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“PUBLIX 4711 BABCOCK 321-724-4724 This store should be the FLAGSHIP STORE for other stores. When you phone, the person answering identifies him/her self, is polite, respectful and helpful. The location can be a challenge to enter and exit, but the many attributes already mentioned by others attests to its attraction. See you there. John Zimmerman”

4.3 Superb262 Reviews

“Love this store, people are friendly and the store is clean. If you can't find something and they have it somewhere in the store, they will walk you to the product.”

4.4 Superb81 Reviews

“Good afternoon , My name is Martika Gonzalez and i would like to say that I had put in application about a month ago and they told me to wait two weeks and ive waited the two weeks but havent heard anything back from them so how can i send an email so i can find out about the status of my application Thank you and Have a bless day and evening.”

4.2 Good180 Reviews

“I came in to pick up a few things. I didn't have a cart or even a basket, but my arms were full, including flowers. The lady in front of me said l could go in front of her. I thanked her, she helped me put my items on the counter, then she paid for my groceries. Because of this random act of kindness. I now practice this by paying forward for a fellow classmate at Yoga. I do it once a month. And l love it.”

4.1 Good75 Reviews

“I love the store it's my favorite little corner bodega. It may not be the least cluttered or as sparkling clean as a big box store sometimes but that's par for the course of a small family owned store The food is always fresh The people are only super friendly I definitely recommend their Jamaican beef patties and their flan is off the charts.. they have the absolute best garlic plantain chips to an all kind of different multicultural drinks and dishes that you can't find anywhere else Head on down and give them a try they deserve the business.”

4.4 Superb28 Reviews

“I would like to give a shout out to one of the Dollar General staff, who goes by the name Sky. He was kind, courteous and super helpful. He even went out of his way to help us get an online coupon to help us save a little bit of money. The reason I'm giving a 4 start review is because the other Dollar General staff was nasty when I returned the bathroom key.”

4.2 Good43 Reviews

“Pretty good prices for the quality food! A bit small for a supermarket, but I'd argue it adds to the charm. Everything I got was absolutely delicious. Will return”

4.2 Good29 Reviews

“Small store but loaded with great stuff!I found kimchi and seaweed squares! They also have the kimchi noodles.It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for Asian food!!!”

4.2 Good26 Reviews

“I used to shop this store for years. They have a sister store up on Minton Rd in Melbourne. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They have sales lots of times and coupons which helps cut your cost some. I highly recommend this store and its sister location.”

4.4 Superb15 Reviews

“Although I don't understand how dollar general ended up on a residential street in Palm bay, I stopped there today to make an exchange for my daughter.The cashier, Wil, was great: pleasant, knowledge and just really nice.The store is new therefore neat, clean, and full of stuff.But how many dollar generals does Palm Bay need?Update. 1/22. Apparently palm Bay needs lots of dollar generals. There seems to be one every five miles now. Today the shelves were somewhat bare. The cashier was very nice. Somehow DG gets good employees.”

4.2 Good20 Reviews

“Not my usual Dollar General, but the cashier was extra helpful with a really good sense of humor. Extra 'Thank you' to the tall gentleman who was able to reach the top row for me.”

3.9 Good61 Reviews

“Great selection of fresh produce. Select your preferred fresh fish. Even the fish will be fileted for you by them. I'll most certainly return for my vegetables and other items when I need them.”

3.9 Good53 Reviews

“Just left there. I wanted to use a coupon but had to meet some requirements first. The cashier was very sweet and assisted me with getting those requirements met so that the coupon would be honored!”

3.8 Good83 Reviews

“We live in St Cloud and love coming to this Dollar General when visiting family. I didn't catch the managers name but he was very nice and his CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS TOP NOTCH!! Seriously thinking of of driving the hour to come to this DG”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“It was very clean and when someone walked through the door without a mask the cashier asked him if he needed a mask because that's what we do here he said oh yeah! Forgot sorry and put it on before he was all the way through the door. Really appreciate any business on board and in step with the rest of us!”

3.8 Good62 Reviews

“Dollar General is a good place to go if you don't want to go if you don't feel like going into a large grocery store to pick up basic supplies. They offer low prices too. My only complaint is that it only keeps a limited amount of the flavor Gatorade Zero I drink, while other flavors are in abundance. If you see that a particular flavor is constantly out or only a few on the shelf, you would think they would place a larger order to meet customers needs.”

3.8 Good59 Reviews

“Dollar general is my latest jam! Love this place. They have great items for great prices plus their app makes it super easy to stay up to date on deals and redeem coupons. I've never been great with coupons but the DG app makes it so freakin easy, u can't forget. Love it”

3.8 Good40 Reviews

“Manager Gil at Babcock and Waco dollar general is absolutely amazing. Our husky got out and made his way all the way down to this man’s store. He took him in fed him , gave him water and kept him safe until I was able to get to him to pick him up. Thank you so much for being so kind Gil you truly are amazing!!!”

4 Good11 Reviews

“So many things to consider here to buy. A great location. Lots of merchandise stocked, for small gifts during this holiday season or for your own pantry or fridge! Snacks and cold refreshments. Home items, cleaning supplies, body care, otc medicine, cold beer (low end) or wine (low end). They have candles, candy, makeup, small toys, craft supplies. They also have greeting cards at a low price. A good convenience store for what it is! Five stars. Thank you!”

3.9 Good17 Reviews

“My late night Winn Dixie stop always friendly and courteous I could be doing self checkout or threw the always quick line check out it's my close by grocery store Thanks Winn Dixie I'll see you guys soon”

3.7 Good143 Reviews

“I have to say that I am impressed with the improvements that Winn-Dixie has made and I am pleased to make the announcement that Winn-Dixie has made a comeback.Winn-Dixie had seemingly lost its way several years ago and I noticed that the overall quality of the supermarket had slipped dramatically. I guess that the corporate bigwigs at Southeast Grocers (the parent company of Winn-Dixie and, by the way, based in Jacksonville, Florida) noticed this decline (or probably more appropriately the decline in sales) and took action. In my opinion, the most significant improvement that Winn-Dixie made was making their meat department shine. At one point, Winn-Dixie probably called itself the Beef People, but the quality had declined in their meat department over the years. Well, I am happy to say that Winn-Dixie has put an emphasis on their USDA Choice graded beef and it certainly has made a difference. Overall, I am extremely pleased that Winn-Dixie has made these changes and I give it five stars.”

3 Average3 Reviews

“Hot Bar #1 yes - they have the best hot bar / wing bar with ribs of all - ever.Not all wd bars are created equal - they are all pretty good but this one is the best - very great and little ribs!!!The groceries are awesome too its a big Winn Dixie probably my favorite if I am in the neighbor hood yes”

3.6 Good119 Reviews

“I have yet to visit this store and it be dirty, not stocked, poor customer service! They are always helpful and courteous. Definitely an excellent store and location. ???”

3.2 Average9 Reviews

“Found a closed parking spot which it's extremely difficult when you are disabled I was a little shocked how much the prices for their warm food when up in price I wanted chicken wings with a side of mash potatoes but they only sold six with side for almost eight dollars the wings were small and the mash looked dry I ended up not buying it”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“I was in BJ’s this afternoon about 5ish. The lines were long, but moving. I have two small children and was holding one while my wife had the other. We were in the self check out line when a young man that was working there asked if we’d prefer a cashier. Seeing that the lines were just as long for the cashier and we were next for the self check out line. The young man who worked there said: I’ll ring you out over here. He then proceeded to open a register, took me and my family and rang us up. Super kind gesture that had my faith in humanity restored ! He is an asset to the work force and wish him the best. I regret not catching his name.”

3.4 Good38 Reviews

“What I ordered vs what I got This is my first hit and miss. I ordered a Publix Philly Whole sub. First of all Al was under the impression that a Philly sandwich was made with steak as opposed to roast beef. However, this sandwich was just meat bread and veggies. There was no provolone cheese to be found. Needless to say that when I went to eat the sandwich, it was dry, and my taste buds were not happy. Next time I will make the trek up the road and get an original Philly Cheesesteak sandwich”

3.1 Average21 Reviews

“Found a closed parking spot which it's extremely difficult when you are disabled I was a little shocked how much the prices for their warm food when up in price I wanted chicken wings with a side of mash potatoes but they only sold six with side for almost eight dollars the wings were small and the mash looked dry I ended up not buying it”

1.9 Poor15 Reviews

“I love my Walmart but returning stuff has gotten to be a problem they make their own rules.. Every business has losses you can't change that its retail why take our money then your saying we can trust you to honor your products we are giving u our hard earned money entrusting you to provide a honest and safe product a purchase agreementReason theft, not honoring returns to me is stealing from the customers who trusted u ( who's the thief here?) People deserve better from Walmart !Recent I could not get my cash back from a debit card same as cash. The store refused the refund I purchased with a debit same as cash I need the cash at that moment debit card was not cash I would not be receiving cash back last I knew debit is cash. I'm confused so she put it on a merch credit and activated it with no funds on it a hour of my time and the got another 56.00 from me went to use it a big 00.00 I still have not recovered my debit cash purchase. 5 weeks later.Asking customers to see debit card on returns with receipts over $25.00 was ask at The Satellight Beach location girl said how do we know if you didn't pick up receipt in parking lot. It's was over counter so everyone heard her, my mind said omg do I look like a person who dose this. What would make a individual I don't know assume I was dishonest why would she say that Infront of customers when I wanted a answer for her asking me that. She said don't take it personal it's our new policyItems not in system with receipt not refunded, was told this item can't be verified I don't hv proof it's a Walmart item even though what do mean the item number matches the receipt and you can see what I paid and food not returned unless u get same thing and I just don't get closing time making announcements 45 early and told take your purchases and head to register then the support staff giving u evil eye and front end tapping their foot. I don't know about u but I get nervous and forget things and I feel like it's extremely rude to customers, we can hear u on speaker announcing a inflated time and acting like it's okay! What lie to customers that's shows disrespectful behavior toward shoppers do u think we don't look at are watches or cell for the time.I still love my Walmart, miss the 24 hours and Sam Walton who believed in customer service, fair price return agreement and his employees. Walmart was your neighborhood place to shop it's becoming a hassle to feel good about my shopping the experience is inconvenient and return policy s are unreliable. Customer service is not practice. I'll spend about $2,500. too $3,500 month to give u a ideal of my rating and experiences. I buy food, business needs, home goods, garden, auto, pet needs. I didn't have the heart to rate any lower there are a lot of good and kind people who are employed by Walmart and their why I keep shopping at Walmart..”

3 Average241 Reviews

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