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“For a convenience store that was out of business for many years, it has made a complete turn around and has been remodeled on the inside. The owners and operators are very helpful and polite. The are always fully stocked with everything from toiletries, candy and snacks, tobacco and with a large selection of domestic and premium beer, i highly recommend if nothing else, everyone stop by with a warm hello....”

4.4 Superb32 Reviews

“I come to this Chevron literarily every morning and every afternoon! I love all the friendly staff, they put their hearts into knowing you & your favorites :)”

3.8 Good44 Reviews

“Small but very neatly kept and staff were more than friendly. Competitive pricing on tabacco and alcohol products as well as every day items such as candy, sodas, milk, etc.”

3.9 Good11 Reviews

“One of my favorite convenience stores. The owner is one of the nicest people I've ever met and genuinely appreciates every bit of business he gets. All of the employees are great and the prices are lower than anywhere else nearby.”

3.7 Good31 Reviews

“This place has a vibe.. the gas station is kept very clean.. i came here almost after a year.. and it has changed a lot.. their gas prices are cheapest around 400 only prblm is their pumps are very slow some times.. rest its worth the price.. the staff is really helpfull and proffessional..”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

“Over the years this Circle K has consistently remained a well stocked, clean, and friendly store location. There are always several staff members working so it is fast and easy to run in and grab what you need and be back out on your way.They have the largest selection of fountain drinks in the area and a 32 ounce cold fountain drink is only $1.16 including tax, the cheapest fountain drinks anywhere.They have a good variety of products you need and the shelves are always well stocked and organized.”

3.4 Good23 Reviews

“I read the other review and that customer service does sound bad. That said, we've been driving in beautiful but remote Georgia for a couple hours now and a nice clean gas station with a good store and bathrooms are few and far between. I was going to basically take my chances with almost anything in this town but was pretty pleasantly surprised, and if someone in a similar situation were looking to yelp, I'd want them to know this is a decent option. Certainly nothing amazing, and in other circumstances I'd only give it 3 stars, but with few options and one (valid) one star review, I felt the need to bump this to 4 stars simply for having a descent bathroom and clean store. There are two bathrooms (men & women) and each has just one toilet. Women's was clean, had tp and soap, and one of those nice newer hand driers that's fast and quick. My husband says his was "adequate". Had tp if needed, soap and hand drier as well and "didn't smell super bad". So again, this would be an "acceptable" 3 stars in a bigger city with options, but I'm extra appreciative having it in a less populated area!”

3.2 Average13 Reviews

“Heading from Atlanta to the North Georgia wine country, we stopped here for fuel and a bathroom stop.The station is easy to access with wide pump areas. It was clean without trash and the receipt printer worked well.Inside, a huge selection of food and drink! Pizza, grilled roller meats, and surprising frozen yogurt machines with toppings. Brew-to-order coffee with an assortment of creamers and sweeteners. Beer and wine including a "beer cave" of cold ones.The restrooms were amazingly clean. It was unexpected. No papers on the floor, no spilled water on the counters, stocked toilet paper. Clean enough that my lady friend even mentioned how nice it was on that side! Five stars for a gas station? Yep!”

3 Average31 Reviews

“Dawsonville CVS is always busy but they are fast and efficient! Once my prescription is called in or dropped off they are fast. The employees are nice to work with.”

2.7 Average25 Reviews

“This CVS is great. The staff are friendly and Katelyn was very kind to help me with my insurance situation. I understand their lines are long, but they are long for a reason and usually they are pretty fast.”

2.3 Poor32 Reviews

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