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“Normally I love this store but lately the deli service has been lacking. Ask for my cold cuts “on the thin side but not too thin” get home have a pound of shavings. They used to show you the first slice for approval on cut, no longer just shave away, sorry but really ticks me off! Next time Inwill demand to see the first slice, suggest you do the same”

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“1st time shopping at this location. Loved it. Very clean and helpful staff.My son is a manager at one of the fresh markets in New York state so we had to check this one out near our p.t. home in Melbourne. Did not disappoint.”

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“There is nothing I can say about Publix that people don't know. The service is great the stores are clean and in great shape. They kind of like the Nordstrom's of supermarkets willing to go over backwards for customer. Which is why I understand why they have self-checkout lanes. Now. People go there for the service and to feel special. Self checkout just doesn't jive with Publix. As far as I'm concerned, it takes the one-on-one personality and one-on-one service out of the whole equation of publics. Now if they put in the four self checkout lanes does that mean that four people lost hours from work?”

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“Aldi is my favorite place to shop, the prices are reasonable, and Aldi have a wide variety of household food stuff, and a big plus this store are quite close to where I live. Great customer service and I will return.”

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“I've been shopping at this location ever since I was a young girl. Years later I have my own kids and we still support our favorite neighborhood Publix! The newly renovated store is just perfect. Bigger, brighter, more selections in the deli, and a self check! Today, every staff member who walked by me greeted me. Even during checkout, a small conversation from the cashier just brightened my day. Lastly, the young lady who bagged me groceries, was such a sweetheart. She sorted everything properly, bagged my soup in a small paper bag, then handed me all of my bags, made eye contact and wished me a good day. Well done Publix, you've never disappointed us and we hope to keep shopping with you for many more years!”

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“I love this Winn Dixie and where it is located. I love the selection of foods that they have to offer, and I can find items in this Winn Dixie that I cannot find anywhere else. I love the people that work here too, they are over the top friendly, courteous, and professional, and go out of their way to help whoever is shopping in their store.”

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“Picked up a 12.75 lb brisket today. $4.49 per pound. Great price!And a 3lb package of hickory smoked baconVery nice marble of meat. Good price. I will be back again.”

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“It's a small store. But they have quite a bit of everything. Saw they have some fresh fish and shrimp as well. In terms of price, it seems to be a little higher than some other stores around the area.”

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“Owner works hard to stock and fill items you are looking for. If she doesn't have and can't get it, she will tell you where. Always clean store. Owner will often, when there is time, offer suggestions on food to make based on what you like. This is so rare today but I have to say the Owner truly cares about her customers.”

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“Even though it's called Jason's Produce, they didn't really have much produce, at least not during my visit. Mostly a lot of packaged goods and some interesting frozen items. I was able to find bok choy for my soup so that was pretty groovy.”

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“Dollar General has updated their stores. They also have cute decorative rugs, picture frames with cute saying on them. Cute simple. Personally I would rather shop here then Walmart. But just like anywhere else you have to compare and watch how much you spend. lake Washington store has huge cold and freezer section isle are set up to where u find what u need.”

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“I have been going to Dollar General for many years. I can usually find everything I need. We have a new store opening a mile from home so I know I will be there more often.”

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“Great location. Always have the best prices. It can be a little hectic in there, but the employees know how to work the flow of customers. I shop here first for my groceries.”

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“Very nice greeter, and the waiter was super too. We loved the varied menu and craft beer, and the overall atmosphere was modern and casual. We were in town for 2 weeks and ate out every day. BJ's was the very best medium priced restaurant - definitely not fast food, way better.”

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“As soon as I walked in, Rachel cheerfully greeted me. Later saw her around the store and asked how to get the keys for the restroom. When she said she would get them for me, I respectfully declined and said to not worry about it. Shortly thereafter, I was at the other end of the store and she handed me the restroom keys... again with a very cheerful demeanor! Love her spirit... please clone her ;)”

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“Todd and Katie gave excellent customer service. Todd works in the deli and noticed that we didn’t have sauces with our chicken tenders and gave us a tub of each sauce! 5 stars!”

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“Great location, easy access, convenient parking, plenty carts at entrance. Exceptional selection of popular items. Very, very, short checkout lines. The clerk even helped emptying the cart for cashier's to scan items, and then the clerk neatly refilled the cart.”

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“We love this store; it offers a good shopping experience. The staff is friendly, particularly in the deli department. The store is clean with competitive prices. Product layout is sometimes challenging to figure out.”

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“Love shopping here at BJ's the coupon sales are great. Also there deli has an amazing cheese variety and their lunch meats are fresh. Anytime I need help at the register as soon as the light turns on a salesperson come quickly to help therefore I'm inclined to always go back to shop there. The store is also big enough that it never seems to crowded lines are fairly short”

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“I used to get my subs elsewhere,(don't want to name them) and when I first tried public's subs I was hooked. Going on two years getting my sandwiches from Publix and not looking anywhere else. Especially at the Melbourne Shopping Plaza.Thank you guys.”

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“Their Liquor store is merchandised so nicely! Sandra was great and liked that I noticed. Those little bins of mini alcohol that are usually dumped in were set to a very aesthetically pleasing display. Those whole store was a wow factor.”

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“Wow is all I can say . What a awesome place to buy groceries. I've been to a few in Atlanta Ga but this one is really well stocked and clean and bright . Not to mention the customer service is really good. Definitely will be doing more shopping here and yes I signed up for the rewards program”

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“this is what you call a good business. professional employees. jay is awesome and helps keep some of the best quality products. mark and Lully get you in and quickly. i love doing business here thanks again and great job always bringing in all the new good quality products”

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“The folks behind the counter Kenny and Goody were very helpful and friendly, I was really in for a treat I mean hey! I forgot breakfast and all I could smell coming through the door was some kind of amazing food! It was shrimp, chicken and potato really? This time of the morning?It was so fresh tasting and so good. I ate on the side of the building in their picnic nice.With all of the changes each of us has gone through with this pandemic, they have been storming through and came out on TOP as the go to spot on your way to Melbourne..thanks Goody and Kenny! Open at 5 a.m, who else really does this? Go everyday won't be sorry!!”

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“1st visit today...Greeted by Rich who was very friendly and helpful. Like the convenience of a \\\"drive-thru\\\"....Plan on going back for gas, etc....”

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“Winn-Dixie is awesome a great place to shop their hot food section is to die for... so good... but on the other hand their pharmacy is not that good but they are shutting down and sending people to another not so good pharmacy which is Walgreens... but the food side of Winn-Dixie 5 more thing the winn dixie pharmacy in Port st. John was great.”

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“I placed a reservation for crab legs a week before Christmas, sadly they were not available for me when I went to pick them up. When I went to the cashier she asked me how my experience was I told her I was disappointed and explained why, she urged me to speak to the store manager he could help. I was reluctant to do so because I don't want to be that customer.... Are you working customer service the last thing you want is one more customer coming up to you with a problem you want everyone to be happy... But I did end up sneaking with a manager named Tim K. What a great fellow he is and extremely helpful. He took the effort to actually drive to another location and get me the crab legs and he delivered them directly to my home, and as a courtesy added an extra pound and did not ask for any money. I was speechless, i still am. My family and I are extremely grateful, it may seem insignificant to some people but to me it meant the world because today was our Christmas celebration for our family. Thank you Tim, thank you graciously, Publix is very lucky to have you, I will always be your customer.”

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“Need to work on the panhandling outside your front doors.Besides that Jimmy and his staff are doing a great job keeping the doors open.I get my toilet paper there and paper towels laundry detergent in any essential items I need”

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