both looking forward to hanging out at this post for a couple beers and enjoying the good company.”

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“This has been my "corner store" for the past cpl yrs and couldn't ask for anything better. You'd have a hard time not finding your brand here either, they stock THOUSANDS of different bottles and are more than happy to get something special if it's not in stocks. Sunny is the owner and you can tell he really cares about his customers by the way he's constantly putting forth the effort to make it nicer for everyone who visits. Good job guys!”

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“Super friendly staff, allowed me to exchange one beer from a six pack to try a varient of the beer I was buying. Offered to order stuff if we had requests. Selection is limited but for a small store that is expected.”

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“Very friendly and helpful staff as far as I know. I have not had any issues. They have help me fine items or have looked to see if the can order in items. One person even made a recommendation (options) while talking to him about our party that went over really well.Thank you”

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“This is my go to liquor store! Owner is super nice they have great prices and he is extremely knowledgeable about bourbon! He always has the had to get stuff at good prices, WAY cheaper than others that jack up the price. I never write reviews but I had too for this store. Highly recommend”

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“Found a Russels small batch reserve for cheapest I’ve ever seen here. And they sell everything at fair prices no small liquor store mark ups. Does allocated goods in raffles. Owner is friendly and knowledgeable. Small little place which is one of my favorites.”

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“That is not the answer lmao i love this store. One day i went in & said i was having a bad day & wanted to get drunk to forget everything. Well the worker then said to me, that is not the answer. I respect that still to this day & now i don't drink anymore. Best advise ever given to me, from a liquor store”

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“As a first time customer I was so pleased with my experience. Just stopped in when I noticed Winn Dixie had a liquor store right by where I live. Have never noticed it before but met the manager Cindy and what a pleasant and helpful lady! The prices were the best around but I’m becoming a regular customer because of the great customer service. Thank you Cindy!”

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“I absolutely love the staff at this store! But! Since the new ownership they never have ginger beer. I don’t know if it’s something they’re just choosing not to order anymore or not. But i faithfully come in every week and buy ginger beer. Lately not so much. I may just have to switch up my liquor store because Winn Dixie doesn’t sell the goslings brand either. When you guys start getting goslings ginger beer again I’ll be back!Edit:Thank you!!!! I love all the staff there and live very close by. I don’t want to go to another store and one that’s even farther away. I appreciate the reply and the ginger beer!!”

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“Surprisingly large range of spirits. Almost every major Islay malt whisky, something that pleases me greatly. Often there are unusual beers and wines, and spirits that don't often crop up (Scapegrace black gin caught my eye the other night).”

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