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  • "Super busy (Saturday). Pharmacy staff are awesome. Gas lines moved quickly. Tried the new recipe for the Berry Smoothie (Food Court). I liked it better before, I will ask to have i without the scoop of berry puree on the bottom."
  • "It's just very busy on the weekends, if you can I would suggest that you shop at Costco's on during the week days Monday thru Thursday. But to sum up my experience at Costco's, they have great prices on their meat's and there hamburger is cheaper on price and it is surprisingly lean which is better for your health and the taste is not bad they also have a wonderful produce aria better prices and quality like for example there apples Red Delicious I've shopped at just about every food place in Orlando and I'm yet to find better apples, one last thing Peaches, it is extremely rare to find a fresh Peach anywhere they're either hard and no taste or they're good but are rotten in a matter of a couple of days, I I've lived in Orlando all my life BAR. and I haven't bitten into a Peach that the juices run down your arm and taste like a bit of the phrase heaven! So if Costco's is reading this please I ask you to try and find better Peaches."
  • "Switching from BJ's to Costco was possibly one of the smartest decisions I've made recently. Costco's prices are extremely competitive, with sales on some of the best items you'd find on their shelves. Keeping my family well stocked has been a pleasure when I come and shop here."
  • "As usual, costco delivers. This time I was there for an eye exam , contact lenses and glasses. Everything went great and ahead of schedule. Prices and quality were amazing. Would recommend them to anyone."
  • "This location is always busy but the staffs are fast and usually helpful. We have been to this location for years and only have experienced three times with stuffs without smiles and had attitudes to us. They recently have a new fruit smoothie drink that my kids love. The hot food area are managed well. Self checkout stations are excellent for people who only need few things. "

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